5 Highest Oil Producing States in Nigeria


Nigeria is a very large country which is home to over 160 Million people. Nigeria is also very popular for its vast oil resources. However,not all states in Nigeria produce oil.

Oil is produced by a part of the country known as the Niger-Delta region. This is where most of the Nigerian oil comes from. Some of the states that make up the Niger-Delta region include Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Cross Rivers, Delta, Akwa-Ibom, Ondo, Abia, Imo and Anambra States.

This region is also sometimes referred to as the South-South region of Nigeria and is made up of more than 40 ethnic groups including Ijaws, Itsekiris, Urhobos, Isokos, Kalabari, Efik, Ibibio, Esan, Igbo, Oron, Annang, Yoruba, Ogoja and Ukwuani.

The top 5 Oil and Gas producing states in Nigeria include-:

1. Akwa-Ibom

Akwa- Ibom is currently the largest oil producing state in Nigeria after displacing Rivers state from this position. It is located in the coastal area of Nigeria and is populated by over 5 million people according to the last census.

Akwa-Ibomis bordered by Rivers State, Cross River State and Abia State. Akwa-Ibom state also shares a boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. The capital of Akwa Ibom, Uyo is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria and attracts a lot of tourists yearly.

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Akwa-Ibom also has a very rich cultural heritage and history among which are the Oron Museum, Ibeno Sand beach and the Mary Slessor House. Apart from oil, Akwa-Ibom state also has some other natural resources such as clay, coal, silver nitrate, limestone, glass sand and salt. Akwa- Ibom is divided into 31 local government areas and is dominated by three ethnic groups, Oron, Annang and Ibibio.

2. Rivers

Rivers state used to be the largest oil producing state in Nigeria before Akwa-Ibom took over.It is one of the most populous states in Nigeria with a population of over 5 million people according to the 2006 census. Rivers state has its capital as Port-Harcourt and is bordered by Imo, Anambra, Abia, Bayelsa and Delta States.

Rivers state is also bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the south. Some of the major ethnic groups in Rivers state include Kalabari, Okrika, Ogoni, Ikwerre, Ibani and Opobo. There are a total of 23 local government areas in Rivers state currently.

3. Delta

Delta state is one of the highest oil producing states as well as one of the richest states in Nigeria. It is also located in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria and is composed of 25 local government areas. Warri is the heart of Delta State and is also home to one of the petroleum refineries in Nigeria. Some of the major ethnic groups in Delta State are The Urhobos, Isokos and the Itsekiris.

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4. Bayelsa

Bayelsa State was carved out of Rivers and Delta in 1996 .It is also amongst the major oil producing states responsible for producing 80% of Nigeria’s crude oil resources. It is also one of the least populated states in Nigeria with only about 1.9 million residents. Bayelsa State has its capital as Yenagoa and made up of four major ethnic groups namely- Ogbia, Nembe, Izon and Epie- Atissa.

5. Cross River

The fifth largest oil producing state in Nigeria is Cross River state. It is named about the popular river, Cross which originates in Cameroon. The capital of Cross River is Calabar and Cross River shares a boundary with Cameroon.



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  1. Hotbrain

    This article is baseless. No fact. Cross River have only 76 oil wells which is returned from Akwa Ibom. No oil production in Cross Rivers.
    Abia state is the 4th oil producing state in Nigeria. As of 2012, boundary Commission said it returned 42 oil wells from neighbouring Rivers State to Abia. This would have meant Abia being fourth largest oil producing state in the country.. Abia state have upto 142 oil wells and produce 36,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Please get a fact and correct this nonsense article..

  2. nsuhoreidem

    it sums that the big 4 produces 80% of d nation’s oil excluding the remaining 5 which account for 20% I guess

  3. AMY LEE

    You are purely jealous just because you are from what id called “Dry land” of nigeria

  4. Tubolayefa Jasper

    you said akwa ibom is the largest producer of oil, why then is it that bayelsa produces about 80% ?

    1. nsuhoreidem

      it sums that the big 4 produces 80% of d nation’s oil excluding the remaining 5 which account for 20% I guess

  5. abhishek sharma

    what is lead reserve in Nigeria state wise ?

