7 Best Guard Dog Breeds in Nigeria

People keep and breed dogs for various purposes. Some have Dogs for the sake of companionship while some keep Dogs for the sake of protection and safety. Depending on the area you live in Nigeria, having a Dog to serve as a guard over your properties and even life might be a necessity. You need a Dog breed that will make potential intruders think otherwise about coming near your property either with its loud barks or intimidating looks. This article gathers a list of the best Guard Dogs you will find on the Nigerian market.

Best Guard Dog Breeds in Nigeria

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Rottweiler is one of the most popular Dogs in Nigeria. It is not a strange name in the Dog industry. Rottweilers are very muscular, however, they are medium in size. They can be dangerous, aggressive and stubborn which is why you need to train them well. Rottweilers are brilliant and stay loyal to their owners as long as they are well trained. When Rottweilers see strangers they are not familiar with, they start to growl before moving to attack. The good thing about Rottweilers however is that even their looks are scary and can chase an intruder away without them having to growl or bark. Rottweilers do not bark as loud as some other Guard Dog breeds neither do they bark for a long time but their barking can still be heard from a long distance. A Rottweiler is not that expensive to maintain and you do not have to break a bank for its feeding or checkup. Do not forget that Rottweilers are so hyperactive that they can inflict severe wounds on strangers if they are not stopped. However, this Dog breed is friendly with children and you can have your children close to them as long as you have trained them adequately.

French Mastiff also known as Dogue de Bordeaux

French Mastiff have very similar traits with Rottweilers but they are far bigger in body structure. In fact, they have the biggest heads in the canine world too. Its massive head is its crucial breed trait. The French Mastiff is such a great option as Guard Dogs as they are great with kids yet have an intimidating appearance to scare intruders away. The French Mastiff is a well-balanced, muscular, and massive dog with a powerful build. It has frightening features and a frightening size and can scare away intruders even without saying a word. They only bark when they need to and do not have the tendency to be unreasonably aggressive. With adequate training, they are friendly to their owners and kids and will bark when they sense danger. Overall speaking, the French Mastiff is a perfect dog for guarding homes, and they can be purchased in Nigeria.

Caucasian Shepherds

Caucasian Shepherds are very popular in Nigerian homes. They can be very territorial and aggressive. They also are not best friends with children so you must be on the lookout for the safety of young ones when you have a Caucasian Shepherd. They are very large and tend to bark more and louder than Rottweilers and French mastiffs. They bark at even flies and birds so if do not like noise or live in a serene environment, stay away from this breed. However, their loud barks also make them very good guard dogs as they are able to protect you from any potential threat. Caucasian Shepherds are highly suspicious of unknown people and can be aggressive and violent when they meet strangers. Their body structure, particularly their immense jaw strength is also very intimidating, which makes them good guard dogs. A downside of the Caucasian Shepherd is that they are unfriendly towards children and you have to be very watchful when you have children around. Since they are very defensive and aggressive, it is not recommended that you have little ones playing with them.


The Boerboels are a Dog breed originally bred to fight off lions and guard homes and farms. They are very large, muscular and intimidating. However, they are easy to train and can be maintained at little cost. The Boerboels do not bark unnecessarily unless they notice a potential threat. You can be sure that if you need a Guard Dog to watch over your properties, then the Boerboel breed is your best bet. Boerboels are equipped with strength, power, and stamina, and that is the more reason you should have this breed as your Guard Dog. However, if it will be your first time having a Dog, then it is not advised that you get Boerboels in your home. You will need some level of experience to handle the aggressive and muscular nature of this dog breed.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher is athletic, mean-looking and runs fast. What more can you ask for in a security dog? This breed barks well and only does so when it is absolutely necessary. They have a high sense of territory and will protect yourself and your compound with their lives. Their mean looks are enough to scare away intruders. While the Doberman Pinscher does not have a significantly muscular build, their face says it all. This breed of dog is often referred to as a police dog by kids, all because of their mean look. They also are fast-paced and can handle any ugly situation of a burglar or stranger breaking into your home. Many refer to Police Dogs as the most elegant and beautiful Dogs ever because of their perfect body structure, which is not too big or too small but still ideal for a Guard Dog.

This is a list of Guard Dogs you can have in your Nigerian home. You should also consider getting a Guard Dog if you live in a neighborhood notorious for banditry and armed robbery. These Dogs can be easily found on the Nigerian market and are easy to train and maintain.



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