10 Best Waist Trainers in Nigeria

Waist trainers are have been around for ages in the form of corsets. Waist trainers are meant to squeeze your midsection and mold your figure into a fitter shape. You wear a waist trainer under your cloth to create an illusion of a smaller waist and a more appealing body figure. If you wear a waist trainer for a long period of time, it can gradually shrink extra fat along the waist and belly lines and eventually give you a permanent hourglass shape. Many Nigerian women use waist trainers for various reasons such as getting back one’s shape post-partum or for other aesthetic purposes. This article compiles in this article are ten best waist trainers available in the Nigerian market and that which suits individual needs.

Best Waist Trainers in Nigeria

High waist briefs

High waist briefs are waist trainers made from polyester underwear. They are very stretchy and are mostly used by women who have just given birth and gained stomach fats. High waist briefs help mold the stomach back to shape. You can also use the high waist briefs for purposes beyond postpartum molding. High waist briefs reach directly under your bust and are designed to look like normal pants that you can be worn daily. High waist briefs are comfortable and effective. It is an appropriate alternative for the traditional tying of the belly after the delivery of a baby. The price of this waist trainer range from N3000 and are available in many online stores.

OK Panty Girdle

Panty girdles are similar to high waist briefs. However, they are made of spandex and cotton. Panty girdles are shaped like pants but extend from the waist to under the bust to shape the stomach and waist. Many women who have just given birth using the OK Panty girdle because of the comfort it offers. With regular use, Ok girdle offers instant weight loss. It goes unnoticed beneath clothes and does not pile up. Lastly, OK panty girdle is seamless and breathable, that is one does not feel stuffed when using it. OK Panty girdle is very affordable and price as low as N2000 on some online stores.

Tummy Control Body Suit

As the name implies, Tummy control bodysuits are designed for the stomach. This type of waist trainers helps to control stomach bulges. With regular use, tummy control bodysuits can help to minimize stomach fat and mold it to look flatter, which in turn makes for an overall slimmer look. The tummy control bodysuit looks like a waistcoat that reaches the bust and helps hold all body features together; that is bust, stomach, and waistline. This type of waist trainer also fixes other types of posture issues because of its pull from the back. It helps to give the perfect shape and look. With a tummy control bodysuit, you will be able to wear all kinds of clothes you used to be insecure about because it safely tucks your stomach in. The price of tummy control bodysuits ranges from N5, 000 to N14, 000.

Waist Training Corset with Steel Bone

Underbust corsets are one of the most popular types of waist trainers available. They have been proven to be very effective even when used for a short period of time. Corsets are made of steel which helps to compress stomach and abdomen bulge to a bare minimum. With regular use of a corset, your waist will be literally trained to be slim and you can finally achieve your hourglass shape. Corsets are very effective and cost about N 12,000, depending on the store you purchase it from.

Body Shaper Belt

A body shaper belt is a form of waist trainer made in form of a belt. Most shaper belts have zippers and are adjustable so you can adjust them to your needs. You wear a body shaper belt around your mid-section to firmly hold your stomach.  Body shaper belts are ideal for post-partum and everyday use. This kind of waist trainers is highly affordable ranging from about N3, 000 to N5, 000. They are also very comfortable, breathable, and go unnoticeable under clothes.

Body Shaper Sport Work Out

Body shaper sport workout is designed for those interested in sports. It is gym equipment made from Polyester and can be used to stay in shape. Many who want to be fit and work out consistently have used the body shaper work out to complete their fitness goals. The Body shaper work out can be used by both genders; ladies who want to achieve a flat tummy and men who want solid abs. It is designed as a wide belt and can be worn around the waist to hold the stomach firmly. Body shaper workouts also help to improve posture and balance during sports. You can use this waist trainer to burn belly fats and properly clinch the waist. It is a very effective weight loss equipment. Body shaper workouts are highly affordable with a price range from N 1,000 to N3,000.

Sweat Belt Waist Trimmer

Sweat belt waist trimmer is a unisex fitness product that can be used to burn stomach fats, back fats and to also mold waist shape. This waist trainer can be used for the stomach, waist, and back. Men who use the Sweat belt trimmer attest to having more visible abs. It is safe and very comfortable to use, even to bed. Consistent use of a Sweat belt Waist trimmer will help you burn calories and lose weight. It is also comfortable for us during sports. The Sweat belt trainer helps to improve posture and reduce excess fat in the midsection. It is designed as a wide belt and is very easy to use and take off. The Sweat belt trainer is affordable and costs about N 2,000.

These are the different waist trainers available in Nigeria at affordable prices. These can be used for various purposes such as post-partum use, weight loss, waist-trimming or to achieve a fitter-looking body.


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