Types of Fabrics in Nigeria

Nigeria is home to many creative crafters that are scattered all over the country. It is no wonder that this creativity is displayed in the types of fabrics that are present in Nigeria. These fabrics have always been in the system right from time. Many of the fabrics hold some cultural identity that is particular to certain tribes or people. They have a special place in the legacy and heritage of the Nigerian people. In our world today, fabrics are used to make beautiful clothes for adults and children. Many of them are also used to make shoes, bags, and accessories. In this article, the different types of fabrics in Nigeria would be looked into.

Types of Fabrics in Nigeria

The types of fabrics in Nigeria would be addressed below:

  • Atiku Fabric

Atiku fabric is a fabric type in Nigeria. It is made from cotton materials. You can find atiku fabrics in several designs and patterns. They could be stripped or plain. Atiku fabrics are used to sew many beautiful styles. Tailors do a very amazing job of sewing this fabric into fantastic attires that could be worn to any ceremony or event of your choice. The most common style sewn is the popular senator style as it is popularly called. It is worn by Nigerian men. Nowadays, women also sew styles with atiku fabric.

  • Ankara Fabric (African Wax Prints)

African wax prints also known as ankara is a very beautiful fabric type in Nigeria. Ankara is mostly used as “asoebi” for traditional weddings and burials in Nigeria. You can find ankara in various prices and quality. The ankara fabric is one that comes in different designs and colours. Ankara fabrics are used to sew beautiful styles of clothes for different individuals irrespective of social class and tribe. Nowadays, Ankara fabrics are used by skilled and trained craftsmen to make beautiful bags, shoes, caps and other accessories. They can be worn to any occasion, any day any time. 

  • Brocades Fabric

Brocade fabric is a fabric type that is embroidered. In Nigeria, they are popularly known as Guinea brocade. Brocades come in different colours and can be sewn into kaftans for both men and women. They are found in many Nigerian markets and are cheaper in the northern part of the country.

  • Lace Fabric

Lace fabric is another popular fabric found in Nigeria. Laces are used as asoebi in Nigerian occasions such as weddings. Lace fabrics are one of the most used fabrics in Nigeria. You can find Lace fabrics in many markets across the country. They can be sewn into numerous styles and designs. They can be worn to any ceremony. They can also be combined with ankara and other fabrics. Lace fabrics can be found in different colours and patterns.

  • Aso Oke Fabric

Another amazing type of fabric you can find in Nigeria is Aso Oke fabric. Aso oke is the traditional fabric of the Yoruba people in western Nigeria. These days, they are now used as head gears (gele). Aso oke fabrics are manufactured locally in Osun and Oyo states, Nigeria. Aso oke is used to sew caps, agbadas, wrappers and blouses. They are made in different colours. In Yorubaland, aso oke has been in existence for a very long time and is still in fashion today all over the country.

  • Tulle Fabric

Tulle fabric is the type of fabric that is used in the sewing of wedding gowns, veils, and ballet gowns. The tulle fabric is also used in combination with other fabrics by tailors to sew other beautiful dresses. You can combine it with ankara, lace and so on. It is one of the styles currently in vogue. 

  • A’nger Fabric

The a’nger fabric is one that is associated with the Tiv people in Benue state, Nigeria. The a’nger fabric comes in just one colour and pattern, white and black stripes. The Tiv people believe that evil and good in every human have equal parts. This is what the white and black stripes design on the fabric represents. This fabric is mostly sewn by Nigerian tailors into wrappers, headgears, blouses and so on. The a’nger fabric is commonly worn by the Tiv people during their traditional wedding ceremonies by the couple and their families. 

  • Ukara Ekpe Fabric

Ukara ekpe fabric is a fabric type in Nigeria that is peculiar to the southern part of Nigeria. Ukara is a symbol of power and riches bestowed on elderly women and titled men in the nsibidi igbo-speaking regions. Its outstanding features include the patterns of symbols from the “nsibidi” alphabet of the Ekpe people. Ukara ekpe fabrics have four colours. It has the white, red, green and blue. This fabric is made in Abakaliki in Ebonyi state, Nigeria. The nsibidi symbols that make up the design and pattern of the ukara ekpe fabric are usually created by male artists. The nsibidi symbols include moons, masks, hands, trees, feathers, stars amongst others. 

  • Adire Fabric

Adire fabric is another fabric that is associated with the Yoruba people in the western part of Nigeria. It is a tie and dye fabric. The designs on the adire fabric are always in different shapes and patterns. You can find adire fabrics in various colours and shades. The secret of how to make adire fabrics have been passed on from generations before. It is a fabric that has a cultural identity of the Yoruba people. The adire fabric is an indigo-dyed fabric that has a unique pattern of production. It can be sewn into different beautiful styles. 

  • Isi Agu Fabric

The Isi agu fabric got its name from the Igbo word for lion’s head. Typically, the isi agu fabric is designed with Lionshead designs all over the fabric. Isi agu fabrics are either sewn into long sleeves or short sleeves shirts for Igbo men. The Isi agu shirts are worn by traditionally titled Igbo men in the eastern part of Nigeria. Untitled men in the community are given this fabric when they eventually become titled chiefs. These chiefs always wear the Isi agu with a red cap. It is a symbol of chiefdom.

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