Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria


Education is very important and getting your child to one of the best schools is a great way to invest in their future.

Before deciding on the school, you should carry out a proper assessment of the school.

Below are the top 10 best Secondary Schools in Nigeria:

1. The American International School of Lagos

This is a private, coeducational school in Lagos. It offers an American educational program for students of all nationalities. The School was founded in 1964, with a mission of providing an exemplary American educational experience with an international perspective that will lead to global opportunities for students.

2. Loyola Jesuit College

This school is located in Abuja and runs both Junior and Senior Secondary programmed. Their curriculum is based on the specified Nigerian National Policy on education with additional programmes like leadership training as well as personal and social education. They have a wide variety of academic subjects which are delivered to the students by a dedicated and professional staff. They have provision for both boarding and day students.

3. British International School

This is a multi-national, co-educational school in Lagos that offers a British style curriculum to students with both boarding and day facilities. The school serves both the Nigerian local community and expatriates looking for a British education within an international setting.

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4. Julliard Academy                         

This school is driven by the mission of graduating inquisitive, balanced and outstanding students with the ability to think critically and solve problems with a goal to becoming God-fearing global leaders, entrepreneurs and successful adults. The school employs the Nigerian curriculum that is enriched with Standard American English and Science curriculum.

5. Atlantic Hall School

This is a full boarding Secondary School located in Lagos. It runs a com-educational curriculum and has maintained a fixed student population of 650 pupils with a staff-student ratio of 9 to 1 for optimum learning for every child. The school has a proven track record and boasts of academic excellence and a well-rounded education.

6. Citadel International College

This school is located in Ondo State and has a conducive learning environment with both boarding and day facilities. The School works hard to maintain a high moral standard. The aim of the school is to provide total education for the student by teaching tolerance, peaceful co-existence and leadership lessons to prepare the students for the future.

7. Lumen Christi International High School

This school is located in Edo state and has an amazing track record with awards and trophy’s to show for its excellence in academic performance. It has a dedicated staff that are ready to work with every student to bring out the best in them.

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8. Christ the King College

This all boy’s school is located in Onitsha. The school is dedicated to train students will skills required to stand out in the future. Its mission is to facilitate, nurture and instill in youths a thirst for goodness, discipline and knowledge based on Catholic moral principles, in preparation for life’s journey.

9. Kaduna International School

Founded in 1985, it is an independent, multi-racial, non-denominational School. It is a non-profit organization for which overall responsibility lies with a Board of Trustees. The school curriculum is based upon typical British independent schools with adaptations for the international student body.

10. Igbinedion Educational Centre

This is one of the top learning centers and is located in Benin City. It has a proven track record of academic excellence and incorporates high international standards for its students. It organizes relevant extra-curricular activities for its students



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  1. Lantil Mo

    If you’re talking about academic excellence, you need to include schools like Oritamefa baptist model School, Ibadan (OBMS). Check out the results of this great school in WAEC for more than a decade. You will be surprised that real academic quality stands out.

  2. Yekeen

    It saddens my heart that it is only private schools that are there. We need to review our public secondary education in Nigeria. It’s not that the students from private schools are better off but they are manage by capable hands and sometimes it’s all about the force multiplier( money)

  3. auwal yusuf muhammad

    thank God for making Loyola among the top ten secondary school in Nigeria

  4. Abubakar hassan

    Iam not happy because no any secondry school among the 10 top ten in BAUCHI STATE

  5. Benjamin jacob

    I am happy to see lagoes state top in secondary schools

  6. Funke

    The first three are not as good as Grange. Grange is ranked by the British as the best British School in West Africa. Your ranking is not right

  7. Sharon

    Where is Christmas the King Catholic College, Odolewu, Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State.

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