5 Best CUG Plans in Nigeria


A Closed User group (CUG) is a supplementary service provided by mobile operators to their subscribers. When registered to a Closed User Group, you can make and receive calls from any member within the group. The CUG service is applicable for both calls and SMS while some mobile network providers also offer data subscriptions. Irrespective of being a member of a Closed User Group, one can still make and receive calls to and from other lines and networks outside the CUG group. However, these calls will be charged at the normal rate. This article is about the 5 best CUG plans provided by mobile networks in Nigeria.

5 Best CUG Plans in Nigeria

The Airtel closed user group (CUG)

The Airtel closed user group (CUG) enables subscribers within the same group to call each other at no charge to them. There are four package plans available for Airtel CUG. These are:

Basic plan package

Intermediate package

Advanced package

Family Postpaid package

An individual can apply for basic, intermediate and advance payment packages. However, family packages are available to individuals but with a minimum of 2-9 registered family members. On the family package, family members can make calls to each other for free, based on a minimum fair usage policy of 150 minutes. However, calls made outside the CUG will be charged at normal though competitive rates. There is also a flat rate for calls on the network and calls off the network. The Family and Friends package gives you the opportunity to have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 9 people with an access fee of N1,500 only. However, charges for the other three packages are based on which other network, or number you are calling within the Closed User Group. The Airtel CUG is also suitable for organizations that only have to make monthly payments for as low as N750 per line on behalf. Visit an Airtel Branch to join an Airtel Closed User Group.

Glo Closed User Group (CUG)

Glo Closed User Group allows you to make free calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can also send text messages to any network on the Glo CUG platform. The Glo CUG service is available to friends, family and co-workers who can join the Glo CUG plans from anywhere in the country. On the Glo CUG plan, you can make calls to others outside the CUG plan or those using other network services with the cheapest call rates ever. The Glo Closed User Group, popularly known as POLCOM works as a postpaid plan where you can have access to unlimited free calls with those in your CUG. An individual can register up to 50 members of his or her family and will be able to make free calls with as little as 500 naira every month. The first-month subscription on Glo CUG is free and text messages to all networks are free. However, calls to other numbers that are not registered on CUG lines are just 20kobo/sec and data subscription remains just like ordinary Glo Subscriptions. To start off with the Glo Closed User Group, visit any Glo branch office near you.

MTN CUG Service

The MTN CUG service is designed for communities, such as family, friends and organizations. The MTN CUG service is subscription-based, that is the group administrator will subscribe to a plan which other group members can use throughout the duration period. However, members of Closed User Group can make and get calls to and from different networks outside the CUG as well as the individual’s airtime. With the MTN CUG service, users within a group have access to unlimited calls and unlimited SMS. There are also a variety of plans you can choose from as fits your needs and budget. There is a flat subscription fee that ensures your monthly spending is controlled even when you have exceeded your CUG recharge. Lastly, it is easy to migrate to the MTN CUG or to add new numbers to a Closed User Group. To subscribe to the MTN Closed User Group Service, visit any MTN branch near you.

9Mobile CUG

Formerly known as Etisalat, the 9Mobile CUG is an easy way to make very cheap calls on the mobile network. With the 9Mobile Closed User Group, you can make calls and send text messages for free to people within your group. All you need to do is to create a Closed User Group or join one that has already been created. There are three packages offered by 9Mobile (Etisalat) depending on your budget and needs.

These are:

EasyBusiness Compact plan: Under this plan, 9Mobile (Etisalat) offers you 500 minutes of free talk time at any time of the day. 9Mobile (Etisalat) charges 500 naira for this plan.

EasyBusiness Complete plan: Under the EasyBusiness complete plan, you are given 500 minutes of free call time and 50 free text messages with members within your group. In addition to this, you have 100 MB of data for browsing. You will be charged with 1000 naira for the 9Mobile (Etisalat) Easybusiness complete plan.

EasyBusiness Premium plan: This plan gives you unlimited calls for a month with a charge of N1000. However, this plan comes with fair usage so if you make just too many calls, it could run out.

Send HELP to 303 in order to receive guidelines on how to join a 9 Mobile Closed User Group plan.

The 9 Mobile CUG service allows you to make calls to lines in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, China, India, and the United States for as low as 20k/sec. You can also make calls to networks in Nigeria at 25k/sec.

The CUG plans are the best alternative for communities such as families, friends and corporate organizations to save costs on communication on any mobile network. These CUG plans above are easy to migrate to and offer competitive charges on calls within and outside the group.


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