Car Selling Websites in Nigeria: The Top 10

Are you looking for a convenient and reliable way to sell your car? Or are you wondering how to buy a car from the right source and at the right price without stressing yourself? Or perhaps you’re looking to find the right tractor dealer.

Well, the process of getting the right car from the right source can be very convenient and stress free.  In fact, your solution can be just a tap of the button away only if you follow the advises from the 10 Secrets About New Vans You Can Learn From TV.

We have decided to equip you with the right information by carefully compiling a list of the top 10 car selling websites that have consistently delivered excellent and reliable services over the years. Visit for the new car buy tips. This list is in no particular order


Carmudi is one of the largest online sellers of cars in the country. It was recently renamed ‘Jumia Car’ in reference to their parent company Jumia Nigeria. It doesn’t matter where you are, this platform can connect you to reputable car dealers and private sellers all over the country.

Car 45

Cars45 is another online platform where you can complete the process of buying and selling of cars in as little as 45 minutes. If you are a car seller, this platform makes it easy for you through its collaboration with many car dealers spread across the country who are actively bidding for cars in real time. The platform works in 3 easy steps. First, your input the details of your car on their website; then they evaluate it within 10 seconds. If you are satisfied with the quote, you can then take your car to any of their centers closest to you and they would inspect and purchase your car within 45 minutes


Carxus is also an online portal that doesn’t just sell cars but other vehicle types like boats, trucks, motorcycle and trailers. You can easily browse through their range of vehicles to find the car you need and get in touch with them.


Cheki is another major online marketplace for cars. They work in collaboration with thousands of car dealers, importers and private sellers. Many car dealers are on Cheki hence you can gain access to a massive selection of carsellers using this platform. The diverse range on the Cheki website makes the process of buying or selling cars quite interesting.


Olx is an online marketplace for all kind of items. Interestingly, cars are one of such items. Olx is easy and fast to use; however as it is with many online platforms you need to play by their rules so that you don’t fall into the hands of fraudsters. Also, Olx has an advert option in which car sellers can increase their exposure to potential buyers.


Jiji is a marketplace that has over 30,000 cars on their website. It doesn’t matter your location, Jiji is able connects buyers and sellers in all the 36 states of the country. Depending on the type of car you want to buy, Jiji offers a range of selection that fits your feature and price preference.

Nigeria Car Mart

Nigeria Car Mart is an online marketplace for cars. All you need to do is to input the model of the car you want, your price preference as well as your location and their search option will connect you with a dealer or private seller. Additionally, if the car you’re looking isn’t on the website, you can easily place a request and they’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Inspired Autos

Inspired Autos is a car dealership that has a vibrant online presence. They offer a wide range of services from selling brand new car and used cars as well as allowing you to pre-order your vehicle. Their cars generally come from U.S.A and Canada.

Also, Inspired Autos offer car diagnostics and car repair services. Other services include auto baking, sales of vehicle tracking systems as well as customization and upgrade of car kits.

Based on reviews by many customers, the experience with Inspired Autos is one of a kind and they’ve been known to consistently maintain top quality services.


Efritin is another popular online marketplace for cars and car accessories. As with many other online platforms, they connect buyers and sellers of cars. You can easily search for the brand and model of the car you want then you can contact the prospective seller to arrange an inspection time.

Affordable Cars

Founded in 1997 and with offices in Lekki and Ikeja, Affordable Cars is one of the few offline car dealers that have gone online. They sell a wide range of brands and some of these include Toyota, Honda, Pajero, Lexus, Benz and Nissan.

Affordable Cars also runs an autocare shop where you can repair your car as well as undertake maintenance service on your car.

Also, if you are looking for a car company that can collaborate with your bank to help finance your purchase, Affordable Cars is the way to go. They collaborate with several banks that are involved in car financing loans.

Additionally, they sell specialized trucks such as ambulance, water tankers, armored trucks, firefighting trucks and many more.

Affordable Cars also offer this option of selling used cars and they are quite meticulous in the process because of their commitment to excellence. Usually, their in-house engineers evaluate these used cars to ensure they are in good working condition before they are put up for sale.

Overall, Affordable Cars is known for excellent and top quality service when comes to car sales and post sales services.

Final Thoughts

Generally, as it is with many online platforms, it is important you take precautionary measures when dealing with online car dealers. Some times, fraudulent people infiltrate these platforms to perpetrate illicit acts.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with these marketplaces, you can buy from the offline dealers that have a strong online presence. Overall, one thing is certain when it comes to buying or selling cars online which is that it has become quite a convenient process.

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  1. The reviews are clear and simple. The truth is that no matter how people get scared about businesses online, it is a fact that has come to stay. These website that sell care online are quite real and better than most traditional systems that do not have trusted inspection teams.

    Nice work there!

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