5 Best China-made Tyres in Nigeria


Car tyres are extremely crucial parts of a vehicle. It is literally a matter of life and death as purchasing substandard tyres can lead to life-threatening accidents. However, buying new tyres for your vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. This is because there are tons of tyre brands available for whatever car you own. Investing in good tyres is a wise decision that can help to keep you safe on the road and make your driving experience more enjoyable. Tyres can be expensive but there are trusted brands that manufacture tyres from quality material at affordable prices while not compromising on quality. If you are looking to buy a set of affordable and good tyres, we have put together a list of the best China-made tyres you will find in the Nigerian market. These tyre brands have cut the list based on the level of performance, safety, tread life, price, risk factor, durability and overall quality.

5 Best China-made Tyres in Nigeria

Michelin Tyre

The Michelin brand is the top-selling tyre brand worldwide. It is considered the most innovative brand in the global tire industry. Although it has its headquarters in France, Michelin has four industrial sites in China. Michelin Tyre is a premium, high-quality brand and has tyres for various vehicles: cars, SUVs, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles. Michelin Tyres are known for their superb grip, which is a guarantee of more safety. The Michelin brand is renowned for its innovative products providing a comfortable ride, fuel efficiency, grip and control, toughness suitable for Nigerian roads. The tread life of a Michelin Tyre is up to an extra year compared to some other leading tyre brands. Also, the Michelin Tyre has an outstanding wet braking performance that is, when used on wet pavement, they stop immediately while others are still running. You will find a good deal of Michelin Tyre from N59, 767

Westlake Tyre

Westlake Tyre is manufactured by the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company at their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in China. This brand is known for selling budget-friendly tyres ideal for practical everyday driving. Westlake Tyre is made from quality raw materials and has a unique tread layout. The Westlake Tyre is available for various vehicles, such as Sedans, Minivans, Light Trucks, SUVs, among a few others. The brand promises its customers above-average quality tyres, which cost significantly less than other standard expensive tyres. The Westlake Tyre is ideal for drivers on a tight budget, and who do not want already used tyres. The Westlake Tyre is also suitable for highways, rough roads, interstate travels and harsh terrains such as you will find in Nigeria. Users have testified to its ease of use. The Westlake Tyre also offers a pleasant and stable driving experience on dry roads. Lastly, they have a long thread life and last a fair time in spite of strenuous use. You will find Westlake Tyre from N15,400

Double King Tyre

Double King Tyre is one of the leading tyre brands in the Nigerian market. There is a double king Tyre for every kind of vehicle. This brand is known to offer low noise emission and low impact noise and vibration when rolling over road obstacles. The Double King Tyre provides excellent wear and steering performance. More so, they have asymmetric tread pattern design which allows for good straight-line driving and enhances its high-speed stability. Users of the Double King Tyre testify to its good traction. It breaks well to all weather conditions, whether on dry or wet roads. When used at a very high speed, the Double King Tyre is stable and maintains a good temperature. Also, this tyre is known to be very durable and lasts its time in spite of strenuous use. You will find Double King Tyre from N18, 000.

Sunfull Tyre

Sunfull is a tyre brand produced by the Chinese tyre manufacturer Heng Feng Tires. The company currently runs 6 tire plants. Sunfull Tyre is known to provide efficient water evacuation in case of wet roads. They also provide an even better performance on wet roads which is some guarantee of safety when driving in wet conditions. This tyre is known for providing superior traction on both wet and dry roads. Its wheels are protected from damage which makes it more durable. It is also known to have enhanced high-speed stability, while also providing superior comfort and a quiet ride. The Sunfull Tyre is suitable for everyday drivers and also used by motorsports performers which testify to its efficiency. Even with its top performance, the brand has a reputation for being affordable. Sunfull Tyre is used by everyday drivers and has a reputation for top performance, durability and safety. You will find Sunfull Tyre for as low as N21, 800

Presa Tyre

Presa Tyre is one of the four-tire brands owned by Cheng Shin Rubber, a Chinese Tyre company. Presa Tyre is described to have an aggressive tread design with excellent water evacuation. It is also known for its outstanding steering response and high-speed stability. Presa Tyre is manufactured with the highest quality materials and advanced technology. This Tyre offers superior performance and outstanding precision in the braking grip. More so, it is comfortable and easy to use, durability and low noise level. This tyre is manufactured to ensure the safety of the user and is also environment-friendly. Presa Tyres are available in different sizes and for various car types such as cars, trucks, SUV’s. The Presa brand delivers high-quality tyres at truly affordable prices. Presa Tyre is made from high-quality rubber and the best modern-day equipment. You are assured of safety, durability and great performance. You will find Presa tyres for as low as N23, 737 to N34, 896.

These are trusted tyre brands manufactured in China which you have been tested by Nigerian drivers and are suitable for Nigerian roads. They last in spite of long and rough use and stay durable while ensuring safety.



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