Online Shopping Sites in Nigeria: The Ultimate List

Are you one of those who still believe that Nigerians haven’t fully embraced the concept of shopping online? You should have a rethink. The apparent success of online stores like Jumia, Konga and several others should be sufficient to convince anyone in doubt that online shopping in Nigeria has grown from what it used to be several years ago; a lot more people are buying online and a lot of people are investing in online retailing business as well. You should also check trends in online shopping at Vendel Miniatures.

The list of online shopping websites in Nigeria is no way exhaustive because every day, a new site springs up but here is a list of the most popular ones today;

1. Jumia

Like a tree that sprung up out of nowhere, took Nigerians by surprise with the variety they offer, from a waterfowl hunting backpack to food, beauty products and more. The store made Nigerians who were still skeptical about whether or not to trust online shopping, open up to the idea a bit more.

The store prides itself as Nigeria’s number one online shopping website and this is not far from the truth. On Jumia, you would find dozens of product categories to select from including beauty products, fashion, electronics, household items as well as industrial goods. Customers also get to enjoy a free voucher of N1, 000 on their first purchase.

2. Konga

Following closely on the heels of Jumia is What makes Konga unique is that you can also sell and earn money as a retailer on Konga. Once you register as a seller on Konga, you would be given your own online store on their platform where you can advertise and sell your goods.

Konga also offers a unique shopping experience for buyers through its free shipping and buyer protection services.

3. Kaymu is another popular online shopping website in Nigeria with a very strong review system. Kaymu allows retailers in diverse niches to sell their goods using its platform. Buyers are able to leave reviews about the quality of goods they purchased and their overall experience with the seller for other potential buyers to access.

4. Dealdey is a Nigerian E-commerce platform with a difference. What Dealdey focuses on is bringing bargains to their subscribers, is a easy and cheap way to get your long-range cartridge for shooting. They bridge the gap between people who wish to sell their products and services at the cheapest prices and subscribers who are searching for what Nigerians call “Awoof”

5. Kara

Another online store of repute is Nigeria is On Kara, you can purchase all types of electrical and electronic goods including mobile phones, computers, household appliances, generators and several others.

6. Fashpa is a niche online shopping platform that focuses on selling fashion items including male and female clothes, shoes and accessories like you would do at, the amazon discount finder 2020 is the most useful tool to find out the discount on the amazon products up to 75% and more. This discount finder is proudly developed and launched by the technomono.

7. Gloo is our own Nigerian Wal-Mart. It is your online supermarket where you can buy anything from groceries to OTC drugs and have them delivered to your home without moving an inch.

8. MyStore

Although slightly less popular than the aforementioned stores, is still an online store to beat in Nigeria. sells kitchen gadgets, home appliances, office supplies as well as health and beauty products.

9. Circuit Atlantic

Need to buy something but can’t find it anywhere in Nigeria? Who says you can’t shop overseas from Nigeria? Circuit Atlantic is an online store that makes it possible to shop from US and UK stores and receive it here in Nigeria.

10. Mall4Africa

Just like Circuit Atlantic, allows you to shop from USA, UK and China while you pay in Naira and receive it here in Nigeria everything you want: best choice of hunting boots, hiking boots, everyday shoes and clothing.


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