How to Download Nigerian (Nollywood) Movies Online

With the advent of the internet, Uploading and Downloading of files, streaming and so on, it’s no surprise the internet hosts over a million Nigerian movies. From Wapka sites, VOD & EOD sites to Streaming platforms.

Downloading Nigerian movies online is the better option, compared to streaming for Nigerian movie lovers and there are a lot of sites that one can fluently download their favourite Nigerian movies. Amongst them are Wapka sites, EODs and Mobi Sites.

Some sites to download Nigerian Nollywood movies are:


How to download your favourite Nigerian movie

For Wapka and Mobile Sites

  • Log on to any of the sites listed above (although you can broaden your search by using Google search bar)
  • Use the site’s search bar to search for your movie of choice if you have one in mind. If not, just navigate to their Nigerian movies category and scroll through till you make a choice on one of the movies.
  • Click on the movie and allow it redirect you to the download page.
  • Click “Download” and allow the download to be completed before attempting to open the file.
  • If the download doesn’t start, right click on the “Download” button and select “Save Link As”. Your download should begin just after.

For EOD sites

Entertainment-On-Demand sites are sites like iBakaTV, iROKOTV, and the likes. They provide their subscribers a platform to watch their favourite movies on demand at a meagre subscription fee while subscribers renew their subscriptions annually or bi-annually.

iROKO TV is the only known EOD site in Nigeria that has just recently added the “Download” option to subscribers to download and watch later; and to download from iROKO TV,

  • Log on to (You’ll almost have to download their app if you’re browsing on a mobile device but not necessary if it’s from a computer).
  • Click the “Subscribe” button and click on “Create an account”.
  • Fill in the form and select a payment method.
  • Choose a subscription/payment plan.
  • Fill in your payment details and wait for a confirmation to be sent to your mail.
  • Activate your account.

After account activation, you’re good to start downloading your favourite Nigerian Movies.

  • Simply logon to
  • Click on your desired Nigerian movie and let it redirect to the download page.
  • Select “Download” and select you payment method.
  • Once done, allow the download finish and you have your Nigerian movie to watch over and over as many times as you wish.

There also other ways to download Nigerian movies online but not all are safe as some sites are incubators for deadly viruses.

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  2. I must say you’ve got a list here but not that perfect without nollylovers cuz 65% movies on my phone i cop it from them. I see filesng.. Once again, thanks for updating us bro!

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