MoneyGram Tracking: How to Track Your Transfer


There are different platforms for sending and receiving money. One of the best options is Moneygram. The platform is used by millions of people, including Nigerians.

In this post, we take a look at Moneygram and how you can track your transfer of funds on the platform.

But first, let’s take a look at what Moneygram is all about and then move on to MoneyGram tracking.

MoneyGram Tracking: How to Track Your Transfer

Moneygram Tracking: How to Track Your Transfer

Based in Dallas, Texas in the United States, MoneyGram is one of the reputable money transfer companies in the world. The company has regional and local offices around the world and the services offered by MoneyGram are divided into two categories: Global Funds Transfers and Financial Paper Products.

Moneygram is an international provider of money transfer and payment services. The company links family and friends around the world by providing a convenient and reliable financial connection for life’s essentials and daily needs. It doesn’t matter whether online or through a mobile device, at a kiosk or in a local store, you can always connect with your family and friends using Moneygram.

Moneygram uses a network of agents and financial institutions to provide its service to individuals and businesses. The company is the second largest provider of money transfers in the world with operations in over 200 countries as well as a global network of about 347,000 agent offices

The process of transferring money using Moneygram is extremely fast, and it can be tracked at all stages right from the website.

Here’s how it works.

When you send money to someone (your family, friends, etc.) through MoneyGram, you receive MoneyGram MTCN tracking number.

Basically, MTCN is the number provided with each transaction and it is used to track the money online. This number makes tracking money transfer very convenient and simple.

You can also share the MoneyGram tracking reference number with the recipient so either of you can track the money.

Let’s take a quick look at the steps involved in tracking your funds transfer using the MTCN tracking method.

Step #1

You can either send or receive money using MoneyGram but first, you must register an account on the official website of Moneygram.

Step #2

Sign in to your account, and you will see details on each transaction you have made through this service.

You can send money in any of these three ways

  • Directly to a bank account

Find a MoneyGram agent location near you and fill the necessary form which includes details like your name, the recipient’s full name matching their I.D., bank name and account number as well as their location. Once you’ve completed the send form, you can notify the recipient and share the 8-digit reference number with him/her

  • Send in person

You can also send in person at a MoneyGram agent location. Once you find the location of the Moneygram agent near visit. Visit the agent with your ID and you request. Don’t forget to bring your I.D. You’re expected to fill a send form and once you’re done, you should notify your recipient and share the 8-digit reference number with your recipient for pick-up.

  • Send to mobile wallet

When sending to a person’s mobile wallet, the steps are pretty much the same but you will also need your recipient’s mobile number with the international dial code

This mobile wallet service can be used to fund M-Pesa accounts in Kenya, Tanzania, and Romania, as well as Econet in Zimbabwe.

Step #3

You can view your transaction history under the Recent Activity tab and locate each tracking number. Each transaction has four main stages: Pending (the transaction has been initiated); In progress (money is still being transferred); Complete (cash is waiting for the receiver in Nigeria); Picked up (the receiver has already collected the cash)

Step #4

As a sender, you can track what happens to the transaction online. You can also see it when the money is picked up by the recipient. The process of tracking is quite easy and convenient.

As a recipient, you can use the MoneyGram number for tracking and receiving in 2 simple steps.

First, you have to wait for the sender to share the MTCN tracking number with you. Once you have the reference code for tracking, you can visit the official and secured MoneyGram website through the link You will see an option field where you can enter the MTCN tracking code. You will also have to type your surname. Now click on the ‘Track’ option and wait a bit. The system will process the transaction and let you know the details you are looking for. You will know if you can pick up the money or not.

If you have any more questions about MoneyGram? You can visit the company website or send a mail to the Global Media department via email at


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