Types of Cultism in Nigeria

Cultism is one of the harmful sensations that has been troubling the well-being of individuals in society especially students in Nigerian tertiary institutions. While some see cultism as a religious sect, others see it as a social organization. Cultism has been in existence in the country as far back as the 1950s. While some cult groups foster humanitarian services, others are evil and vile as these groups tend to prove they are superior to the other. This article seeks to address the various types of cultism in Nigeria such as the Buccaneers and Pyrate confraternities. 

Types of Cultism in Nigeria

The types of cultism in Nigeria would be discussed below:

  • Pyrate Confraternity

Pyrate confraternity also known as The National Association of Sea Dogs was founded by Wole Soyinka alongside his university friends. It is the very first cultism group in Nigeria founded in 1952. Pyrate Confraternity was later called the Sea Dogs. That was what they then called themselves. 

Pyrate confraternity is a cultist group in Nigeria that aims to end tribalism and elitism. They also aim to restore the age of heroism. The symbol of this cult consists of an anchor, a skull, and two crossbones. Pyrate confraternity fosters knighthood and partnership. In recent times, this cult group no longer recruits students so as not to be involved in violence.

  • Supreme Vikings Confraternity

Supreme Vikings confraternity is a cult group that was formed by former members of the Buccaneers confraternity at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria. It was founded in 1982. At inception, this confraternity was known as the De Norsemen Club of Nigeria. 

Supreme Vikings confraternity has some slogans that they are known for. They include “even in the face of death”, ” blood on the sea”, “never hang a leg”, and so on. Their symbol is SVC. They call themselves Aro-mates.

  • Black Bra Confraternity

Black Bra confraternity is also known as Axe Queens. This cult group is also known as the Neo-Black Queen of Africa. It is a female cult group. It is regarded as one of the most powerful female cult groups in the country. The Black Bra confraternity members are known for wearing black attires. They dress black on black. 

  • Buccaneers Confraternity

Buccaneers confraternity is also known as The Association of Sea Lords. In 1972, a particular group was sent out from the Pyrate confraternity. This group of men led by Bolaji Carew then formed another confraternity known as the Buccaneers confraternity. This group became stronger than the Pyrate confraternity. Their symbols and behaviour still look like those of the Pyrate confraternity. Buccaneer members called themselves several names such as Lords, Alora, fine boys, and so on. Buccaneer members chant slang words like ” no laughing on board”, “let the devil that leads you guide you”, ” no price no pay”, and so on.

  • Ciao-Sons Confraternity

Ciao-sons’ confraternity is also known as Mafia cultism. It is also called the Family fraternity. This cult group began operations in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria in 1980, although the group was formed in 1978 in the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. The Mafia cultism members call themselves Mafians or Maf. The members of the Family fraternity normally attend secret parties together and chant some slang words such as retaliation after oppression, secrecy is where our power lies, among other sayings. The beliefs and ideas of the Ciao-sons or Mafia cultism are gotten from the American and Italian Mafia.

  • Supreme Eiye Confraternity

Supreme Eiye confraternity is also known as Air Lords. This cult group was founded in 1963 by students from the University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. The symbol of the Air lords is a landing eagle. Supreme Eiye confraternity aims to impact the physical and mental development of its members. The beliefs of the Supreme Eiye confraternity are quite different from other cult groups. The Air Lords call their members Airforce. Their favourite slangs include “there are no enemies, there are no friends” among others.

  • Deby Na Debt Confraternity

Deby Na Debt confraternity is a cult group in Nigeria that gets its beliefs and ideas from a particular Californian cult group. Another name the Deby Na Debt confraternity is known for is the Eternal Fraternity Order of Legion Consortium. The members of the Deby Na Debt confraternity called themselves Klansmen. This confraternity is also known as K.K.K. The members of this confraternity believe their cult group is more superior than other conventional cult groups. Deby Na Debt Confraternity is known for the following chants, “what concerns a Klansman concern all Klansmen” and ” the affairs of a klansman before any other thing in life”, among others.

  • Black Axe Confraternity

Black Axe confraternity was formed by some students of the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. It was founded in 1976 with the sole aim of fighting oppression among students. Black Axe confraternity members called themselves axe men, aye among other names. The symbol of the confraternity is the axe. Black axe confraternity members are known for their popular chants that include, “don’t betray your brother in the hood”, and ” the black man will be freed with an axe”, among other sayings.

  • Kegite Club

Kegite Club is a group that supports unity and does not follow the beliefs of wealth, revenge and power. It is considered a social group. It also accepts women as members. The members of the Kegite club believe that all ethnic groups are equal. The Kegite club does not believe in violence, immoral behaviour, crimes, killings and other negative vices. This particular group promotes tolerance. The symbol of the Kegite club is a green palm. The members of this group do not support the beliefs of other conventional cult groups.

Other cultism groups in Nigeria include but are not limited to Blue Angels, Red Sea, Mgbamgba, Black Cobra of Ife, Pink Lady, The Blood Spot, The Royal Queens, Women Brassier, White Angel, The Knights of the Aristos, Viqueens, Golden Daughters, Lady of Rose, Marine Girls, Sisterhood of Darkness, Snowmen, Amazons, among others.

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