Dr Deji Adeleke (Davido’s Father): Net Worth


Anytime Davido says he’s an OBO, he means he’s an “Omo Baba Olowo” which is translated in English as “The Son of a Wealthy Man”. It definitely raises the question: Who is Davido’s father that he hypes him so much? And just how rich could this man be for the song that brought Davido to limelight to still be about him?” Well, let’s climb Davido’s family tree just a little higher to his father.

Dr Deji Adeleke, also called Elder Deji Adeleke was born on March 6, 1957 in Enugu. He’s a Yoruba man from Ede in Osun State; a state in the South-western part of Nigeria. He’s a father, a prolific businessman, and an investor. He used to be married to Dr Vero Adeleke who passed away in the year 2003. The couple’s union produced two children, a son – David “Davido” Adeleke (The superstar musician) and a daughter – Sharon.

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Dr Deji Adeleke is the Pro Chancellor and partnering founder of Adeleke University in Ede, Osun state. He’s also the CEO of Pacific Holdings Limited, a company which specializes in investing in various sectors across the country.

Davido’s father is a disciplinarian, a devout Christian and a philanthropist. Two years ago, he built a multi-million naira church building for his – Seventh Day Adventist Church. He also donated a hall to Babcock University, the university Davido graduated from. As a disciplinarian, he restricted Davido from dropping out of school without obtaining his Bsc certificate even after his superstar status as a musician.

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The Adeleke family has always been a family of millionaires and a few billionaires; no wonder Dr Deji Adeleke is one of the most successful businessmen in Nigeria. His own father was Chief Adebayo Adeleke, who was the brain behind the prestigious Banana Island in Lagos. He created the plan with the aim of “making Nigeria proud” and truly, the reality of his dream hasn’t fallen overly far short off the path as a spectacle for both local and foreign Real Estate Investors.

Dr Deji Adeleke, who is the younger brother of former Osun state governor, Isiaka Adeleke has an Estimated Net Worth of $700 Million.

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    Dr. Adeleke is a great man. By investing in the country and building human capital and creating great opportunities and jobs for millions of people. I wish others should learn.

  2. Adeleke Emmanuel

    Hmm! i don’t even no what to say. bro david i rep you .

  3. Rufai Adebayo Saoban

    Although we Are always making proud of Dr Demi Adeleke in our state of Osun and his families as well,the only wish for him is long life and good healthy

  4. Joel Ihiale

    I luv Davido for one reason, why bcos is not a lazy guy like other rich children, late Chukwuemeka Ojuku worked,Late Fela for his own time of life,Davido stood up n make his own by his effort, dats why I luv him, n his a man of d ppl,I don’t like those who rely on their parents wealth, he discover his talent n follow it.

  5. DEJI

    My Dad was the late Senator Ayola Raji Adeleke and NOT Adebayo Adeleke. My Father was never involve with any Banana Island development. Please correct.

    1. ojekunle Felix

      Deji I don’t mind if u would b a blessing to me in life.

  6. David F

    Wish u lng lyf 2 ya Dad,ya sis nd u may u liv 2 see yr own children as dey exploit in d whole world luv u Davido hrt u much

  7. jaguar li

    I wish I can get the chance to sing along side davido in the same industry. One love OBO.

  8. emmanuel adex

    I Cherish u obo

  9. its always rewarding when you give.

  10. olasile

    obo badest

  11. Tobiloba funsho

    Mr Adeleke I need your help

  12. prince sammy

    u mumu oooh person get 700000000$ u talk say seem sey call am billionaire ..ur generation no fit gather that money for 10000years money worth more than 250000000000….
    calculate ooooh if u no go school

    1. Fado

      Bros ye. Na fight. Forgive am now

    2. Charlie

      U sef mumu only adeleke uni worth more than $700 u think that man will carry all his money and put for u to see?ok he no buy private jet for he son?howmuch be private jet?that man is not a politician fa

  13. James o

    Just 700 million dollars and they call him billionaire. crazy

  14. abdulwasiu Ridwan

    I will be very glad to Davido’s father known as Mr Deji Adeleke

  15. Eluwa Jeremiah

    I will be happy if i get 2 meet your

  16. Akin joe

    Dr. Adeleke God bless you for your kindness by creating job for the people of Ede and environs the school has brought employment to the area. some greedy milliners will go outside to establish it thereby creating jobs for other countries.

  17. samson oyelakin

    i wish i see davido with my physical eye.
    I cherish him a lot.

  18. Tanko Azi

    ok. regards

  19. Tanko Azi

    The establishment of a prestigious University says it all. thank you Adeleke.

  20. oloke morenikeji

    God continue to bless you and your family Dr adeleke, may you live long #sir love you OBO davido

  21. Mr P.

    adeleke!! you are tooo much!

  22. Ishola Kazeem

    The source of Dr. Deji’s wealth is his benevolence.
    -Dr. Zacheus Adedayo Babarinde.

  23. abiola opeyemi

    I love David I wish I could see him or talk to him OBO that’s my man

  24. toheeb

    Davido is best!

  25. Mr Clem

    Wat a blessed family from grand father to fathers to grandsons.

  26. Akinrinwa idowu

    God bless davido

  27. kefas

    many you live long ma boss #obo @i’m kezor

  28. kefas

    many you leave long ma boss obo

  29. Ogbeni moses

    All is well with davido

  30. Ogbeni moses

    Mr deji once suffer but nw god has raised him up god bless davido (obo)

  31. ayode dhips olakunle

    god continue bless you Dr adeleke you have money you using in good way god continue bless you your bless shall not end

  32. Deevick

    Mine is on the way

  33. Zara cent

    Davido pls I want to be ur PA


    richest wealthy money Elder Dr Adedeji Adeleke
    A worthy philanthropist of our time

  35. anonymous

    Money comes to those who has the power to handle it. #Myview

  36. Anifowose Qoaseem Omotayo

    It’s a very big Blessing for dr deji adeleke,always give thanks AlmightyGod

    For he done for you.

  37. i will be very glad to davido’s father known as mr Deji Adeleke

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