  6. ojeabuo

    what are you priding for @francis
    Are you among those bunkering?

  7. Check out how many states produce oil offshore; Only Akwa Ibom and Ondo.
    For onshore: Akwa Ibom and others listed except Ondo.
    Summary: Akwa Ibom is the only State in Nigeria that produces oil both onshore and offshore.
    God bless us, Amen.

  8. Ddmine

    You all should better wake up from deep sleep. Who oil epp??
    Oil is becoming less needed in international market that is why your leaders are stealing as much money as they could saving for their unborn generations and you are here being proud for oil that you never benefited.

    I am proudly Anambrarian, we have oil but to a pure blooded hard working Anambrarian oil is nothing because non of my family or myself has benefited directly from oil but we are living very comfortably. I think oil is more of a curse than blessing to Nigeria, what a shame they can’t even refine the oil in Nigeria but depend on importing refined fuel while exporting our money to their foreign clandestine bank accounts and we kept praising them yet they can’t provide us electricity.

    Science and Technology is the way forward. With steady electricity, Agriculture, commerce and industries are what we need to create more jobs for youths. I have come to realize that Nigeria with this current Unitary government has no future because it can never defeat corruption as we are not one nation and has much differences that makes it difficult to fight corruption, For Example: If an Igboman probe a confirmed corrupt Northerner they will say he is doing it because he is a Northerner and they will fight back but if it is an Igboman probing an Igboman then it will be easier as no one will shout tribalism therefore we better tell ourselves the truth, it is either we restructure to 6 regions where everyone will apply SENSE OF BELONGING and plan together in their region for their future but if the North doesn’t want it then give us BIAFRA to plan for our future and development because oil is dying slowing.

    Nigerian youths your future are in GREAT danger if you doesn’t wake up from deep sleep to challenge your leaders because they are all leading you inside pit toilet.

    In case you don’t know, United Nations is pushing for clean/renewable energy from wind, solar, bioenergy,dam e.t.c and there is new invention for ANY car to use 100% WATER and if the “world government” allow such tech to be used because it is a clean energy that doesn’t pollute carbon to the atmosphere, IF they allow it that will be the death of OIL. Don’t forget UN is pushing to stop using fossil fuel to generate electricity because of the carbon pollution to the atmosphere therefore encouraging clean/renewable energy so that means OIL will be as common as water in the future even now that many countries are discovering oil very soon the price of bringing a barrel of oil from ground will be higher than the price of selling a barrel of oil.

    Let me give you an “expo”: Saudi Arabia is the king in OIL and should be the one to boast and not Nigeria because no matter whatever oil price crash they will still be making profit. WHY? Saudi Arabia spends less than $9 to bring out a barrel of oil from ground before selling while Nigeria spends $27 to $30 to bring a barrel of oil from group, Hmmmm why high cost of the production in Naija? Because of the location of the oil + Naija corruption + Naija slavery to Oyibo…..Oil located in the high sea/deep water/offshore, oil located very deeper in the ground/onshore, oil located almost in the surface of ground/onshore will not cost the same in production therefore Saudi is more favoured followed by Iraq and Dubai while our Naija cost of production is very high which means if a selling price of a barrel of oil crash to $25 then it will be below the production cost of Nigeria Oil and we will be in a big mess while Saudi Arabia will still be making profit of $16 or more.

    Don’t forget USA that used to buy oil are now selling oil thereby making oil surplus in the international market, while China produces big oil and still discovered many untpped oil in the disputed China South sea and with all these oil discoveries the oil is becoming common like water therefore in the future we Nigerians will start drinking our oil while Saudi and Dubai are using their oil money to transform their country so when oil era is over then they will keep doing well but in Nigeria few people steals the oil money and save for their unborn generations in abroad without planning for the future of Nigerians.


    Check out youtube of car using 100% Water:
    I tried but cannot post the youtube link here, Just search google: “HARLO MAYNE Car using water”

  9. permit looove

    u guys can brag about nonsens why? Oya drink oil get sense.pray 4 unity among our bianfran states no,thats y arewas and oduwas confusionist encrave the word nger delta to our mind so dat we fight ourself til d end

    1. Godstime

      my friend if you dont have something to post shut up what is abiafra all about na you go actualize it.

