Nigeria CRB Form: How to Get Yours

The Criminal Records Bureau’s criminal record check is something important in Nigeria. If you want to apply for a job, you may probably be asked to apply for the CRB check with the Nigeria police. Most agencies make this process relatively straightforward and provide you with all the information you need.

However, if you are a new employee or are haven’t applied for the check before, it can be quite confusing. It may especially be a pain if you are attempting to get a CRB check without the help of the particular company that you are applying for the work.

This information below will open your eyes on how to apply for one.

How to Apply for a CRB Check in Nigeria

The first thing to know about applying for a CRB check in Nigeria is that individuals cannot directly request a check from the Nigeria police force. You must obtain and submit an application form through the organization with which you are applying for work.

The employer or agency you are working for should provide you with a CRB check application and they will also over look the processing with the Nigeria police. If they are not a registered body themselves, they usually work with a company that is.

If the company you are applying to is not willing to help you with your CRB form then they are pushing the burden onto your shoulders and perhaps you should ask why. If they still insist on not helping out, you will have to get it done by yourself.

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