Brazil Visa Requirements for Nigerians


A trip to Brazil could be that well-deserved vacation you seriously need, however, the bustling country is known for more than its superb beaches, extravagant carnival, and magnificent waterfalls. You could go to study in Brazil as a student or set up a business in a Latin country. For whichever reason you want to take that trip to Brazil, you will need a Brazil visa to be provided unrestricted access to the country.

Right here, we have all the Brazil visa requirements for Nigerians and the right steps to follow to get your visa application approved.

Brazil Visa Requirements for Nigerians

Brazil Visa Requirements for Nigerians

  1. An international passport: Your international passport should be valid for six months by the time your visa is approved and you travel to Brazil.
  2. Two passport photographs: Two identical passport photographs featuring a white backdrop are needed.
  3. A completed visa application form: Complete the visa application form. After completing the form, sign it and submit it online. Once submitted, you can go ahead to upload the necessary documents.
  4. A visa application form to be submitted at the Consulate General of Brazil: Print out the empty visa application form, complete the form and sign the document. This application form should be forwarded to the Consulate General of Brazil in Nigeria.
  5. A letter of invitation: If you’re going to Brazil for a visit or business visa, you will need a letter of invitation from your host. The invitation letter should specifically explain the reason for your visit to Brazil, what you will be doing when you will arrive and depart, and the contact information of your host.
  6. A recent bank statement: Your bank statement should be not less than 6 months and show that you can financially support yourself for the period of your stay in Brazil. If you have a sponsor in Brazil, you will have to provide:
  • An invitation letter from your sponsor
  • Their recent account statement
  1. Flight reservation: You might have to provide a flight itinerary that shows when you will enter and exit Brazil.
  2. Hotel reservation: This document might not be required but if so, it should show that you have made plans for your accommodation for the period that you will reside in Brazil.

How to Apply For a Brazil Visa in Nigeria

Whether you’re going for a tourist, student, or business visa, you can follow the steps below

Get all the necessary documents

You might need a letter of invitation if you wish to apply for a certain type of Brazil visa and this letter will have to be included in your documents when you submit for assessment. You will need the acceptance letter as well as other documents depending on the requirements. You can scan the documents you will need and also, make a copy of each document as they will be required at the Consulate General of Brazil.

Fill and complete both visa application forms

The Brazil visa application comes in two forms. One can be done online which will require your basic information. The other will have to be downloaded, printed, and fill manually.

Pay the visa fee

Each visa, tourist, business, or visit carries its own fee which is subject to change. Pay the visa fee to the right banking details before booking an appointment at the Consulate General of Brazil in Lagos

Book a visa appointment

With the necessary documents, you can contact the Consulate General of Brazil in Lagos to book an appointment date when you will make a visit and submit the documents.

Submit the documents

You could either go for the visa appointment and drop your application for assessment, get an agent to handle the process for you, or send your documents to the Consulate General of Brazil using a courier service. The latter is not recommended.

Wait to receive a review of your visa application

The review of the visa application at the Consulate General of Brazil will take up to 21 working days. When the result is ready, you can go and pick up your documents at the Consulate General of Brazil.

Things to Do When You Get to Brazil

If you’re going to Brazil for some sightseeing and vacation, here are some fun things to engage in

Visit the Sand Dunes in Natal

Northeastern Brazil though considered the poorer region of the country is home to huge areas of sand dunes. You will find these in the small city of Natal where you can enjoy the best of the culture and have fun in the sand.

Wander the Street of Salvador

With the looks of a vibrant cartoon city, the city of Salvador is one of the favorite places for tourists to visit in Brazil. The culturally rich city offers many pre-carnival celebrations in the form of art, dance, food, and music that will have you extending your stay.

Take a tan in the Beaches of Florianopolis

The city of Florianopolis is one of the best coastal cities to spend your vacation in Brazil. There are over 40 beaches in this city so you will never find yourself too far away from the beach.

Take a Trip to the Amazon Jungle

Brazil is famous for many things and one of them is the Amazon Jungle. Within the jungle is the city of Manaus where you will find a huge range of tours that will give you a full view of the jungle as well as the Amazon Rainforest.

Check out the Trendy City of Sao Paulo

A visit to Brazil is never complete without a tour of Brazil’s largest city. The city is filled with nightclubs, restaurants, and a never-ending array of street art. If you want to experience Brazilian culture to its fullest, Sao Paulo should give you your fill.


What is the official language in Brazil?

The official language of the Brazilian peoples is Portuguese

What is the Brazil embassy address in Nigeria?

  • Lagos: Plot 257, Kofo Abayomi Street Victoria Island
  • O.Box 72802 – Lagos, Nigeria
  • Telephone Number : +234 1 271 0351
  • Email:

What is the Brazil Visa fee?

The Brazil visa fee changes from time to time but should always cost less than US$100 for every visa type


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