Part-time Law Degree in Nigeria: How Possible?

The last set of part-time law program in Nigeria came to an end years ago at the University of Lagos. Although no Nigerian university offers part-time studies for a law degree, there is still a sure way you can obtain a Law degree in Nigeria on a part-time basis.

This is through the University of London Law external program with the Centre for Law and Business. For many years, the University of London has been offering degree programs to students worldwide via its international program whihc includes immigration law basic and advance topics.

Part-time Law Degree in Nigeria

Part-time Law Degree in Nigeria

If you are interested in obtaining an internationally recognized qualification in law with flexible study options then the University of London Undergraduate Laws Programme is the right option if you want tot be part of a trusted business transaction law.

University of London LLB degrees (Part-Time)

Undergraduate fees:

For a law degree (LLB)- N200,000 per session

In Nigerian universities, in order to obtain an LLB on a full-time study basis, one would have to complete a 5-year course which is an undergraduate law curriculum called the LLB in a Nigerian University (or foreign university).

Advantages of Part-Time Law Programs

  1. Evening classes: Most part-time law programs offer classes in the evening. This allows students to maintain full-time employment during the day thus students with employment and family obligations are able to enroll in the school.
  2. Reduced course load: Part-time law programs allow students to take on lesser credits and fewer classes. This does not reduce the responsibilities and hard work expected to be put in, in addition to their employment and other responsibilities.
  3. Lower admissions criteria: Part-time law programs have less strict admission criteria and requirements for their students. Part-time admissions programs place more emphasis on students’ professional experience and accomplishments.

Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

The University of London Law external program is a solid foundation for a career so in the law profession such as the experts from law firm services do and is suitable for the following individuals:

  • Individuals with an academic interest in the function of law in society. Those who wish to have a career as law teachers, lecturers, and professors
  • Individuals who perform legal functions in organizations and corporations, such as Legal advisers and company secretaries,
  • Individuals who are interested in legal and commercial matters. These include Arbitrators, Alternative dispute resolution specialists, Company directors, etc.
  • Individuals who have a general interest in furthering their knowledge of the law and wish to enhance their knowledge of the law. Such could include Court registrars law enforcement officers, Executives, Politicians, Diplomats, etc.

NOTE: At the present time, the Nigerian Law School only admits both locally and international full-time students of accredited universities. The LLB degree from the University of London offers holders of the degree some other opportunities subject to applicable requirements. These opportunities include:

  • The Bar of England and Wales
  • The American Bar
  • Canadian Bar and many other jurisdictions.
  • Opportunity to practice as Solicitors of England and Wales
  • Invaluable knowledge
  • You become a member of the University of Alumni Association.
  • Access to University of London Career Services
  • You become a member of the University of London Post Graduate Society.

Postgraduate Laws: Masters LLM, Postgraduate Diploma PGD, Postgraduate Certificate PGC at the University of London International Program.

Studying law at an advanced level enables graduates to further enhance employment opportunities and also increase knowledge gained in undergraduate study.

Postgraduate legal studies will help one take a leading place in the legal profession. The postgraduate degree is also great for careers outside of the strict legal world as it allows for the building of intellectual skills, discipline, and analysis.

The Postgraduate Laws programme offers flexible study time and is well adapted to the needs of people who study away from a fulltime university and bear the responsibilities of work, family commitments.

The University of London LLM (Master of Laws)

This is an internationally recognized postgraduate law degree. Law students and professionals obtain an LLM in order to gain expertise in a specialized field of law such as tax law or banking law.

Many law firms prefer job candidates who have already obtained an LLM degree because it shows that a lawyer has acquired advanced and specialized legal training in a particular field and is, therefore, able to work in a multinational legal environment.

The LLM (Master of Laws) degree is not restricted to lawyers only but other interested persons with at least an undergraduate qualification. Candidates who do not have an LLB degree are offered admission for a postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma level and can from there go on to obtain a Masters of Laws.

Undergraduate Admission

Entry requirements

Candidates who wish to study for an undergraduate degree must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Meet other general entrance requirements which are either of the following:
  • Passes in two subjects at GCE A level, in addition to at least three other subjects at SSCE/NECO
  • Diplomas and Higher Diplomas awarded by universities acceptable to the University of London provided that the degrees at least two years full time
  • Graduate students are also eligible.

Postgraduate Degree in Laws (LLM)

Entry requirements

In order to be eligible to enroll for the Master of Laws (LLM), an applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • obtained the LLB degree of the University of London with at least Second Class Honours (candidates who obtained an LLB degree with the university with a pass degree prior to 1969 can make a special application)
  • Candidates who have obtained a first degree with a result considered by the University of London to be equivalent to at least Second Class Honours and in a subject appropriate to the Master of Laws (LLM). The result must be obtained from an acceptable university which is a Member State of the European Union or not.
  • Candidates who have obtained either the Common Professional Examination or an equivalent Diploma in Law with a Second Class Honours degree of a UK university or institute of the same rank with a university
  • Candidates with an overseas qualification of an equivalent standard obtained after a course of study extending over not less than three years in a university or institute of the same rank with a university.

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