How to Call South Africa from Nigeria

South Africa, officially called the Republic of South Africa (RSA), is located in the southernmost part of the continent. With over 59 million people, South Africa is the 23rd-most populous nation in the world. About 80% of South Africans are of Black African descent. However, there exists a variety of ethnic groups speaking different African languages. South Africa also consists of other races such as Europeans (White South Africans), Asian called Indian South Africans, and Multiracial South Africans. South Africa remains the most populous country located entirely south of the equator. South Africa is a country known for offering quality education, tourist attraction and investment opportunities. Therefore, many Nigerians have relatives and friends in South Africa who are there for educational, business, or recreational purposes. This makes it necessary for these ones to looks for a means of communicating with their loved ones there. This article guides you on the dialing procedure to call South Africa from Nigeria. Here, you will find information on the different ways to make an international call from Nigeria to South Africa; through a fixed-line number or mobile number.

How to Call South Africa from Nigeria

Calling South Africa from Nigeria through Direct Dialing

You can make a direct call to South Africa from Nigeria. To do this, you need to know the international dialing format. Below are common terms used in international calls that you need to understand:

Exit code

The exit code is also referred to as the IDD (International Direct Dialing) code or ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) code. It is the code you need to dial out from a country, in this case, from Nigeria to South Africa.

Country code

This is the code used to dial into South Africa. Each country has a unique country code.

Area code

The Area code is peculiar to only a part of a country such as a general area or a city.

Local number

This is the local number in South Africa that you would like to call.

Codes for Nigeria

The Country code for Nigeria is 234 while the dialing code or phone code is also 234. The dialing code is also referred to as the calling code or international dialing code. You will need both exit codes and dialing codes to call South Africa from Nigeria.

Exit code: The Exit code for Nigeria is 009. This is needed to make any international call from Nigeria

Code for South Africa

Country code: South Africa’s country code is +27

Area code: South Africa has 36 Area codes. To make a call through to Ghana from Nigeria, you have to put the area code after the Country or ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) code. If there is no area code dial the recipient’s local number immediately after the ISD code.

ISD Code: The International Subscriber Dialing code for South Africa is +27

How to call a mobile number in South Africa from Nigeria

Here is how to make an international call to a mobile phone number in South Africa from Nigeria. The international dialing format is:

Nigeria’s Exit code + South Africa’s country code+ City Area Code + Local number

The ISD code or Country code of Ghana is 27

Therefore, the international dialing code format for making calls from Nigeria to Ghana is

009 + 27 + (0)21 (Cape Town) + Local Number

South Africa Area Codes

There are 36 area codes in South Africa. You need to know the South Africa Area Codes to make an international call to South Africa from Nigeria. Given below is the complete list of area codes in South Africa. The table below shows all the 36 area codes in South Africa. South Africa area codes usually have 2 digits. While calling South Africa from abroad, you need to dial the ISD code followed by the area code and finally the phone number.

Bethlehem- (0)58

Bisho- (0)54

Bloemfontein- (0)51

Cape Town- (0)21

Durban- (0)31

East London- (0)43

Ermelo- (0)17

Garden Route- (0)44

Graaff-Reinet- (0)49

Grahamstown- (0)46

Humansdorp- (0)42

Johannesburg- (0)10, (0)11

Kimberley- (0)53

Kroonstad- (0)56

Ladysmith- (0)36

Malmesbury- (0)22

Northern Cape- (0)27

Pietermaritzburg- (0)33

Polokwane (Pietersburg)- (0)15

Port Elizabeth- (0)41

Port Shepstone- (0)39

Potchefstroom / Klerksdorp- (0)18

Pretoria- (0)12

Queenstown- (0)45

Richards Bay- (0)35

Rustenburg- (0)14

Stanger- (0)32

Steynsburg- (0)48

Swellendam- (0)28

Umtata- (0)47

Upington- (0)54

Vereeniging- (0)16

Vryheid- (0)34

Welkom- (0)57

Worcester- (0)23

When to call South Africa from Nigeria

You need to know the time difference between Ghana and Nigeria in order to schedule calls and avoid untimely calls.

Current time in Nigeria :
Thu, 10 Jun, 2021, 06:54 AM +00:00

Current time in South Africa :
Thu, 10 Jun, 2021, 08:54 AM +02:00

This means that Nigeria time is 2 hours behind South Africa time

Apps and Websites that provide cheaper call rates from Nigeria to Benin

Viber out

Viber Out is a voice-over IP service that allows you to call any phone number whether within your locality or internationally at the cheapest call rates. You can call both landlines and mobile numbers and make calls to contacts who do not have the app.

Viber out offers quality calls to South Africa from Nigeria whether through landline or mobile starting from only $9.99 per 50 minutes.

Viber out services include:

Credit packages: You can purchase any amount of Viber out credit online and at discounted rate which is then added to your balance with which you can make calls to any number in South Africa at Viber’s low rates.

30-day calling plans: Viber out offers a 30-day calling plan which allows you to make international calls to South Africa for the duration of 30 days at same low rates.

Monthly subscription plans: You can subscribe on a monthly basis to have the flexibility of making international calls to landlines and mobiles at low rates. The monthly subscription plan allows you save even more money on the calls you’re already making. The monthly subscription is at $12.99



Rebtel allows you to call South Africa at a cheap rate of $5 for 27 minutes yet without the use of internet. Rebtel uses both landlines and mobile data to connect you to your loved ones in Ghana. Benefits of using Rebtel include:

Premium quality: With Rebtel, you can have stable call connection and quality calls

Cheap rates possible: You can make international calls to South Africa at a fraction of the usual costs

Monthly subscription: You can subscribe monthly for $15 for 115 minutes call to South Africa


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