Is Tinted Glass Legal in Nigeria?

It isn’t uncommon to see vehicles with tinted windows drive by when you are on the highway or driving within your neighborhood. The reason why a vehicle owner would have the windows and windscreens of their cars tinted may be for security reasons or to keep sunlight out which could bring about some adverse reactions due to an ailment or skin condition. If you reside in Nigeria and you’ve considered tinted glasses for your vehicle, you would want to know whether it is legal and how to go about getting the license. Read on. 

Is Tinted Glass Legal in Nigeria

  • Is Tinted Glass Legal in Nigeria? 

Yes, the use of tinted glass is legal in Nigeria. However, car owners who wish to have tinted glasses and windows for their vehicles must first apply for a permit from the Nigerian Police Force. The NPF may grant or deny applications for tinted glass permits depending on the reasons the car owner gave for wanting tinted glass. Driving around in a vehicle with tinted glass without a permit from the Police is an offense.   

  • What is the Position of the Law on Tinted Glass in Nigeria? 

The use of tinted glasses on vehicles is allowed in Nigeria. However, the car owner must have to apply to the Nigerian Police Force for a tinted glass permit, and upon endorsement of the application by the NPF, he’s free to use tinted glasses for his vehicle. 

There are, however, two conditions that can make the NPF grant permission to a vehicle owner who applied for a tinted glass permit. The first condition is security, while the second is health (well-being). Those who wish to apply for a tinted glass permit in Nigeria would need to convince the relevant specialists. Based on the explanations made, the NPF may approve or deny the application for a tinted glass permit. 

When the Nigeria Police Force (NPC) denies granting a tinted glass permit to a vehicle owner in Nigeria, such a person is not expected to go ahead and use tinted glass. Driving an automobile with tinted glasses and windows without a permit from the NPF to do so is an offense. 

  • Requirements to Apply for a Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria 

There are two conditions under which the Nigerian Police Force can grant permission for a tinted glass permit to be endorsed in Nigeria. For a car owner in Nigeria to apply to get a tinted glass permit, he/she must satisfy one of those conditions. These two conditions are:

  • security reason
  • Wellbeing (health) reason

Let’s briefly discuss these two conditions below:

  • Security

Most applications for tinted glass permits in Nigeria are based on security reasons. In this regard, a vehicle owner would need to demonstrate to the relevant specialists how having tinted glass serves as an additional layer of protection when they are out and about on the way. 

Entertainers, footballers, top public officials, and other public characters have used the security reason to have affirmations on their applications for tinted glass permits. The key lies in convincing the relevant authorities (the NPF in this case) how tinted glasses would provide you with a degree of secrecy when you move about in your vehicle. 

  • Wellbeing 

The other reason which can make the Nigerian Police Force approve an application for a tinted glass permit is if the vehicle owner has an ailment or skin condition which may be exacerbated due to the destructive bright beams from the sun. For the NPF to grant a tinted glass permit based on this reason, the vehicle owner must provide clinical authentication from a certified clinical specialist. 

  • Benefits of Having Tinted Windows in Your Vehicle 

There are various reasons why having tinted windows in a vehicle is so great. Security is the major reason why most people get tinted glasses for their vehicles. Nigerians who are popular, such as top politicians, musicians, footballers, and other public characters would be able to go about their business without being recognized by other road users and passersby. More so, a vehicle with tinted glasses makes it difficult for prying eyes to know the contents of the vehicle when it is packed. 

Another widespread reason is to reduce daylight and warmth during the day. In Nigeria where the temperature of the atmosphere can reach elevated degrees, occupants of a vehicle with tinted glasses would feel relative coolness and reduced sunlight than those in cars without tinted windows. This is particularly helpful for those who may have adverse reactions to extreme heat and direct sunlight. 

Although many people may not know this, vehicles that have tinted windows and windscreens are less likely to break from the effect of applied force when compared to non-tinted glasses. This is because the polythene material usually used to fix the glass makes it thicker and a lot more secure. In the occurrence of a tinted glass of a vehicle being hit hard, the breakage of the window/screen into small fragments is forestalled, thanks to the polythene material used to fix the glass. 

  • How to Apply for Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria

The following steps are to be followed to apply for a tinted glass permit in Nigeria: 

  • Visit 
  • Supply the required information
  •  Click on the Submit button 
  • A Login password would be provided 
  • Provide details of your car, including proof of ownership, driver’s license and car insurance number
  • Upload the above-mentioned car details in the provided portal 
  • Click Submit, then print out the page 
  • Take the printed copy of your online application to the Headquarters of the Nigerian Police Force in your State of residence 
  • At the NPF HQ, locate the ICT Department to register for capturing and biometrics for your fingers 
  • After the capturing process has been completed, a paper with the inscription “UNDER PROCESSING” WITH SIGNATURE & DATE” would be handed over to you 
  • Visit the portal you created on the NPF website periodically to monitor the status of your application for a tinted glass permit in Nigeria 

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