StarTimes Nigeria: Plans, Channels and Decoder Prices

Startimes Nigeria is a subsidiary of Startimes Media, a Chinese based company.

It is a popular pay TV in Nigeria which deploys the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) Broadcast Technology. This is technology is also called the Digital Video Broadcast on Terrestrial.

Startimes caught the fancy of many with its unique pay TV technology because it didn’t require an installation dish to work.

The NTA Star TV Network LTD was responsible for introducing StarTimes into the Nigerian television scene and this pay TV platform scored a first by being the first digital TV to be introduced to the country.

Initially, StarTimes was only available in four states in the country namely Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Kano however it is now available in every state in Nigeria. This was made possible when the company upgraded it TV technology from the DVB-T1 to DVB-T2

In this article, we have put together the information you need to know about Startimes particularly information on the available bouquets, the channels as well as the cost per month of subscribing to the different bouquets.

Also, if you’re a first time Startimes subscriber, you should keep reading because you’ll certainly find all you need to know on this page.

Now that you know you’re in the right place, the next thing you are probably asking is how much it costs to purchase the Startimes decoder.

First, it is important you know that there are several decoder options with different prices.

But you will find out about all of them in a bit.

The decoders include:

  • the SD decoder,
  • the HD decoder and
  • the 2-in-1 combo decoder

The SD decoder cost N6600 while the HD decoder cost N7600 and the 2-in-1 decoder cost N13000.

However, Startimes recently reviewed the price of the 2-in-1 decoder and it currently cost N5900 as against the previous N13000.

You may be wondering what differentiates the 2-in-1 decoder from the other decoder types.

Basically, this decoder combines the features of the satellite dish decoder and the direct to home decoder. As a result, you’re using a decoder that provides multiple access and allow you to enjoy the benefits of the digital terrestrial and digital satellite television channels all in the same decoder.

These two technologies have their advantages combined into one device and these include:

  • Low weather interference
  • Portability
  • More local channels
  • Sharper images
  • Strength in remote areas and
  • High number of international channels

Overall, buying any of these decoders comes with other accessories which include a package of a 10 m outdoor antenna and a free 1 month Nova startimes package.

You can also buy the outdoor antenna alone for just N1500.

Also, there’s an option of the Startimes TV which comes the channels pre-installed on the TV. All you need do is to subscribe to keep watching your favourite Startimes channels

Now that you know how to get started, you should know the available subscription packages.

Currently, there are four exciting and affordable Startimes Plans with hundreds of channels to choose from.

  • Startimes Nova
  • Startimes Basic
  • Startimes Classic
  • Startimes Unique Bouquets.

Star times Nova Bouquet.

The Nova Bouquet provides access to over 26 channels. Presently, the Nova Bouquet is the most available bouquet package in the history of Nigerian Pay TV. It is quite affordable at a cost of N800 per month and below are the 26 channels available on this Bouquet.

  • AIT
  • CCTV News
  • Channels TV
  • Child Smile
  • Cool TV
  • Galaxy TV
  • LTV
  • MITV
  • Nta Sports 24
  • Silverbird TV
  • Star Dadin kowa
  • Star Zone
  • TVC
  • TVC News
  • Wazobia TV

StarTimes Basic Bouquet

The Basic bouquet is another affordable package. This bouquet cost N1200 monthly and provides access to over 40 Channels. The package comes with all the Nova bouquet channels as well as the channel listed below.

  • aMc
  • AMC-Nigeria
  • BBC World News
  • Da Vinci Learning
  • DTN
  • eTV
  • MCS Extreme
  • Nickelodeon
  • Nigezie
  • TBN
  • Wap TV

StarTimes Classic bouquet

This package cost N2400 and provides access to over 60 Channels. The Classic Bouquet provides access to all the basic bouquet channels as well as the channels listed below:

