E-Money’s Wife: All You Need To Know

Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, is an entrepreneur with vested interests in various ventures such as oil and gas, music entertainment business, real estate, shipping services, and others. He is a native of Anambra State and the younger sibling to Kingsley Okonkwo, the popular music artiste by the stage name, K Cee. Juliet Adaku Ogechi Okonkwo is the wife of E-Money. This article brings to light crucial information worthwhile to know about the wife of the young and successful businessman and philanthropist, E-Money.

E-Money's Wife

  • Early Life

Juliet is the first of three children. Chidera Uzondu and Onyekwere Uzondu are her younger siblings. She is an indigene of Mbaise in Imo State. She was born in the Southeastern state of Imo where she spent the entirety of her childhood. With the death of both parents at an early age, shortly after the birth of her youngest sibling, Juliet, Chidera, and Onyekwere was adopted by an aunt residing in the United Kingdom. Due to this adoption, She and her siblings were relocated to the United Kingdom to be with their adopted guardian, their aunt.

Moving to the United Kingdom as a teenager, Juliet spent a considerable length of time in England. She received her secondary school and university education in the United Kingdom. She is a British citizen by the process of naturalization, having met all requirements.

  • Educational Background

After arriving in the United Kingdom during her teens, She was enrolled in Secondary School where she went through Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, and Key Stage 5 obtaining a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GSCE) upon completion. After secondary education, as a prerequisite for University study, Juliet enrolled in an A (Advanced) Level study program where she focused on relevant subjects for two years to write the A-Level examinations. After obtaining her A-Level, she applied to further her studies at the university level. Thereafter, she enrolled in a university where she acquired her bachelor’s degree from a university in the United Kingdom.

  • Relationship with E-Money

Juliet and Emeka crossed parts in 2003 at the video shoot of her friend, Julius Agwu, in Surulere. From that meeting, the duo, Juliet, and Emeka became friends. A short time later when she was in the second year of her degree program, Juliet and Emeka began dating, with Emeka yet to make a major break in life. She has admitted in several interviews that she was attracted to his good looks, empathy towards others, and the prospects she perceived of him. At the point of dating, Emeka was residing in Ajegunle with his brother. Even with the lean resources of Emeka at that time, their relationship did not falter but flourished. After about five years of courting, Juliet and Emeka tied the knot traditionally on November 7, 2009.

The windfall that would change the lives of this duo occurred shortly after their wedding. The perceived industry that Juliet had of Emeka came to play as he took advantage of the opportunity he got to show his industry and resourcefulness, turning his life around to the success story he is at present, amassing stupendous wealth.

  • Occupation

Aside from her role as a mother to her three young boys, Juliet is actively involved in the running of the affairs of her husband’s conglomerates, occupying the position of Managing Director in Five Star Music and Emy Cargo Nigeria Limited. As Managing Director of the record label, Five Star Music, she involves in such activities aimed at promoting the artist and songs from the label. Hence, Juliet coordinates the marketing, promotion, and distribution of artists signed to the label. She is also a Managing Director in Emy Cargoes Nigeria Limited, a company owned by E-Money, with a specialty in freight forwarding, Customs brokerage, haulage, warehousing, imports, and exports export services.

  • Family Life

Juliet and E-Money have been for over twelve years with the union producing three boys. E-Money and his wife are notable for their glamorous lifestyle with their penchant for luxury. They live in choice real estate properties, own luxurious automobiles, spend family vacations abroad regularly. Their children are schooling outside Nigeria, but the parents reside in Lagos State. However, Juliet and E-Money regularly shuttle between countries for the sake of their kids.

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