10 Ways to Make Money in Nigeria Quickly

Wealth is an ego fuel, it boost your mindset and gives you a different kind of feeling, everyone needs a life that everything is possible, the luxury and fast life but they sit at home lazily waiting for opportunity to knock when they have the potentials at their fingertip.

If you haven’t been making cash and you’re a Nigerian don’t blame witches and wizards for this. If you are Nigerian and you’ve been thinking of how to make money, below are 10 tips that would be very helpful.

1. Look for problems technology can solve

Ours is not a very developed society so there are pretty several challenges and problems that can be solved with the creative use of technology. In the past decade, technology has provided the youngest group of billionaires in the world many of them in their twenties.

If you have a keen eye for spotting problems and challenges you can create valuable solutions to these challenges. You don’t need to have the hard core programming skills to deliver a tech startup. You can either come up with the ideas and team up with more talented developer or if you can, hire a couple of developers.

2. Eateries and restaurant business

If you can operate a food and drinks center in Nigeria, then it can be a good money maker for you because Nigerians will always eat, even when the economy is bad. A restaurant is a good business that is always profitable as long as it is located in a populated area. In cities like Lagos, there are many restaurants springing up almost every year and the numbers have not actually gone down.

3. Wedding planning business

This basically involves planning for people’s wedding while they themselves would just show up on their D-day. Wedding planners are basically meant to take the work load of planning a wedding off the shoulders of the intending couple and as a wedding planner, you need to have an office or at least have your phone number and contact publicly listed so that people can contact you. You may also be required to hire a hall, do the setup and provident food caterers.

4. Own a house

There are not many Nigerians who own their own houses but for those who do, they only end up getting richer because real estate is one sure thing in Nigeria that hardly ever loses value except it gets to over 50 years or more depending on how good the structure is.

5. Start a mini-importation business

There are a lot of free e-books on how to import cheap goods from countries like china, Vietnam, Australia and so on and sell them in the Nigerian market. It’s good to select products that are a result of market survey so ROI can be very high.

6. Start a lounge or relaxation center

Owning a relaxation center in highbrow cities like Lagos and Abuja can really be a good income generator as people, especially working class peeps in these cities look out for lounges to relax either after the day’s work or during the weekend. It brings more income if it’s doubled as a viewing center.

7. Start a travel/tourism agency

Everyone travels every day. Starting a travel/tourism agency would definitely bring some income to an entrepreneur who can take time to vast him or herself in the travel business sector. It’s very important to create a website, rent an office and hire at least two travel agents.

8. Start a bookmaking business

Ignore what anyone might want try to tell you about the moral justification of bookmakers. Bookmaking and sports trading business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. It is also one of the businesses that require the highest capital to set up. If you have the cash, you should look into sports bookmaking.

9. Start a school

This is one sure way to make money in Nigeria. You don’t need to have millions of naira to start a school but you need to meet the basic requirements of the educational regulatory board. A school is one of the businesses you can start small and look to expand over the years.

10. Start a transport business

If you know how transportation business works in Nigeria, starting a transportation business in Nigeria is a sure way to make money if you have enough cash to start up. Also you need to reach an agreement drivers and terminal managers. Transport business is really lucrative in Nigeria.

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  1. This is very informative and comprehensive, In these times that the country is going through financial crises, posts like this help a little to alleviate poverty. However, I will always say that it is good to understand that no business yields income within a month, you should bbudget 6 months to invest, build it, grow loyal customers and the profits will come.

  2. All these suggestions are fine… But they problem is ctually not the ideas. I have an island of ideas. I’m a good cook and have passion for cooking. I also know how to make badass cocktail and smoothies so obviously I’m hoping to open up a restaurant and lounge one day. Where is the money. I’ve got nothing except my skill

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  10. amazing ideas in theory.in practice if it was so easy,every nigerian will have his own restaurant.wrong article.if you want to start a business first finish your education.bill gates,warren bufet,zuckerberg first they got education and then they involved in business.

  11. I am so happy to come across such a nice website to read different businesses opinion. My name is Bayo from Ogun State, But I reside in Okota, Lagos. I decided this morning to search online how to move forward in life because everything is just getting harder everyday here in Nigeria.

    I am an International guy in the sense that I have traveled a lot all in the name of greener pasture before I return back home.

    I have business ideas but no financial support at the moment. Any business you want to do is all about location.

    1. Transportation business is fine, But don’t forget location and the driver matters a lot. Okoda, Maruwa and Mini Bus. I can assure you on it and payment every week will not fail. If failed the driver will have to drop it.

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    3. Smoke Fish from the north to sell in Lagos.

    4. Farming and Pond.

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  14. Another great way to make money is online trading. There is a Nigerian platform you can use to trade oil, gold, Nikkei… in Naira! They are called Eagle Global Markets.
    They have a mobile app you can use and a lot of educational material if want to learn more about Forex trading.

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