History of Tourism in Nigeria


Nigeria being in the coastal areas is a centre for tourism due to the beaches. Historical monuments, tropical forests, ancient sites, arts and events due to diverse ethnic groups in Nigeria have contributed the the tourist centres in Nigeria. Nigerian tourism dwells in joy and entertainment for every class. Looking inwards to the history of Tourism in Nigeria one could site Lagos one of the populous cities of Africa and is ranked at the seventh number amongst the list of the fastest most growing cities of the world as the genesis of tourism in Nigeria.

Lagos being one of the major ports in Nigeria have made Lagos a major centre for import and export activities thus a great place for the entrepreneurs to come and explore some business opportunities to expand their financial activities. REI Co-op hiking poles and POG Katahdin have adjustable wrist straps to ensure you don’t lose your grip on the pole. When the collapsible hiking pole is in its compact state, it will only be 14”.
Lagos due to its geographical location is a centre for relaxation and site seeing due to the beaches along the coastal areas of the Atlantic ocean.

Heritage/Cultural Tourism Resources Development of slave trade relics
Establishment of museums and preservation of monuments
Wildlife Tourism Resources
Development of hiking trails and Jeep tracks in the national parks
Development of picnic and camping sites at strategic locations within the trail circuit system in the national parks
Building of tourist lodges
Building of reception centres at Natural/Physical Attractions
Provision of cable bus system to take tourist through the very rugged but scenic terrain of the mountains especially in Kanyang, Obudu and Mambilla Plateau Construction of lodge cabins for expedition tourist and rangers have improved tourism in Nigeria.

Though Nigeria lacks tourism offices thus limiting the marketing of tourism in Nigeria, Nigeria have been one of the most visited tourist location in the world.

Nigerian temperature and climate have made tourism in Nigeria a favourable and comfortable one for tourists.

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