P-Square: Net Worth

Just before we go on, it would be good for you know this: You’re about to read about the richest twin brothers and musicians, not just in Nigeria but in the whole of Africa as a continent. With that out of the way, we can proceed.

The twin pop stars Peter and Paul Okoye were born and bred in Jos, Nigeria in the year 1981. The brothers are widely held as the richest musical artists in Nigeria but they also are jointly the richest in Africa. They aren’t just musicians and dancers, they are fathers, businessmen, investors, and brand ambassadors.


They make money from release of singles, shows and concerts, album sales, national and international tours, endorsement deals and investments. People often tease that the only real competition they have is each other. As figures stand, they have the highest number of YouTube views. Check for African top 10 music video on YouTube and you’ll smile when you see that 5 out of the 10 videos are P-Square videos, leaving the remaining five for other African artistes to share.

P-Square has over 40 tracks and 6 studio albums. They are signed to “Square Records”, a label they created with their elder brother Jude Okoye. Although they make money from album sales, they also rake in a lot of cash from live performances and track sales. They charge between N3.5M – N7M per show for bookings and around a quarter of a million naira for organized events and concerts. Their CD sales since 2005 is estimated at some 18 million units moved. They have collaborated internationally with the likes of Rick Ross, Akon, T.I, and a few others.

They are brand ambassadors with telecommunication giant Globacom and they made an excess of N100Million from the deal. They also have real estate investments in strategic places in Nigeria. Their investments include properties in the USA, a Lagos mansion worth some N400 million in the prestigious billionaire estate – Banana Island. They also possess a fleet of cars worth several millions and a private jet.

P-Square is Worth a Combined Figure of $55Million

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  1. Waooo unbelievable so psqure are more richer den john Mikel obi. Me and my friends were aguging between psqure and Mikel that who is the richest that make me to bet 5000k with dem and they won the bet psqure net worth of $55million while Mike net worth $25million I like

  2. indeed psquare are the best single,hottest and messi and Ronaldo of Nigeria since I have known psqaure. firstly am thanking them for the great and amazing opposition of being there for we Nigerian. temptation, gimmie dat, story, do me and so many track like that. I personal love a song I love you cause I’d sing it for my girlfriend

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