Top 10 Wholesale Liquidation Companies in the USA

Ordering your favorite clothes or other items has become as easy as breathing in the current market. You can place orders in as much quantity as you want, which means that the online sites and chain stores always have the goods stored in bulk for such a scenario. Ever wondered what happens to the extra stocks of clothing, items, and other goods which remain unsold for a long time?

Depending on the nature and demand of the excess stuff, companies either host clearance sales or sell them off in bulk to optimize warehouse costs and keep materials that are in demand presently. The excess stuff is taken off their hands by wholesale liquidation companies.

These companies are a boon for large retail chains and websites, companies that are relocating or shutting down completely, and even after big events like Black Friday and Christmas. The liquidation companies buy the extra stuff at a discounted price and in turn sell them to small businesses at low rates, which ultimately benefits the customers.

Buyers can store and sell stuff at a low price and without requiring a resale certificate as liquidation companies offer a wholesale rate to them. If you have a small business, you can assuredly buy your goods from these companies as they will always be of high quality and offer you a legitimate deal.

Check out our list of top 10 wholesale liquidation companies in the USA in 2019.

QuickLotz is arguably the most reliable and profitable wholesale liquidation company in the US, with its headquarters in Rutherfordton, NC and warehouses in Laredo and Arlington, TX. They have a wide range of unique and massive inventory and extremely efficient customer service that accounts for its popularity with small retailers and businesses.

You will get goods at a fixed price here, and they ship stuff by pallets, amazon truckloads, or cases. Stocks in less quantity are free to shipping prices within the country and you can also pick them up yourself from their warehouse. As QuickLotz holds exclusive contracts with many diverse retailers, you will get the best quality goods at lowest prices. Another perk is that you can visit their warehouse and verify the quality of products personally before investing in them, which makes sure that the stuff you buy is exactly what you wanted.

B-Stock is a liquidation company based in Redwood City that has tie-ups with top 8 retailer chains in the US. It stocks goods of various ranges and categories for the benefit of buyers and also offers a proprietary software that can be easily used. You can track your orders here and also compare deals from across the market. They also have a superb customer support to assist you with your buying needs.

You can calculate your profits before making the deal and participating in the auctions. The company has a deal with retailers to recover 30-80% of the selling price, which assures that you get high quality goods at reasonable rates. Giant businesses like Best Buy, Sears, Walmart, Amazon, Whirlpool, etc., liquidate their stocks through this company.

This online liquidation company has its headquarters in Washington and claims to source merchandise at 70-90% discounts from retail rates. They primarily store goods from Amazon liquidation, including clothing, electronics, jewelry, and many more categories of items. This website holds open and sealed bids, listed with a deadline. Open bids allow you to view the highest asking prices, but closed bids do not do so. serves more than 3 million clients across 200 countries worldwide. It promises cheapest rates and goods of assured quality. They source goods directly from companies like Sony, Stapes, Home Depot and many other reputed places. They have over 500 categories of goods, so you can check out their website and bid on the goods of your choice. supplies wholesale liquidation goods by auctioning them and offer services for every business, be it high-end or low budgeted. Founded in 2004, it is now headquartered in Washington D.C. and is owned by Optoro. Bulq has a uniform shipping policy for any location in America, which means that you can order the goods from your house or store and have them delivered at your doorstep.

Payment can be done online with your credit card without having to go through any hassles. If you have doubts about the quality of products after delivery, you can easily go through with returns as well. Bulq assures more than 98% accuracy on manifests, and if that is not met, you can claim the refund of the difference in price.

Via Trading is a liquidation company based in Los Angeles that sources its goods from wholesale overstocks and customer returns. Their stuff is in perfect condition and can be re-purchased at discounted rates without burning a hole in the customer’s pocket. This company boasts of having conducted more than $5 billion worth of retail value liquidations in its lifetime.

From small, personal business holders, sellers, to flea market participants, Via Trading caters to all. It is a registered supplier with the National Flea Market Association (NFMA). Here, you do not have any restrictions of minimum purchase and can conduct the deal online. You will also get a legit invoice and calculations of your profit and savings.

All these and many more liquidation companies are a boon for large retailers as they help in clearing out the extra stock and making room for new arrivals. They also majorly help out new and smaller businesses by sourcing products at low rates and enabling them to increase their profit money. All in all, they are in invaluable part of the retail ecosystem.

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