2018 NBA Playoffs – Who Would Win?

The 2018 NBA Playoff has already started and fans can’t seem to get enough of the action. Teams like Raptor have already disrupted the predictions winning their first Game 1 in the tournament since the year2001. Other teams like 76ers, Celtics, Thunder and Pacer have also recorded their first wins.

The results of the games have impacted the predictions and now we can consider some new teams as potential ones. Let’s see how the game could progress and which teams could stand out in the playoffs that are yet to come up.

In fact, pundits are divided as to the winners too. Normally you would have firm favorites in the tournament by this time every year. That have been the case this time around as the NBA playoffs have been really exciting. Even betting sites like promotion-code.com.ng have people thinking as to just who would be the winner in the next match. If you are too, don’t worry. Let us help it break it down all for you.


NBA Playoff 2018 Predictions

This time we are unsure whether we are going to see the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers fighting for the title just like last three years. But Warriors is still the favorite of many Nigerian fans who are more than confident about the value of the team after their win.

The team is suffering with some injured players but fans believe they still have it in them to put up a tough fight and win the game.

The score of Toronto Raptors has also on the rise after their performance last weekend. The Cavaliers also have a good chance but we have to wait for a few more games till we can consider them a safe bet. Till the time you can hold your focus on the Warriors and the Raptors.

People who thought the Wizards could be a good choice should reconsider their opinions. They have progressed the through the first round for three continuous years but don’t seem to have much potential to go to the finals. Yet if they have a good day at the ground, we never really know what can happen.


So, who can win?

Pundits are putting their bet on one team more than the others.

It looks like the Philadelphia 76ers has a good chance of winning the Eastern Conference so they can also be a good choice if you are looking to place your bet. You can start off with a great promotion and stand to win attractive payouts if your bet turns out to be the lucky one!

Till now not many teams possess significant value for the betters. Apart from the ones we already talked about, you can side with the Celtics.

Some fans and experts are also holding their bet on the Rockets. They believe in their potential and think that they are going to win hands down against Minnesota in all the five games. Thunder can be a good choice though they are not going to have it easy with the Jazz in the Western Conference.

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