How to Apply for Dubai Visa from Nigeria

Nigerians love Dubai! Many people from Nigeria have Dubai as their no.1 holiday destination. So, if you live here and are wondering how to get a Dubai visa from Nigeria, the following information will guide you on how to do it.

Do Nigerians Qualify for Visa on Arrival?

No, Nigerians do not qualify for a Dubai visa on arrival and will need to get a visa in advance to holiday in Dubai. But the good news is that Nigerians qualify for a 60-day visa, meaning they can stay in Dubai for a maximum period of 2 months. This visa is valid for a period of 58 days after it has been issued, meaning, you can enter Dubai during this period after the visa has been issued but no later than 14 days before the end of your visa.

Documents Required 

The following are the Dubai visa requirements for Nigerian citizens in regard to documentation:

Passport – You need to have a valid passport that has a validity of more than 6 months. If the validity is less, get your passport renewed or else your visa will not come through. This 6-month period prevents you from getting stuck in a foreign country. Also, ensure your passport is in good condition and has a few blank pages.

Passport Pictures – You need to have passport pictures against a plain white background where most of your face is visible. This picture needs to have been taken in the last 3 months. Any older pictures will result in your visa application getting rejected.

ID Card – You will require to furnish an official ID card which is considered by the Nigerian government as official. While applying for the visa, you will have to submit a photocopy of this ID card.

Visa Application Form – You will find a form online on the Dubai Immigration department’s official website. You need to download this application form, fill it with the correct information, and submit it along with the documents to get your visa.

Return Tickets & Itinerary – You need to furnish a copy of your return tickets which proves that you have an intention to return. You can also attach a copy of your holiday itinerary if you are going through an official touring company.

Financial Status – You will need to attach copies of your bank statement which shows that you have the financial soundness to afford this holiday and can stay in a hotel and buy return tickets in case you miss your return flight. Although this scenario rarely ever happens.

Health Insurance – In these uncertain times when the world is still trying to emerge from a pandemic, it has become compulsory to buy travel health insurance. So, to get a Dubai visa, you will need this as well.

Leave Letter (For Tourists) – If you are a tourist and are employed, you need to submit a letter by your employer that states the number of days you are granted leave and when you will return. If you have your own business, you can submit the official documents of your business and tax documents.

Invitation Letter (For Visiting Friends & Family) – If you are being invited by a friend or family staying in the UAE, you will need to submit an official invitation letter containing their UAE residency details and UAE passport information.

Visa Fees – You will require to pay visa fees which is a processing fee. Once paid, this fee will not be refunded even if you do not get a visa, so make sure all your documents are accurate for your visa to come through.


If you are applying for your visa online, you will need to take photocopies or scans of all your documents and attach them to your visa application form while submitting. If you are getting your visa from the UAE consulate in Lagos, submit your documents there and get your interview dates.

COVID-related Documents 

The UAE is mostly vaccinated and expects tourists also to be vaccinated. Here are some COVID-related documents you need to have:

  • You need a vaccine certificate showing that you are fully vaccinated.
  • You will need an RT PCR test result showing negative test results of a test that has been taken within 48 hours of your travel.

Other Important Information 

  • A Dubai visa for Nigeriansis easy to get if you are only trying to get a tourist visa that is not for a long period.
  • Visas that require you to stay for a long time in the UAE are a lot more difficult to get and you need to have a strong job position or a well-established business.

Follow the above instructions and you will get your visa. But now you might be wondering how much is Dubai visa for Nigeria costs, but it’s not that high. It can range from ₦30,000 to ₦154,000 depending on the type of visa. You can also use the services of professional visa companies to get your visa and make your Dubai trip happen.

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