How to Make Money From Facebook


I know you must have seen this pop up on your computer or mobile phone so many times and probably close the page like I usually do but it’s actually real although not as easy as they claim it to be. You can make money from Facebook and I will explain how it works.


  1. Create a Facebook Page or Group
  2. Get attention by making catchy Posts. You need to post a lot of good contents; I mean interesting posts even with images and links to it that would keep your followers wanting more then let your account build up with time. You can add friends for a start as part of the best ways to increase the number of people looking at your page is to simply add people as friends as often as you can. Most won’t accept, but some will and the more number of friends or followers you have the better as making consistent money from it would depend on the number of attention you can draw to your account.
  1. Find an affiliate program or other link-type advertising program. Affiliate programs are marketing program where you can receive commission for helping a parent company such as Jumia, Konga or Amazon generate sales. It’s practically free to join as anybody can become an affiliate for as many sites as they want.
  2. Start with Known Brands: Start by selling well known brands that people usually buy and when you have gradually gained the trust of your customers you can start including other brands that may interest them as well. However try as much as possible to stick to a niche (A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focused). You can open different Facebook accounts for different niches if you intend to sell different products but it is not a must.
  3. Advertise on Facebook. You can boost your Facebook presence by advertising the products/services on Facebook by making your Facebook page the landing page and you get your commission for sales made as well. This is one of the best way people make huge returns from Facebook.
  4. Integrate your Products. After you must have gained the trust of your customers why not sell products you own directly or services you provide on your Facebook page.
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So, go ahead and put what you have read into practice with a lot of hard work and dedication. It may be difficult at the initial stage but as time goes on you get to find out it takes little or no effort as people begin to notice your products through referrals from your customers.

If you have any questions kindly drop a comment on this post and I’ll gladly reply you

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  1. Oluwakayode Charles Ajayi

    Good evening sir,i have been expected this article for long ago sir, i highly interested. How would i be able to create market and advertise on facebook histogram whatsapp and to create an account for it.

  2. Salami Timi

    Do I Need To Link My Bank Account To My Facebook? If Yes, How Will I Go About It?

  3. Muideen Fatoki

    very interesting and inspiring lesson.
    I think I’ll consider taking a step

  4. ugochukwu

    How Do I Get In Touch With Companies I Can Advertise For. My No Is 08149044297

  5. Mercy

    Plz, I tried facebook paid advert.. And when I reach the last part which is payment, it always said error. Plz how do I go about it. And again what is Nigeria postal code? Thanks.

    1. Dr flow

      make payment through laptop, phone will always says error… pay with system

  6. Emmalee

    pls i dnt realy understand, can u get back to me privately on my mail box

  7. Ebuka Opara

    Thank you sir, for the wisdom but how can i get the money to be real cash. About the banking

  8. Lovina

    Pls how can one get paid cus there is no place for account number n also if people liked your page will you be paid by facebook or the company. Thanks

  9. Israel

    How will i get paid with creating Facebook page or group without leaving my bank account number.

  10. DAYO

    After all the procedures done, how will i include an affiliate? 2. how will i be paid when my account no is not attached with fb? thank you. anyone with better clue to catch out 2016 mavro on mmm please reach me on whatsapp please 07032142018

  11. Deji

    Hello. Thanks for the post, but I have 2 questions.

    Firstly, must I open a Facebook page or I can use my regular account.

    Secondly, in the writeup you said “…post a lot of good contents; I mean interesting posts even with images and links…”. What about copy right infringement, can it not put one into trouble.

  12. Sheidu Firdousi

    please i will like to apply for graphic design.

  13. Sheidu Firdousi

    please i with like to apply for graphic design.

  14. tobaolutoba

    hy thanks for d post. after readin d post and comment. my question still remains; when my they make purchase from jumia, konga or any, how will my own money generate. if my account numba is not collected. bcos u dont mention dat.

    1. Tobaolutoba
      When you register as an affiliate with Konga Amazon or Jumia, all you necessary details would be captured.
      On the affiliate platform, you can generate a link to the product you want to advertise and when the link is clicked to make any purchase, Konga Amazon or Jumia automatically detects the link came from you and they give you your commission once the package is delivered successfully.

      1. Tobaolutoba

        Tanks vic. Buh can you Send mi some affiliate program

  15. Opeyemi

    I have a facebook account already,bt it seems i dnt undastand dis ur explanation

    1. Opeyemi,
      You can ask specific questions for clarification.


    garrit,i realy love encouraging posts like dis

  17. doris

    Hi vic, how do i make money in school as a girl without using my body nd without it interfering with my education?

    1. Abdulrahman idris

      hmm doris u ar jst 2 blunt

  18. Fola

    please what’s the mode of payment? that is, how do I get paid?

  19. adebayo

    pls i have already done all you instructed above but i just want to know one thing, pls does it really matter if people visited the product page that i affiliated but they dont buy or make a successful purchase… the question is can i still get paid for my referring service as an affiliate, or they must purchase befor i get paid

    1. They need to purchase for you to earn.

  20. Don Diamond

    Please how do people really make money from blogging, survey and how do I sell a product on JUMAI or KONGA and get paid?

  21. After creating a page on Facebook, do I do and do I go about making money on Facebook page

  22. Pls I don’t understand how to go about making money on Facebook, I will be glad if you can send me your number through my email so I can call you for more explanations

    1. Ayo,
      Kindly ask your questions here and i will respond to them.

  23. Jioside

    If all what you have explained is what one needs to go about this business, then its interesting. Thanks for the idea.

  24. Meche

    Thank you Sir, for the brief lecture on how to make money from facebook however i will appreciate if i will be furnished with comprehensive insight on how to go about this.
    thank you.
    Meche Richy

    1. Hello Meche, there is no blueprint to follow when doing this.
      I believe almost everyone should be able to open a Facebook account and i also provided links for Konga and Jumia affiliate registration.
      All you need to do is learn how to advertise on Facebook and here is a link
      Then follow the steps I explained above.
      You can also read up a post by Abass which explicitly explain Afflilate marketing

      Good Luck

  25. philip samari

    Hi, how much do I need to start making money on facebook

    1. Hello Philip, you do not need any money to start making money on Facebook

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