  • AIT
  • AMC Series
  • BET
  • CCTV 4
  • CCTV 9 Documentary
  • CCTV News
  • Channels TV
  • Child Smile
  • Cool TV
  • Discovery Science
  • E! Entertainment
  • Eurosport News
  • Fine Living
  • Fox News
  • Fox Sports
  • Galaxy TV
  • GET TV
  • iroko Play
  • LTV
  • MITV
  • MTV Base
  • Nature and History
  • NBA TV
  • Nta Sports 24
  • POP
  • QYou
  • Silverbird TV
  • Star Africa 2
  • Star Bollywood TV
  • Star Dadin kowa
  • Star Sport 2
  • Star Zone
  • Tiwa’n’Tiwa
  • TLC
  • Trace Sport Stars
  • TVC
  • TVC News
  • Wazobia TV

StarTimes Unique Bouquet

This is the most expensive package and it provides access to over 80 channels. The bouquet costs N4800 monthly

This Startime package has all the classic bouquet channels plus the channels listed below.

  • Baby TV
  • BET
  • Bloomberg Television
  • Crime Explorer
  • Fashion TV
  • FOX
  • Fox Sports 2
  • FX
  • iroko World
  • Nat Geo Gold
  • QYou
  • Star Gold
  • Star Movies 1
  • Star Plus
  • Star Series E1
  • True Movies 1

Now that you have all the information you need, what are you waiting for?

Get started!

StarTimes Nigeria Plans, etc: OLD INFO

StarTimes is a direct-to-home pay-tv service.  With its simple-to-install antenna decoders that require no dish coupled with its low tariffs, StarTimes has brought digital TV within the means of very many Nigerians.

StarTimes however offers dish decoders also for interested customers.  Here are the bouquets, channels and decoders from StarTimes.

Plans (Bouquets) with Channels Offered

Nova Bouquet (N600/month)

The Nova Bouquet is the lowest tarrif and it contains 28 channels. The channels include AIT

AWA TV, CCTV News, Channels TV, Child Smile, Cool TV, DOVE TV, E-STARS, FARIN WATA, Galaxy TV, IQRAA, LTV, MITV, NTA HAUSA, NTA IGBO, NTA News 24, NTA Sports 24, NTA YORUBA, ORISUN, Silverbird TV, ST Music, ST Sports Focus, Star Dadin kowa, STAR KUNGFU 1, Star ZONE, STV GUIDE, TVC, TVC News, Wazobia TV

The Basic Bouquet (N1,200/month)

This attracts the second lowest tariff on the StarTimes service. It offers 35+ channels covering news, education and entertainment.

Channels (with their codes) offered in the Basic Bouquet  include  017 – MGM, 053 – Star Novela E1, 055-  Star One, 101- NTA News 24, 105 – NTA Ent, 109 – Silverbird TV, 110 –  Galaxy TV, 111 – CHANNELS, 117 – AMC, 118 – DTN, 119 – MITV, 120 – DBN, 121 –  TVC, 122 – E-STARS, 123 – REAL-STARS, 125 – Rave TV, 128 – AIT, 130 – ITV, 132 – Superscreen, 156 –, 162 – Star Dadin Kowa, 165 – NTA Hausa, 166 – NTA Yoruba, 167 – NTA Igbo, 168 – Orisun, 178 – Farin Wata, 231 – CCTV Doc, 235 – Animaux, 262 – MCS, 280 – CCTV-NEWS, 300 – BBC WORLD, 301 – Al Jazeera E, 306 – NTA Parliamentary, 307 – TVC NEWS, 329 – Core TV News, 356 – Childsmile, 357 – Nickelodeon, 59 – NTA Knowledge, 400 – Star Music, 427 – Nigezie, 451 – TBN, 452 –  IQRAA, 464 – Dove Tv, 507 – B4U Movies

The Classic Bouquet (N2,400/month)

This plan offers over 55 channels, including more choice channels than the Basic Bouquet.  The variety also includes news, education and entertainment.