  10. edafe patrick

    God bless Niger delta with oil

  11. lilbird50

    I don’t live in africa but I have it in my blood I come from jamaica

  12. Henshaw Egim

    i am so proud that my lovely state Cross River State is the number 5 oil and gass producer in Nigiria,come to talk of it we have dey most intelligent students!!!!!!!!!

    1. Topson

      Cross River is not an oil producing state. Please confirm from the NDDC website

      1. soph


  13. Nnaji

    I’m proud to be a biafran were the sun rises

  14. Ekikereobong

    That’s the problem i keep aving with niger deltas and biafrans. we hate ourselves even more than the way the hausas hate us. let us start seeing ourselves as one and not “i am proud to abians, imoians, eboyians …”

  15. prince itam

    am proud of the peaceful state where I come from, which is kno order state but Cross River State, the Paradise home where men and women dat are all fully of ideas, knowledge, wisdom living.

  16. prince itam

    am proud am a citizen of Cross River State the of Paradise,where man and women of ideas, and knowledge live

  17. Slim

    To hell with the largest oil producing state in Nigeria. Does dat fetch me a job. Guys, i need a job. ok

  18. Fhigiator felix

    outside my Edo there is no other place i would rather come from…Oba gha tor kpere….ise

  19. Donkash chukas

    I am prd to be ebonyians, rice producing state the salt of the nation God bless africa

  20. chimaroke

    I am proud 2 b Igbo,I am proud 2b Abian.I am happy we Igbo’s don’t depend on oil and gas.we depend more on commerce and industrialization.we Igbo’s are richly blessed with oil and gas in IMO and abia 2 d vast coal mine in Enugu,2 d massive rice plantations in d Ebonyi state,with commerce,industrialisation,and business in Anambra state.it also makes me happy 2knw that our Igbo brothers and sisters in d Niger Delta are even more richly blessed.Ekele diri chuku

  21. gift

    Am 4rm Enugu,,,if we’re to be called biafraians we should lean how to leave like one…you guys post of this nd that why the northerns uses all this resources to develop there place. Using one sleight to rule all this it strength… Just with one word ” UNITY ‘ pls let try nd lean how to leave as one…..USA is where dey are today cos of one understanding.

  22. ify okonkwo

    U people are here wasting ur time insulting each other; why u should support the niger delta avengers and biafra for a better tomorrow. Well… am proud to be abians Gods own state and imosian the heartland of the eastern region.ONE lOVE.. ONE BIAFRA????✌?

  23. Ernest Chukwudi

    am a coal city boy even thou we don’t av oil we still av d most beautiful city in Nigeria we are d centre of Biafra 042 4 lyf

  24. Israel

    I am proud to be a akwa ibomite, becuse it is among the higher oil producing state, but if i may ask is it dat akwa ibom whch oron included is producing oil bt there is no refinare and high unemployment in akwa ibom instead refinare are in north and devolpment?


    Aa ba guy ondo is an oil producing state. (owns by yoruba) d ILAJE THE ONLY YORUBA TRIBE THAT PRODUCE OIL IN ONDO STATE

  26. Rhymzy..

    So proud 2b a Niger-Deltan,so proud 2b a biafran n so proud ma state is one of them oil and gas producing states in Nigeria.. #Abia Mma Mma nu oooo!!!

  27. john ebi

    Bayelsa state produces 80/ pescent of crude oil in nigeria. I’m glad i’m frm bayelsa the glory of all land.

  28. Afangson

    Am proud to come from akwaibom state,,, yet we are facing high profile level of unemployed youth,,,,,,hmm

  29. okenwa igbede

    proudly anmbrairan the light the nation

  30. okenwa igbede

    proudly anambrarian the light of the nation

  31. Asenoguan osas finney

    am proud of d hearbeat of d nation,Edo state is my own,benin by tribe,an oil producing state.my lantern is real

  32. Mayor

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nawao everybody is happy their state is the richest oil or whatever but most people here are jobless and cannot afford 3 square meal, what a paradox. friends u guys should wake up oooh. all those things belong to people in power don’t be deceive. GOD bless Nigeria,

  33. Delta

    Itsekiri we are like Israelite. We need the support of our ibo brothers. #biafra

  34. jimmy

    There is oil in other states

  35. Emyem

    I rep Ebonyi salt of the nation shout out to my incubent governor who is doing well.

