How to Become a DSTV Dealer in Nigeria

Digital Satellite Television is a direct satellite service situated in Sub-Saharan Africa and owned by a company called MultiChoice. Unsurprisingly, Nigeria has remained the biggest market for MultiChoice and DSTV in the entire continent, accounting for about 40% of their total subscriber base. This is due to Nigeria’s huge population of about 200million. The huge market for DSTV in Nigeria interprets to benefits for Nigerian entrepreneurs who can use the opportunity to become DSTV dealers and earn huge profits if they go about this business rightly. MultiChoice has such a large customer base in Nigeria that it has created several direct and indirect job opportunities for Nigerians, one of which is the DSTV dealership. This article covers how you can become a DSTV dealer in Nigeria and the requirements to become a DSTV dealer in Nigeria.

How to Become a DSTV Dealer in Nigeria

Difference between a DSTV Agent and Dealer

DSTV agent and dealer are used interchangeably but there is no difference between the two. The first step to becoming a DSTV dealer or agent is to know what type of agent you plan on becoming. With DSTV, you can become two types of agents; these are the super agents or dealers and the sub-agents or dealers.

The requirement to Become a DSTV Agent in Nigeria

DSTV Sub-dealer

Becoming a DSTV sub-dealer does not require a huge amount of money in terms of capital or investment. The only money demanded will be paid to learn the installation procedures and other technical services related work.

DSTV Super-agent or dealer

As the name implies, a DSTV Super- Agent requires considerable capital to start because he or she does business on a larger scale than the sub-dealer. The starting capital for a Super-Agent is used to buy the DSTV franchise and this can run into millions.

Functions of a DSTV Agent

Below are the duties of a DSTV Agent:

Provision of after-sales support to clients

Activation of new subscribers

Sales or exchange of decoders for newer models

Provision of technical services such as dish installation for clients

Subscription renewal

Customer services

Activation of new subscribers

Steps in becoming a DSTV Agent in Nigeria

Raise Capital

As a Super dealer or agent, you are required to pay the franchise fee which then officially recognizes you as a sub-company under DSTV. As a DSTV franchise owner, you become the face of the company. Thus, you provide the services of DSTV in physical locations where they are not present. The capital should not be a discouragement to you from becoming a dealer with DSTV as every other thing you need in the business is made available to you by the company. After paying the franchise fee, MultiChoice will provide you with the methods and resources needed to run your business.

Training by DSTV

As a Super Dealer or Agent, your training is to enable you to fill in the supply gap in areas where DSTV offices are not located. You become a representative of the whole company and act on behalf of the TV Company. Thus, you will be required to register new subscribers and provide technical assistance to other issues the client might be facing. You are considered the face of the company to the public.


After the training organized by MultiChoice, you will be given an assessment in which you are expected to reach a certain pass mark. When you pass this assessment, you will then officially become a DSTV dealer.

Decide on your location

DSTV Agents or Dealers are usually located in urban cities and smaller towns. When deciding on where to locate your business, ensure it is an area where DSTV customers’ population is considerably high. This does not necessarily have to in an urban city, as you will find that DSTV has customers even in small towns.

Good Customer Service

As a DSTV dealer, you must always remember that you have many competitions around as there are people offering the same services that you are. This makes it very important for you to provide great customer service so that the DSTV customers can keep coming back to you. Great customer service also includes providing quality services when offering services such as installation of dishes etc. Your ability to relate well with people will be useful in this business because you are representing the company in your local area. You will need to be patient as you are the go-to for people to ask questions, make enquiries, and complain to.

Training and Hiring of Staff

When hiring staff in your dealership business, you must train them to provide good customer services. For example, your staff must not be rude to customers. The technicians you employ must also be efficient and know how to do the job well.

The Potential Return on Investments as a DSTV dealer

DSTV dealership business has healthy returns on investments even for a sub-dealer. This is because of the large market already made available by the DSTV Company. Operating under the established brand already attracts the market needed to succeed in the business. This means that whatever amount of money you invest, you are likely to gain huge profits on your capital. The company also provides support as you go on in the business.

How to Register For DSTV Agent Training

  • To register as an agent you must first download a form on the DSTV website.
  • After downloading the form, you are required to fill it with the relevant details
  • Send the filled form to the company via mail

DSTV dealership is a business that has been proven to pay off because your capital is ensured to work by the company itself. You are not setting out on your own but riding on the success of an established brand like MultiChoice. With great customer service and situated in the right location, you will be sure to make huge profits.

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