7 Powerful Tips to Excel in Writing Essays

Knowing how to write an essay is not synonymous with writing better essays. You may know how to write and stringing sentences together to communicate something. However, this does not mean you can deliver something which people will enjoy reading or find entertaining. Every essay comes with its challenges, and this does not necessarily mean the prompt changes but that you as a student are faced with the task of improving your essay or making it better than what you wrote last time.

This can amount to pressure which in the long run can become stressful. Many students risk their academic careers to buy reaction essays to avoid these stresses. However, you need to be able to handle stress in the “real world” and learn to be careful not to get in the cycle of repeating the same thing over and over again. Writing an essay requires a plan and one that should be followed and adhered to at all times. The truth is, as you write more essays, you get the opportunity to develop a routine. However, using the routine over and over again makes you predictable and guarantees you fewer marks. But like anything else in the world, there are ways you can use to improve your essays and increase their appeal, being well prepared and aware of your shortcomings is the best start.

Powerful Tips to Excel in Writing Essays

According to PerfectEssay, below are some of the ways or tips you can use to excel in writing essays.

Start reading other people’s essays – when you read other people’s essays, you get to acquire different writing styles which can help you develop a unique writing style. When you are reading another person’s essay, you get to see how they express themselves and how they communicate their ideas. Additionally, you get to see the kind different styles various disciplines require or command. When you are reading these essays, ensure you are critical and that you analyze them properly. Make sure you can see their style of writing as well as how they develop their arguments. You will not only grasp the different styles people use but also understand how best to use them in your article.

Ensure that you build your vocabulary and that you make use of it – writing without a pool of vocabularies will be difficult in the long-run because you will become predictable and instructors will be turned off immediately they see your work. Readers do not want to have their time wasted and therefore, the fewer words you use, the better. Using a few words to communicate something is characteristic of all excellent essay writers. Therefore, seek to always communicate with the least number of words while employing an effective use of your pool of vocabularies.

Create an outline which you will use to guide you as you write – an outline is simply a guide to what you will write. It is a plan which you should make a habit of developing to help you write better essays. An outline typically contains all the points you will include in your essay. You will include a portion of the introduction and thesis statement, the body and finally the conclusion. In each section, you will proceed to write what you think will best fit in your essay. Make a habit of developing an outline before you start writing your essay.

Understand the prompt and ensure that you build your argument – before you start writing an essay, ensure that you fully understand the prompt or the question and that you build your argument to fit the prompt. Do not start writing your essay immediately you get the prompt because you may miss some important details. Read the prompt more than once to help you understand or grasp that which could be hidden and then start developing ideas or arguments which you will include in your essay.

Avoid using complex sentence structures in your essay – the greatest misconception about writing essays is that if you use complex sentence structures, your essay will appeal more to the reader. However, there is a limit to how complex your sentence structures can be. If you wish to have your essay read and understood, then you need to tone down on using complex sentence structures. You can still use complex sentence structures but ensure they are understandable and that your readership can relate to them.

Write a good conclusion which supports or elevates your essay – the conclusion you write your essay speaks a lot about you. A conclusion should not simply be a summary of the ideas in your essay. It should be something that helps your readers to remember that which they read. Make it interesting and invoke other ideas or outlooks to your prompt using it.

Include other people’s ideas in your essay – including other people’s ideas is a good thing. Doing this can endear you to your readers and make them enjoy your essay knowing that you read widely and therefore, write essays which employ different perspectives. As you include other people’s ideas, make sure that you are acknowledging the borrowed ideas. Using other people’s ideas can quickly turn into plagiarism if you fail to acknowledge the original writers.


Final notes

In conclusion, improving or developing your essay writing skills is not impossible but requires that you understand and use certain tips some of which are listed above. It takes time to grow and develop as a writer, but you must practice often.

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