  36. Emyem

    I rep salt of the nation Ebonyi State shout out to my incubent governor who is doing well

  37. olatayo

    all is well we are all NIGERIANS

    1. Delta

      Gerraway lost yoruba guy.
      Because of oil you are coming to talk. When biafra happens you will have only lagos to eat from. Nonsense.
      We are talking about Niger delta you from nowhere and mentioning nigeria.

      1. Paul Friday ogaga

        Pls people of the Ibo land wat is wrong nw is understand with the delta ssg. Ur comment alone is annoying if Dat comment continue I don’t think we will ever agree with the biafra state that you want bcus Dat was d same way ojukwu rain was manipulated OK tru the same Niger deltas so if you people dnt want a repeat of the same thing meat the elders of delta state not the so called politicians there pls we are not fool by nobody and will never be fool by anybody bcus wat ever we say we want we get it no matter what dat is y d deltas stands as the big heart we bear the pains of everyone so biafrans don’t make the same mistake twice with the mindset u use in ur comment bcus 3 state is the Niger delta not 9.politicians make it 9 because of today they know what to come So please is Nigeria or biafra so be wise. We are the Goguryeo here Dat can never be conquered (Israelite)

  38. Josef Ntukidem

    Am proud to be an akwa ibomite

  39. Osas

    So proud to be an EDO,,,,Benin city stand up,,The heart beat of d nation

  40. Osas

    Proud to be an Edo man Heart beat of the nation,,,Benin Stand up

  41. Mathias Godwin Udoh

    proudly Akwa-Ibomite. The land of promise. God bless Akwa-Ibom!

  42. Godstime

    Am pround to be imo state the easter heartland

  43. Joel Odilichukwu

    kudos, my beloved state, the light of the nation!

  44. jackson ofonime

    I am proud to be akwa ibomite
    The land of promise
    God bless akwa ibom
    God bless Nigeria

  45. wilfred Emeza

    am so proud to be from delta state the heartbeat of the nation., will be a governor some day. wilfred 007

  46. Engr Mrs Enoh

    Whether your state is number one or last in oil producing …the major issue is that God should touch our leaders to utilise the resources well….Am proud to be a Crossiverian

  47. Grant

    God gave Every land resource. Don’t hate others because we all were born and saw those natural endowments. Lord thank you for it is You. We are minority but majority look on us, we are Niger Deltans. O lord cause our gift to benefit the Land… Amen. I rep Rivers state, by His Grace.

  48. churchill ugobueze

    There is a different b/w highest nd richest producing states, I am very proud to be a citizen of Delta state the big heart,the most richest crude oil producers in west Africa as a whole located in the area of Ndokwa east (Okpai). God bless delta state, bless Nigeria nd every living in it.

  49. Dasamek4

    Nonsense, I am an Anambrarian, the oil in south is a curse to them, no development, planning, standard facilities etc lets be futuristic and wise, lets embrace commerce and industry,science and technology, farming and native craft for a better region. Proudly from Nnewi

    1. Delta

      Get lost stupid anambra guy
      Your state, why can’t they be like beautiful ada owerri?
      okija shrine and ritual killers.
      Shame on you boooo
      Imo is the real ibo state!

      1. Johny

        My brother you got it wrong, let’s work hard & not depend in oil

        1. AMY LEE

          You are purely jealous just because you are from what id called “Dry land” of nigeria

  50. O. M. James

    Yes oh! Proudly an Akwa Ibomite. We’re blessed in all ramifications. Not just the largest oil and gas producing state, it outpaces other benchmarks to conform with international standard. The rate at which the state grow and the ever increasing quest to put in place quality assurance, tendencies have been tremendously impressive such that the state have already become an envied channel by many of our contemporaries around town. This to us isn’t necessarily all of our making, but to our understanding and utmost conviction, the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. If you doubt, then pay a cordial visit to our dear state. We’re poise toward an emblem of honour in fostering of classical laurels.

