Best Time to Post on Instagram in Nigeria

Instagram has become one of the main social media channels used by businesses. This makes sense because people spend lots of their time on Instagram. Instagram allures many through beautiful designs, images, and videos and every business can take advantage of this to build their brands, gain new customers, retain old ones and make sales. The question many brands and business owners ask is ‘When, exactly, is the best time to post on Instagram?’ It is a very important question, having spent hours (or months) researching and brainstorming on an ad campaign and also creating, editing, and polishing contents to post, then it is time to reveal it to the world. However, all of your hard work can be truncated if you do not post at the best time. The Instagram algorithm determines the impact and influence of your content and this algorithm does not rate all hours equally.

Best Time to Post on Instagram in Nigeria

Newsfeed algorithms, especially on Instagram consider recency as a major ranking signal. This means that posting your content at the time your followers are online is one of the simplest ways to get your message in front of them and improve your organic reach. The truth however is that there is no universal best time to post content on Instagram. The answer always comes back to your own data for your particular business and followers. The best time to post will be different for every Instagram account. Asides from your Instagram account, there are other factors that determine the best time to post, and such includes your marketing goals. If you have been wondering how to determine the best time to post on Instagram for your own brand, this article answers your question. Fortunately, with the right tools, it is simple to find the unique Instagram best time for your brand.

Generally, many social media experts have concluded that it is good to post between the hours of 6.15 a.m and 12.15 p.m. This makes sense because, in the early hours of the morning, people are in commute or simply catching up on what is new. Another good time is in the afternoon, at lunch hours when people take a break from work to relax. Many relax by checking out their Instagram feeds and your content be waiting for them right there. The last best time usually agreed upon is 4-5p.m, just after working hours. This time is usually are effective too because people are wrapping up their day’s work and checking out what they missed over the day.

Ways to determine the best time to post on Instagram for your brand

Consider time zones

When determining the best times to post for your brand, it is also important you bear in mind your target audience in other time zones. If you have a global audience, it is wise to sprinkle content around the clock so it can have a wide reach.

Follower activity

When determining the best time to post on Instagram, past performance and the activity of your follower activity are also important. You already have a target audience and you can use the right tools to understudy their activities to determine the best times to post. Do this by looking at when your audience is most active online and post at that time. Working with the time your followers are online is the best way to work with Instagram algorithms to prioritize your post. Taking out time understudy and predict when your followers will most likely be browsing their feeds will help you maximize the chances of your content reaching and connecting with them.

Consider your top-performing posts from the past

When determining the best time to post on social media, you should also consider your past contents that have performed highly according to the goals you set for them. If you have properly optimized your content to match your social media performance goals, then it is safe to use the highest performing ones to make decisions for the future. You can do this by adopting a data-driven approach. Take a look at your analytics tools, or social media reports, and study the more successful posts. Metrics you can use to gauge success include:

  • Awareness (posts that have high impressions)
  • Engagement (posts that have the most engagements)
  • Sales or traffic (posts that attracted a lot of clicks)

The next step is to take a look at what time of the day or day of the week you posted those successful contents. Notice the pattern and approaches with which these posts were delivered and follow suit.

Check out the competition

Every brand and business has a competitor. These ones are not your enemies, in fact, there is much to learn from them. Check your competitors’ feeds to see what and how they post. Do an analysis of their high-performing posts, checking out what patterns are used and how their strategies can be adapted to your business. You can even adopt the exact opposite of their strategies if you are convinced that will work better for your business. It is always good practice to watch your competitor, thereby learning beneficial strategies or pitfalls to be avoided.

Keep monitoring for changes

Bear in mind that people’s habits are always changing. For example, the number of people commuting to work has changed in the past year, such work routines will affect your Instagram posts. There is a higher number of remote workers which has resulted in more frequent social media use. People’s work habits such as checking their newsfeed might change too, which will inevitably mean a change in your posting strategy to maximize results.

It is important you always keep your ears to the ground so that you do not lag behind using old strategies that will not serve your audience. A good habit is to review your social media strategies from time to time using the right analytics and tools.

In conclusion, there is no cut-in-stone or universal best time to post on Instagram. You have to decide for yourself using the measures mentioned in this article to find the best time for your particular business and audience.




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