7 Best Transport Companies in Nigeria

In a place like Nigeria, with bad road networks, it is important that you choose the transport company you travel with, with care for the best travel experience. This article highlights the top road transport companies available in Nigeria.

There are many transport companies available in Nigeria which has then increased competition among road transport companies. It has also led to a rise in standards as these companies aim to maximally satisfy their customers. This is seen in the standard vehicles, internal conditions of the cars, such as the availability of air conditioners, televisions, comfortable settees, and well-organized terminals of these companies. The road transport companies in Nigeria have different operations (inter-state or national) and destinations. Some also offer haulage and logistics services. Below are the 7 best road transport companies in Nigeria, their location, and coverage.

7 Best Transport Companies in Nigeria

GIGM (God is Good Motors)

God Is Good Motors is arguably the biggest road transport company in Nigeria. Its headquarters is located in Benin. However, it has major terminals and operates in over 10 states in the country.

God Is Good Motors is a privately-owned transport company founded in 1998. The brand started under the name ‘God is Good Motors’ but was later rebranded to GIGM.com. The company is loved by its customers for its well-built terminals that provide better customer services and experience. GIGM also uses luxurious and comfortable buses such as the Toyota Hiace, Mercedes Benz sprinters and jet movers. The company also has a functional online booking system where you can book your trips easily and from the comforts of your home. Lastly, GIGM offers its services both within and outside the country. They offer tour services for passengers who want to take road trips to neighboring countries.

ABC Transport

The ABC Transport company was established in 1993 and has grown under one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria. Its headquarters is located in Imo State, Nigeria. The company has won awards such as the national bus operator awards. It also has credible commendations from its customers. ABC Transport uses large luxurious buses to transport its passengers within the country. It also offers tour services to neighboring countries such as Ghana, Togo and Benin Republic. ABC Transport also provides haulage and logistics services by delivering packages in the country. The company also has a functional online booking system so you can book your trip on their website to save yourself the stress and hassle of lining up in queues. ABC Transport has its headquarters is located in Owerri, Imo state, and operates in over 10 states in the country.

Chisco Transport Company

Chisco Transport Company was founded in 1978, which makes it one of the oldest transport companies in Nigeria. It is privately owned by Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu. Chisco Transport was originally designed to transport passengers to and from eastern Nigeria but has expanded its operation to almost all states in the country. Chisco runs a functional online booking service platform so you can book your trip easily from home. The company also runs tour services to other West African countries. Given the company’s wealth of experience, it has won the trust of customers and is a preferred transport company in Nigeria. Chisco Transport Company has its head office in Surulere, Lagos State.

Young Shall Grow Motors Ltd.

Young Shall Grow was established in 1972 which makes it one of the oldest transport companies in Nigeria. It is a privately owned company founded in 1972 in Eastern Nigeria. The company started its operations from Enugu to Onitsha as a mini-bus operator. The company has expanded from having 2 cars to a fleet of over 40 buses. Young Shall Grow has a reputation for providing comfort and luxury at very affordable rates. The company also has an online booking system on its website. You can also book physically at the bus terminal. Its Head office is located at Mazamaza, old Ojo road, Lagos state.

GUO Transport

The GUO Transport Company covers over 10 states in the country. It is considered one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria. The company began operations in 2001 but has terminals across various states including Abia, Bauchi, Lagos, Akwa Ibom, Borno and cross river states. It provides comfortable and luxurious buses and customer-friendly services. GUO Transport also provides charter services, haulage, logistics and hoteling. The company has hotels, built in their terminals for passengers who need a place to stay in cases of late arrivals. GUO Transport provides interstate and intercity transportation services to more than 200 destinations in Nigeria and in West Africa. The company’s head office is located in Yaba, Lagos state.

Peace Mass transit

Peace Mass Transit is one of the most affordable transport companies in Nigeria. The company was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters in Enugu state. You can book your trip online via the company’s website or other third-party sites.  They offer services across major states in the Eastern part of the country. The brand is popular for its moderate pricing system while delivering quality services via luxurious and comfortable buses. Peace Mass Transit also does not joke with their passenger’s safety as their buses are equipped with speed limiters and their drivers must not exceed 120km/hour.

Ifesinachi Transport

Ifesinachi Transport provides transport services in major cities in Nigeria. It also takes passengers to other neighboring West African countries. Ifesinachi provides warehousing, haulage and courier services. Its terminals also have a lounge for customers. Its head office is located at Onitsha-Enugu expressway, Onitsha. The company offers its quality services at affordable rates. Just like others, it has a functional online booking platform, which you can book your trip from the comfort of your house.

Common characteristics of these companies are comfortable and luxurious buses, terminals, safety guidelines as well as top-notch customer services. When deciding on which transport company to use, you can also consider their prices as well as their history of safety.



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