In addition to channels in Basic bouquet, the Classic Bouquet has  018 – AMC Movies, 056 – Star Africa 2, 116 – WAP TV, 129 – Get TV, 150 – Star Kungfu 1, 155 – BET, 157 E! Entertainment, 158 QYOU, 169 Tinwa Tinwa, 222 Discovery Science, 229 Viasat N+H, 251 Star Sport 2, 256 – FOX Sports, 258 – NBA TV, 259 – Eurosportnews, 260 – Trace Sport Stars, 302 – Fox News, 334 – TLC, 337 – FLN, 360 – Jim Jam, 421 – MTV Base, 500 – Star Bollywood

The Unique Bouquet (N3600/month)

This is the toast of StarTimes.  It offers over 70 channels.

In addition to channels in the Basic and Classic Bouquets, the Unique Bouquet has  010 – Star Movies 1, 019 – True Movies One, 051 – Star Series E1, 080 – Fox, 081 – FX, 220 – Nat Geo Gold, 230 – Viasat E+C, 257 – FOX Sports 2, 303 – MSNBC, 304 – Bloomberg, 336 – Fashion TV, 358 – Baby TV, 505 – Star Gold, 506 – Star Plus.

StarTimes Decoders

The decoders are priced as written below:

  • N3,390 for the Normal StarTimes Decoder
  • N4,390 for the HD StarTimes Decoder

The decoders contain an internal antenna but you can purchase the external antenna separately if needed. There are 2 types, the 10m external antenna cost N1,500 while the 20m external antenna cost N2,000

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  1. Please,why don’t you more sport channels especially the ones showing English premier league. I really love the HD tv package but i want more sport channels showing the epl

  2. I am from katsina,.my name is abdulkareem ibrahim, this afternoon I switch on my star time but all the channels could not appear on the screen at all, all the channels could not be updated and my sub is still valid, when I check the menu it reads check your card, so what is really the problem pls.

  3. Why startime are try to rubish and still by trick 2 months ago i recharge my decoder with #1300 my decoda plan is basic which i sure but after 12 days i recharge i see re suscribe i called care to report they told me that my plan has change to classic by who i told is totally fruad now its happen again to my junior brother he used for 8 days before startime still his money who ever these happen to pls lament out so they will know we are a not full i told these is stilling by trick.

  4. I subscribe my star time decoder today been 19 June 2018.l paid 1300 for Star times Nova Bouquet and StarTimes Basic Bouquet to my greatest surprise. some channel in Nova is not showing including AIT.its that the star time office were they help to subscribe has cheat me.this is my smart card number. 02145746397.Because I intend going back tomorrow. thank you.

  5. please what’s the name of my plan now, I want to recharge my system. a few days ago, a staff from your CCC called me,asking what issues I have with startimes, I told her that my recharges for one month barely lasts me two weeks. she asked me to recharge as soon as possible to enjoy the new plan which I will also watch world cup matches with. I’v forgotten the name of the plan she mentioned that. please remind me. my smatcard number is 02110304503.
    ik adiele

  6. It has been so long that use my startime decoder due to no electricity in environment, but I am ready to use it,then I need your customers care line for further enquiry.

  7. Startimes services, although was established to generate profits,but the managers of the company should not forget the competitive nature of statelite services made available by other service providers e.g. GoTV amongst others, whose services include provision of free local content stations that can be used as a fall back when subscription is exhausted by their clients.

    Startimes in its service, does not provide free local content like live NTA stations and this has made their customers abandoned their decoders when exhausted of subscription. (Research carried by me using 10 Startimes customers who later preferred to use GoTv decoder because GoTv provides free Station (NTAk)for the customers).

    Managers of Startimes is therefore encouraged to provide free live local stations like NTA NEWS 24 to its customers as a fall back when exhausted of subscription.

  8. This message is for startimes providers. Please how do I get my pin number for my decoder. I just loaded with 3800 naira but not getting all needed stations without pin for my decoder.please help.

