How to Join QNET in Nigeria

You might have heard about how Independent Representatives of QNET earn income and enjoy incentives by promoting the goods and services of QNET. With income from retail profit, step commissions, rank maintenance bonuses, and year round-incentives, it’s no wonder your interest is piqued. In this article, we will tell you how to join QNET. We will also provide additional information to help you calculate and understand the risk and business potential before deciding to join QNET.

 How to Join QNET in Nigeria

How to join QNET in Nigeria would be discussed below: 

  • What is QNET and How Does the Business Work?  

Before you decide to join QNET, we think you would want to know what QNET is and how the business works. This information will help you gauge if the QNET business is suitable for you or not. 

QNET is a direct-selling company that’s a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based QI Group. The company now has offices and agencies in over countries, including Nigeria. QNET focuses on offering a range of products in the areas of health, wellness, lifestyle, and education. These products are geared toward helping people live healthily and improve their lifestyles and livelihood, according to the company’s website. 

As a direct selling company, the products offered by QNET aren’t available in malls or departmental stores. Instead, the company relies on its Independent Representatives to promote the different products to people directly through word-of-mouth referrals and other marketing efforts. When a customer eventually buys the product as a result of the marketing efforts of the Independent Representative, the IR will earn commissions in line with the company’s compensation plan. 

  • How to Join QNET in Nigeria

If you believe you have what it takes to convince people to purchase the products of QNET, then joining QNET can be a great way to earn additional income. Remember, the only way you make money with QNET is to refer people to get the products offered by the company. 

But put in mind that to join QNET as an Independent Representative, you can do so by signing up on the e-commerce company using the ID number of an existing Independent Representative of QNET. So, have the referrer ID handy before proceeding to sign up on the e-commerce portal of QNET. 

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to join QNET in Nigeria: 

  • Visit the QNET e-commerce portal at
  • On the homepage of the e-commerce portal, navigate to “Enroll” at the near-bottom of the homepage. (Alternatively, visit 
  • On the Referrer Information page that opens, supply the ID number of your referrer in the field provided for that number. Then, select Nigeria as the country you live in. Choose if you are enrolling as an ”Individual” or as ”A Company”. Click Next.
  •  On the next page, which is the Personal Information page, provide the required details about yourself in the respective spaces provided for them. Click Next when you confirm all the details you supplied are correct. 
  • On the Placement Information page that opens, fill in the required information and press Next. 
  • The next web page that will open is the Membership Option page. Choose the membership package you want to go for and supply every other information required. Then, press Next. Note, you’ll see the amount of each membership option that’s available on the portal. 
  • After you’ve selected your preferred membership package, the next page is the Payment Options page. Select the payment option that best suits you and proceed to the next step of registration. 
  • Make the payment on the Payment page. Then, proceed by clicking Next.  
  • On the Receipt page that opens, you’ll see your receipt for the payment you made.

Upon completion of this process we outlined above, you can now go ahead and promote QNET’s goods for people to buy so you can earn commissions. 

  • How to Make Money on QNET in Nigeria 

Across the world today, approximately 100 million people engage in the direct selling industry, both in full-time and part-time capabilities. Direct selling is, however, not a walk in the park. It requires time and effort, as well as dedication to be successful. 

You would want to attend seminars organized by other Independent Representatives of QNET with a wealth of experience in direct selling to learn the ropes. Moreover, the company holds training programs and business development sessions for customers, so you may want to be in such gatherings to get potential leads who show interest in QNET. 

Now armed with the skills to engage in direct marketing, you can use whatever ethical marketing strategy at your disposal to reach out to potential customers. You can also conduct seminars to talk to interested people who show interest in QNET. Social media and the internet also provide ample medium to reach people that would want the products of QNET. 

When you eventually convince someone to join QNET or buy the products for their use, you would give that person your unique QNET identification number. This unique number would be used when the person you refer wants to sign up on QNET. It is only through this way would you earn the commissions.

  • What are the Different Ways to Earn on QNET in Nigeria?  

We believe that at this point, you know that you can only earn income from QNET when you refer people to buy their products on the QNET e-commerce portal by using your unique ID number. 

Now let’s explore the different ways you earn when you refer people to purchase products on the QNET e-commerce portal using your unique ID number. Let’s check them out below: 

  • Retail profit is the type of commission you earn on QNET. It is the difference between the retail price of QNET’s products and your discounted price as an Independent Representative. 
  • Step Commission is another commission IRs of QNET earn. This is the weekly sales commission gotten from the sales you and your team generate (your team is you and those you convinced to become IRs of QNET)
  • Others include Monthly Rank, Rank Maintenance Bonuses, and year-round incentives. 


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