    King Virtue @ Facebook

  51. O. M. James

    Yes oh! Proudly an Akwa Ibomite. We’re blessed in all ramifications. Not just the largest oil and gas producing state, it outpaces other benchmarks to conform with international standard. The rate at which the state grow and the ever increasing quest to put in place quality assurance, tendencies have been tremendously impressive such that the state have already become an envied channel by many of our contemporaries around town. This to us isn’t necessarily all of our making, but to our understanding and utmost conviction, the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. If you doubt, then pay a cordial visit to our dear state. We’re poise toward an emblem of honour in fostering of classical laurels.

    King Virtue @ Facebook

  52. Emma udoh

    am proud to be from Niger delta region

  53. Emma udoh

    am proud to be an Akwa Ibomite despite being in BAUCHI state

  54. Emmanuel

    i luv to be an Akwa Ibomite

  55. Emmanuel


  56. brendanchilion


  57. Stanley John

    God bless Niger Delta…Nigeria IJN-AMEN…PROUDLY AN AKWA IBOMITE…

  58. Uchechukwu12

    Im so proud that Owerri is the one of the oil producing city in biafra land may god bless biafra in the name of chukwuokike abiama iseeee

    1. thankgod

      We pray dat God should rule our leaders and change there hearts towards utilizing the common resources for the betterment of the masses-Treasure base of the nation

    2. Delta

      Amen. I am from Niger delta and. I know the yorubas and northerners when it comes down to it all, they do not like all of us who tie wrapper. Lol
      I support biafra

  59. Mofe

    Itsekiris are are a people filled with tribalism and pride. Forgetting that they do truly do not have a place call home. Everything they own is borrowed and might be taken from them someday.

    1. Delta

      You are such a big f@@l for that comment.
      We have a home in delta and nothing will be taken from us
      Ijaws and urhobos are the tribalists.
      You must be one of those idiotic itsekiri men.
      Akpa jigi

  60. Esimaje

    Am so proud of delta is the big heart of the nation and warri is the heart of delta waffi one luv nd one luv nigeria

    1. Austin john

      Yes i am proud to be a deita man nd deita is d best ever because we are very rich. niger deita warri, is a state where Nigerian are getting oil money, plz we should make niger deita warri d capital of Nigerian

  61. akanimo umoh

    Am so proud to be an akwa ibomite. the number one oil producing state in nigeria

  62. Emeka

    Akwaibom has oil, without refinery, all revenue invain. Delta and Ph is so blessed. I’m serving my Nysc in Delta, God bless the land. Thanks!

    1. Aztec

      “Am serving my NYSC in delta”… A typical Nigeria half baked graduate.. Atleast we don’t have a refinery that’s not working..

  63. Nelson chris

    Wow am so so hapi dat my state Akwa Ibom is d highest oil producing state in nigeria GOD bless Akwa Ibom land of fulfilment GOD bless Nigeria. AKWA IBOM neguneg

  64. onyekachi

    am so happy my state is one of the oil producing states.

  65. Alex Eyo

    ‘Akwa Ibom State is the land of promise’, which blessed by God has he did for Abraham in the Bible, the richest oil producing state in Nigeria entirely, on that reason am so proud to be an Akwa Ibomite….

  66. Aniekeme Elijah

    Im proud of south-south region, the niger deltans and most especially im proud of my state Akwa Ibom for leading the group.all glory to God Almighty.

  67. ntiense

    akwa ibom is the promise land in nigeria so it’s the higest oil and gas producing state in nigeria and it’s the highest paid state in nigeria with the some 9.1 billion every week God bless akwa ibom God bless nigeria

    1. marvelous carl

      am a crossverian am proud of my state we dnt depend on oil.

  68. esimaje

    i m so proud about itsekiri in delta state forget that they are single but they have level to own warri city iwerre itsekiri are peace maker

  69. omagbemi

    they own the 3 warri lga in delta state

  70. omagbemi

    i am so proud that itsekiri is the only single tribe in nigeria with yhe higest crude oil to the nations

  71. francis onyiotusi

    Onyiotusi family is also one of the oil producing family.

  72. francis onyiotusi

    Am so proud that my state is num one of the oil producing state nig

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