  9. Hello Sir,please i am in ghana and i use Nigeria startimes TV please tell me how i can pay for my decoder any time i want to pay please,the guy who pay for me is no more in Nigeria and please tell me how much i will pay to get Iroko and all the channels.00233243212494

  10. It’s been sometimes that I’ve subscribed. I did subscribed for basic bouquet for #1200.00 on 30/08/2017.

    Yesterday I received message on my decoder and also today on my phone that my subscription will expire tomorrow 8/9/2017,that is barely ten days after subscription. How’s that possible?
    My card no is 021 4595 2262 phone no 08056008259

  11. Pls its long I subscribed, yesterday I decided to subscribe online via online banking, i saw 1000 as basic and I did 1k, I noticed I wasn’t able to get signal and also no text message confirming I subscribed till now, whats the problem pls and what’s the solution to this?

  12. i need antenna but i dont know your branch i went to market they n said the price 3500, please where in sokoto can i get it in it normal price you can call me at 07065746031 thanks.

  13. I recharged for classic bouquet for N2,600 through phone transfer but since then I only receive 43 channels. Some of the channels not showing are- cartoon channels (pop, jim jam, nicklodeon and others), BBC, Aljazeera, all nova bouquet channels.This are the channels I can remember. But I receive only 43 channels. Please look into it and resolve it immediately. Thanks

  14. I don’t know of other other places but in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Startimes no longer offers 24 hours service. The station shuts down at 1. 00am each day. Isn’t that a rip-off?

    More over, why shouldn’t Startimes teach subscribers how to recharge via banks or through online means. Sometimes the agents inflate card rates and bleed subscribers.

  15. Startime you are tiring the problem on your channels now is from 7pm in the evening the network will be breaking the audio which is the voice will not be OK, other thing we would have love to have zee world among the Channel if you are able to do this sky is you peoples limit

  16. I recharge 3600 still not working only startimes guide and NtA are working plz what can I do. I Recharge through Fcmb mobile banking app. Also pls why don’t you add mBC action and mbc 2.thanks waiting for your reply.

  17. why is it dat startimes does not have an e_mail accout to reach them
    av searched and searched for it but did not see
    pls put your mail address so as to be able yu reach you easily
    uncle bad guy

  18. I recharged #800 nova bouquet and it only lasted for just one week and it expired, pls advice me on how to go about my recharge, and what was the cause of what happened

    • you must have subscribed to a higher bouquet previously and that is why your N800 gave you a week’s access of the previous bouquet. To migrate to Nova, you need to go to any office to have your subscription changed.

  19. Since when i change my startime decorder to HD startime decorder i use to recharge #3,600 they used to open all the channel but if the month dont they reach 5days to the time i recharge some channel will stop working on 11-03-2017 i recharge #1,250 but the channel didnt open till now what happen,what causes it plz i need your assistant pls although am using the external arearial

  20. i need one of the HD decoder, where would i get the original one, i learnt that most one selling outside at the retailer kiosk doesn’t last before it develop fault.

  21. I recharged my startime on 14 of October which supposed to expire 13 of November but I just received a message that it will expire today which is very very bad. startime please what is going on?

  22. Good morning. , i recharged Oct 13 2016 for nova bouquet. My subscription ought to last till Nov 12. Only for me to receive a message yesterday that my subscription will end today. My account has been suspended now. I need clarification on this. If not then, startimes is no more truthful to her terms of agreement.

  23. pls why do people removed sunnah tv , bringing back sunnah TV will attracted more customers to startimes mostly among the northern part of the country. thanks

  24. I paid N3600 online for unique bouquet but instead i got renewal for my previous plan which is basic bouquet for N1200. I want to know what’s going on. Please reverse this subscription to what i paid for or refund my money. And mind you that my subscription starts counting on the day you effect changes on my account.

