Building Materials List and Prices in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Building Materials List and Prices are hard to come by online so this post would help the average Nigerian have an idea of how much building materials costs. Unfortunately the prices may vary from state to state, however we will be using the prices of the building material in Lagos from property gate as a standard since the state has the most number of constructions going on most of them including outdoor awnings mornington peninsula experts due to their efficiency and innovative designs of many Folding Arm Awnings.

The fall of the Naira against the Dollar and the increase in the price of fuel are contributing factors that can lead to the increase in the cost of the materials and as stated above, the prices may be a little lower or higher in your location but the prices below should be used as a range or yard stick so you have an idea of what it takes before you embark on your building project. The transportation of these materials are also included in these prices so you may also want to consider semi truck financing options so you are sure that you have everything planned out after visiting the semi trailer dealer.

Building Prices in Nigeria

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Building Materials List and Prices in Nigeria:

Dangote Cement per 50kg bag (42.5grade) 1,950.00
Dangote Cement per truck load (600 bags) 1,170,000.00
Sand crete block 9 x 9 x 18 180.00
Sand crete block 6 x 9 x 18 160.00
Sandcrete block (stonedust) 9 x 9 x 18 180.00
 Sandcrete block (stonedust) 6 x 9 x 18  160.00
2 x 6 x 12 per length 850.00
2 x 4 x 12 per length 620.00
2 x 3 x 12 per length 400.00
1 x 10 x 12 per length (malaina) 1,450.00
3 x 4 x 12 per length 850.00
2 x 2 x 12 per length (malaina) 350. 00
¾ x 4 x 8 5,500.00
½ x 4 x 8 4,800.00
¼ x 4 x 8 1,900.00
1/8 x 8 1,200.00
MDF Board size 2400mm x 1200mm         12,500.00
4” Nails per bag 5,000.00
 2″ Nails per bag 5,500.00
5” Nails per bag 5,000.00
Corrugated Aluminium roofing 1,920.00
0.7mm longspan
Super Seven Asbestos 8ft 1,850.00
Super Seven Asbestos 6ft 1,600.00
S7 Ridge Capping per pair 1,300.00
Super Light Weight 8ft 13,000.00
Super Light Weight 6ft 1,150.00
Super Light Weight Ridge    900.00
 Bituminous Roof Felt 1,600.00
3mm thickness 24 x 36 per piece 6,500.00
36 x 36 per piece 7,500.00
5mm thickness 24 x 36 per piece 7,500.00
36 x 36 per piece water base 8,600.00
Litre Tin E (gal)                          7,000.00
6 x 6 Wall Tiles per pack (72 pieces) 2,200.00
8 x 6 Tiles per square metre 3,100.00
12 x 12 Tiles per square metre 2,850.00
Palato royal marble per square metre 8,500.00
Polished granite floor tiles                        12,500.00
Coloured Emulsion (20 litres) 7,500.00
White Emulsion High Quality (20 litres) 4,500.00
Coloured Emulsion High Quality (4 litres) 2,400.00
White Emulsion Quality (4 litres) 1,300.00
Coloured Glass oil Low Quality (4 litres) 3,500.00
Coloured Glass oil High Quality (4 litres) 4,800.00
White Glass oil High Quality (4 litres) 5,300.00
White Emulsion High Quality (Drum) 5,000.00
White Texcote High Quality (Drum) 7,500.00
Calabash Texcote 5,500.00
Twyford Complete set 10,000.00
Abeokuta Complete set 5,000.00
Royal Complete set 6,500.00
Standing Shower Complete set 9,000.00
Wash Hand Basin (small with one tap) E 10,000.00
Wash Hand Basin (big with one tap) E 10,000.00
Wash Hand Basin (small with two taps) E 12,000.00
Wash Hand Basin (big with two taps) E 12,000.00
Bath tub with one tap E 18,000.00
Bath tub with two tap E 20,500.00
Bath tub with telephone shower 22,000.00
Ariston Water Heater (small) 13,000.00
Ariston Water Heater (big) 14,000.00
20mm plastic pipe per length 120.00
25mm plastic pipe per length 180.00
20mm ‘U’ Boxes ‘I’ Angle through 270.00
25mm ‘U’ Boxes ‘I’ Angle through 380.00
20mm ‘U’ Boxes ‘I’ Angle through 550.00
20mm ‘U’ Boxes ‘I’ Angle through 230.00
20mm stop end boxes through 130.00
25mm cooping boxes 200.00
3 x 3 Galvanised switch box 130.00
3 x 6 Galvanised switch box 200.00
6 x 9 Galvanised switch box 200.00
One tipper load of washed gravel (5 tonnes) 25,000.00
Granite per tipper load (30 tonnes) 145,000.00
Sharp sand per tipper load – handsieved (20 tonnes) 44,000.00
Sharp sand per tipper load – dredged (20 tonnes) 60,000.00
Plaster sand per tipper load (20 tonnes) 37,000.00
Filling sand (Laterite)

per tipper load (20 tonnes)


Top soil (20 tonnes)                           28,000.00
2 x 4 x 12 650.00
2 x 3 x 12 540.00
2 x 2 x 12  600.00
1 x 2 x 12 1,000.00
Flush Door Medium Density Fibre(MDF) 7,000.00
Flush Door High Density Fibre (HDF) 10,500.00
¾ x 48 pieces 2,500.00
1/8 x 4 x 8 per piece 1,600.00
Panel door (high quality) 20,000.00
Panel door (low quality) 15,500.00
Steel Security Door 1500 x 2100                         185,000.00
3” Nails per bag 5,000.00
 2.5″ Nails per bag                             5,500.00
Louvre Blade (plain) 200.00
3 Length per piece 250.00
2 1/2 length per piece 220.00
2 Length per piece 250.00
UNIL (5 Blades) per pair 600.00
HAC (5 Blades) per pair 600.00
Double Dove (6 Blades) per pair 600.00
UNII (8 Blades) per pair 750.00
NAC (8 Blades) per pair 600.00
Double Dora (8 blades) per pair 700.00
Storm live 800.00
Water Base (Dunlop) per litre Tin E 2,200.00
Semitic (White) E per tin 24,500.00
Litre tin shell butter colour 3,600.00
High Quality per (4 litres) 5,650.00
White Roller texture coating per (20 litres) E 5,000.00
Spray texture finish per (20 Kilo) E 4,950.00
Coating per 20 Litres E, visit for more information 6,000.00
High Yield Tensile Bars
6mm diameter 40,200.00 per Tonne (134 pieces)
10mm diameter 116,998.00 per Tonne (133 pieces)
12mm diameter 110,795.00 per Tonne (93 pieces)
16mm diameter 112000.00 per Tonne (52 pieces)
20mm diameter 118,000.00 per Tonne (33 pieces)
25mm diameter 122,000.00 per Tonne (21 pieces)
Binding Wire 5,000.00 per bundle
 ROCA bath-tub 18,000.00
 Mixer for bath-tub 6,000.00
Refresh mini-set (Wash-hand basin and WC) 35,000.00
Option mini-set (Wash-hand basin and WC) 35,000.00
Option WC only 23,000.00
 Water heater (30 litres) 16,000.00
Water heater (10 litres) 16,500.00
 Bath Accessories 8,500.00

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