How to Call Benin Republic from Nigeria

The Republic of Benin formerly known as Dahomey, is a country located in West Africa. Benin Republic shares borders with Togo to its west, Nigeria to its east, Burkina Faso to its north-west, and Niger to its north-east. Although the official language of Benin is French, there are several indigenous languages such as Fon, Bariba, Yoruba and Dendi which are commonly spoken. Since Nigeria is close to Benin Republic, there are many people who have relatives and friends in Benin who traveled for the sake of work, education or pleasure. These ones sometimes find it difficult to communicate with their loved ones when they are out of the country. This article provides you with information and a step-by-step guide on how to make calls from Nigeria to Benin Republic. You will also find even cheaper ways to make calls from Nigeria to Benin.

How to Call Benin Republic from Nigeria

How to Call Benin from Nigeria

Below is the dialing procedure to make calls from Nigeria to Benin. You can make international calls from Nigeria to Benin using a fixed-line number or mobile number.

Direct Dialing Numbers from Nigeria to Benin

To make a direct call to Benin from Nigeria, you need to follow the standard international dialing format given below. The international dialing format is the same whether you are calling Benin through mobile or landline. Below are common terms used in international calls that you need to understand:

Exit code

The exit code is also referred to as the IDD (International Direct Dialing) code or ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) code. It is the code you need to dial out from a country.

Country code

This is the code used to dial into a country. Each country has a unique country code.

Area code

The Area code is peculiar to only a part of a country such as a general area or a city.

Local number

This is the local number in Benin that you would like to call.

Codes for Nigeria

The Country code for Nigeria is 234 while the dialing code or phone code is also 234. The dialing code is also referred to as the calling code or international dialing code. You will need both exit codes and dialing codes to call Benin Republic from Nigeria.

Nigeria Exit code: The exit code for Nigeria is 009. The exit code is needed to make any international call from Nigeria

Codes for Benin

Country code: The country code for Benin is 229

Area code: There are four area codes in Benin. If the area you are calling as a code, you put it after the Country or ISD (International Subscriber Dialing) code. If there is no area code dial the recipient’s local number after the ISD Code.

Benin ISD Code: The ISD code or Country code of Benin is 229.

How to make an international call to Benin from Nigeria

Below is how you make an international call to a mobile phone number in Benin from Nigeria

009 + 229 + 9

How to call internationally from Benin

For you to call internationally from Benin, you need the IDD (International Direct Dialing) code which is 00. IDD codes are also known as Exit codes. The exit code from Benin is 00. If you want to make a phone call from Benin to Nigeria, you will have to dial Benin’s exit code first followed by Nigeria’s Country Code which is 234, which is 0 + 234 + Nigerian local number.

Dialing format from Nigeria to Benin

In order to call Benin from Nigeria, dial 9 + 229 + City Area Code + Local number

Benin Area Codes

There are four area codes in Benin. It is important that you know the Benin Area Codes so you can make an international call to Benin from Nigeria.

Benin city or region and their Area codes

Atlantique- 21

Collines- 22

Alibori- 23

Ouémé- 20

Time Difference between Benin and Nigeria

If you will be a frequent caller from Nigeria to Benin, you need to know the time difference between Benin and Nigeria. This will help you schedule calls in order to avoid untimely calls.

Take this for example,

Current time in Nigeria:
Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 03:08 PM +00:00

Current time in Benin:
Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 04:08 PM +01:00

This means that Nigeria time is one hour behind Benin time

Apps and Websites that provide cheaper call rates from Nigeria to Benin


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No subscription or SIM: With the Talk360 app, you can use your own number without a subscription or a SIM card. Talk360 works with every smartphone or tablet.

Buy credits online or in-store: You can buy credits online and have over 50 online payment methods to repay.

With the Talk360 app, only the caller makes cheap international phone calls to Benin with the Talk360 app caller needs to download the app and have access to either WiFi or mobile data. Unlike other call services, the receiver does not need to be online or have the app on his or her phone. The recipient receives the call as a regular incoming call from your phone number. Talk360 is a cheaper and alternative way to make international calls without limitations. Talk360 is a paid app that offers a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the services offered.

Boss Revolution

Boss Revolution is another app that offers great call rate fees for international calls on both landlines and mobile numbers. With Boss Revolution, you can text you’re your friends and families in Benin Republic for free. Other services on Boss Revolution are:

Top Up: You can buy airtime for your friends and family in Benin.

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