How to Arrange Travels as a Student


Student years are the brightest time in life. Interesting acquaintances, intense emotions, new impressions help him to become truly interesting and rich. A great way to get it all is to travel.

Simple Ways to Organize Travelling for Students

Don’t be afraid of a limited budget: trips for students can be exciting and without high costs. Thanks to our tips, you can regularly discover new cities and countries with a minimum of costs.

#1 – A Tour by an Agency

The easiest way to see the world is to buy a tour of a particular company. The travel agent organizes a trip that will suit you: select the appropriate route, book hotels, and arrange excursions in advance. But to save on such a vacation is problematic: most travel companies do not offer discounts for students, so you have to rest at full cost.

It is much cheaper (and more interesting) to organize a trip yourself. To do this, choose where you want to go and take care of some points. If you plan to travel but worry about your assignments, there is also a solution – just ask PapersOwl write my literature review, and you will be fine. And literature reviews are not the only assignments PapersOwl can handle. Be it an essay, research paper, or even a thesis, the company will help you deliver an impeccable written paper by the specified deadline. So, no urgent assignment will get in the way of your dreams coming true.

Still, if travelling with a travel agency is not an option for you, you may try and explore the world on your own. In fact, travelling has never been so easy. Nowadays, when you’re free to choose any mode of transportation based on your preference and budget you can embark on the journey of your life whenever you want. And speaking of budget… Being on a shoestring budget (which is a commonplace in college) shouldn’t prevent you from fascinating travels and exciting adventures on holidays, another great choice for holidays has to be Magaluf as it’s a wonderful area with so much fun to be had. Go on reading our article to get to know how to travel overseas without going broke.

#2 – The Tips on How to Travel Cheap

A few tips that will facilitate an independent trip: we suggest what you can save on without loss of comfort.

Overnight stay. Popular cities for tourists have a wide variety of hotels, and you do not have to book rooms in branches of popular chains like Hilton. Small hotels or budget b & b can be quite convenient, especially if there is a desire to travel cheaper in Europe. Perhaps in such places, they do not always give a “free” breakfast, which is cleverly included in the price.

Typically, budget hotels are located away from the city center. Therefore, if you want to save on travel, you probably have to use transport to get to the main attractions. This should be taken as a fantastic adventure and immersion in the life of residents. However, there is always a chance to “catch” a special offer from hotels or b & b located in the center, especially if you book in advance. Many resources allow you to make a reservation with the ability to cancel it later, without loss of funds.

You can book a room at a budget hotel, hostel, or use services such as Airbnb and negotiate directly with the host. Some people let guests in for free. Such accommodation is a great way not only to get a roof over your head but also to get to know the indigenous people.

Moving. You can save significantly by abandoning planes and international trains. To get to the place and at the same time, save money will help buses and domestic trains. Hitchhiking, too, has not been canceled: this is an excellent way for a student to travel for free. Just be careful not to get into the car if the driver is not trustworthy. You may also want to rely on apps and reputable websites that help travelers plan their itinerary, find the safest route, lifts, beds, and travel companions.

Food. If you are not going to spend a lot of money, bypass the advertised places. Ask the locals and listen to their recommendations: they know exactly where to dine tasty, atmospheric, and inexpensive.

#3 – Save on Museum Tickets

Paid attractions, entrance fees to museums, galleries, etc., occupy a particular share of expenses. You also often have to pay to enter national parks or pass along the tourist route. But there are certain tricks here:

  • Paid hiking trails can get around. Usually, there are a lot of paths in nature, while the box office is only one. Bypassing the tourist road, you can save some money. Look for the ways adjacent to the ticket office or go far from there. Nobody checks the tickets inside, and a healthy walk through the forest is not subject to a fine.
  • Tourists from afar and in unexpected clothes can pass without tickets. This especially happens in national parks and tourist routes. You can wear a national costume and talk about your long journey. Some guards easily allowed into the park to put up a tent there and spend the night. The main thing is to be polite and try to agree.
  • In some cases, travelers reduce the cost of entry, which is also good.
  • You can visit libraries and check for books that you need for your literature review for dissertation.

#4 – Always Make Plans Before Your Trip

This simple rule will save you more time, money, and nerves than you might think. Make a list of the significant expenses you plan to make while preparing for the trip. Arrange them in ascending order and methodically deal with planned purchases as early as possible. Most likely, the most expensive item will be a flight. By the way, you may also take advantage of student travel discounts. Find out if your higher education institution cooperate with the airlines to get its students discounted flights. It can be a great opportunity to see the world without spending a fortune on airfares.

It’s better not to put off buying tickets: the sooner you purchase them, the cheaper they will cost. In general, no matter what happens, by the time you leave, you will probably have time to get tickets, housing, and visas, so you have to find the money for pocket expenses.


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