  25. Good Day I put my money in StarTimes because of TLC channel but not long the channel was disconnected not long I paid 1200 naria for Basic B but I can not get Nova channels almost 3 days now what is the problem pls. Thanks

  26. Good evening, please I recharge my decoder no 02146177898 but only four channels are showing I.e Child smile, farin Wata,Dove TV, please kindly recti fy the problem


  28. hello Guy’s, pls I need help, I installed the star timer dish nd search for frequency it show but when I try to view the channels it show me not subscribers, pls I don’t knw what to do, but the dealer told me over 70channels will show as free on air for a month. pls I need help on how to do it thanks

  29. Hello, i subscribed for Nova Bouquet yesterday and I only got 10 stations
    The stations that didn’t show are
    Orisun,Cool tv,Wazobia tv,Ait,Silver bird and the likes
    kindly reply with an explanation of the cause and how to rectify it,Thanks

  30. I am presently in Abia state for work is it possible I buy startimes decoder here and install in Yola? secondly I am using strong decoder is it possible to use the existing dish to install startimes because i don’t want use more dishes. please advice.

  31. Can I use two decoders in one subscription? I want be viewing star times in my parlour and bedroom and be able to tune to any channel of my choice in either my parlour or bedroom

  32. a Star time decoder I bought in Osun where I was using it but bringing to Delta State, I can no longer use it. it is showing no signal. pls can I still use it in Delta State?

  33. Please I need the frequency for installing startimes decoder with dish in Ilorin… Reason been that I was using it in Jalingo Taraba State during my nysc.. And now back to Ilorin. Thanks

  34. please I just purchased the startimes HD decoder,i really don’t have any dish and can’t afford to buy one, does that mean that I can’t watch channels in HD or can’t I use smaller antenna,i want to also know if I can really access startimes in UNN nsukka, please reply me I beg una

    • Hello Collins,
      You would need the dish to receive hd channels.
      As fot UNN Nsukka i do not know if there is a transmitter around there however you can confirm from any dealer in your location.

  35. my startimes decoder was activated on 30th august 2015 at 9:30pm, why you blocked it on 29th sept at 8:30am? i sent my complain to through your address and you asked me to send my smart card number which i did, but no any response

  36. plxx try and answer to our questions, we love startimes and datx y we r on dis, but if ur nt attending well 2 ur costomers dey will be negetive thought on u guys, so plxxx try and answer 2 all questions, is ur duty.

  37. I just received a msg that from Oct 1 the #3600 subscription will be increase to #4800….on what basis…? I thought the whole idea was to make satellite TV affordable to common nigerians…how is the startimes idea of extortion better to the one of dstv within this short period…I think the board should sit well on the issue and not lose the little attention they are getting recently

  38. Pls does startimes has coverage in outskirts of owerri, as in village far from owerri town. If yes, what type of startimes is suitable to purchase to enable have good coverage

  39. i am a pocketmoni agent and i want to know how to change plan for subscribers like a customer was subscribing for NOVA Bouquet and now he want to subscribe for Basic Bouquet and secondly if he has not choosing plan at all, how do i change plan lastly a customer came to my unit and she is subscribing for basic bouquet and she just want to subscribe for just two weeks.

  40. All the stations and prices written here don’t apply. The cards go for #1200 and unique package for #3600. Worst still, stations like history, natgeo gold etc, that made me purchase the plan don’t exist on startimes (as far as my decoder goes). I hope I hadn’t just thrown my cash into the air?

    • Hello freezer,
      I know you can you any antenna with startimes decoder but if the dish cable can fit into to back of the decoder you can give it a try. I believe it should work if pointed to the right direction.

  41. I am having difficulty recharging my startimes decoder online using quickteller. After several attempts I get the same response that I cannot proceed to completion. Please, advise.

    • I am unable to recharge on Quickteller as well.
      Can Startimes do something about this as i want to top up to the full bouquet of available channels including Bundesliga and Serie A

  42. Pls what is the extent of coverage of startimes network? Does the dish type cover all parts of the country? If it doesn’t, how will i know if my area (omoku) has coverage?

    • StarTimes is also available in HD just like DSTV and the only way to get HD channels on Startimes is to get the HD Decoder and Dish.
      While the antenna type is for normal StarTimes channels.

      • I have just gotten a Startimes HD decoder to go with my new Samsung HD TV. I am not using any dish. Does that mean I will not be able to watch HD channels? Secondly, my indoor antenna can’t pick signals at my place, behind legislative quarters Apo Abuja. So I am trying to have an external installed. Will it work?

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