10 Best Supermarkets in Nigeria


The best Supermarkets in Nigeria are rated based on good customer service and affordability of products offered. Many of these supermarkets have branches in major cities in the country. This article highlights the best supermarkets in Nigeria.

10 Best Supermarkets in Nigeria

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Supermart is a leading online supermarket in Nigeria. A unique thing about Supermart is its same-day delivery service. With Supermart, you can order a large amount (over 10,000) and receive them the same day. The company offers some of the best food deals compared to any other supermarket in Nigeria. Supermart aims to make grocery shopping easy with its online and home delivery service. Supermart.ng not only offers a seamless online business but the best prices and discounts on food, beverages, and other household products.
Supermart.ng is considered the top food delivery company, delivering to all central locations in Lagos state. With Supermart, when you make orders, you get the grocery delivered directly to your door no matter the bulkiness of your groceries. If you are the type who loves local Nigerian ingredients but do not want to go through the stress and hardships of physically going to the market, then Supermart online market is the best option for you. Supermart also caters to all kinds of customers including wholesalers, buying in bulk to resell to others. Supermart delivers on the same day in Lekki, Ajah, Ikeja, Yaba, and other central parts of the Lagos state. The brand also has an online shopping app that is user-friendly and a website where you can make orders from.


Shoprite pays careful attention to lower prices. This proposition has been the foundation of the business and has helped Shoprite to grow into one of the largest food retailers in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Shoprite also has massive bulk buying power which affords you to buy products in bulk and at a cheaper rate. Shoprite offers quality products and a world-class shopping experience. Its products are well arranged to provide a seamless shopping experience. With Shoprite, you get a variety of food products such as raw food products, beverages, home appliances, all available at the lowest possible prices.
At Shoprite, goods and products are made available at an affordable price so you can save on your most needed grocery items. In addition, the company offers quality products such as the world’s best wine, freshly baked bread, fresh fruits and vegetables. Shoprite opened its first store in Lagos in December 2005, since then, the company has launched an additional 25 stores across eight states in the country, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.


Operation of Spar supermarket started with the license granted to the Artee Group in 2009, which was already a leading retail operator in Lagos. Over the years, the company has grown and established its presence all over the country. Spar has increased brand recognition from its stores and a great shopping experience. Spar connects with the general masses (consumers) and local entrepreneurs to receive Nigerian products from manufacturers and suppliers to an organized retail network.

Spar is Nigeria’s award-winning supermarket, known and praised for providing a wide range of products at an affordable price. Products available include raw food, cooking utensils, home decorations. Spar has stores in major cities in Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Calabar network.

Prince Ebeano Supermarket

Prince Ebeano Supermarket was founded as a partnership between two brothers, Mr. Sunday Egede and Mr. David Ojei in 2009. The founders have put in their vast knowledge and experience in building the reputation of this supermarket as a retail business in Nigeria. Prince Ebeano has five outlets located in Abuja and Lagos. The brand is known for providing a variety of products across various categories, such as food materials, beverages, electronics, etc. Prince Ebeano is also known for its work culture of building a workforce of youths.

Prince Ebeano Supermarket is a one-stop retail store that seeks to meet the daily needs of customers by supplying consumers with quality products. The brand is also known for its friendly, courteous and professional environment. Prince Ebeano stores are well arranged, organized and beautiful to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. Lastly, the company makes a point in sourcing quality products and offering them at affordable and discounted prices.


Addide began operations in March 2008, with its pioneer store at Akoka, Lagos state.  Addide offers a wide range of grocery items such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, cosmetics, food items and others. Addide has one of the fastest-growing stores in Nigeria. The company is unique because of its clean and beautifully arranged modern shelves. The company sells essential items and a wide range of products that you will not find in other supermarkets in the country. Addide also offers over 12 hours of service and a fast, easy and comfortable shopping experience. The company has obviously made huge investments in technology and management software which makes their services fast and reliable. Addide also has well-trained sales personnel that provide excellent customer services. Addide has become a household name among many families in Nigeria.  The company has stores in almost every part of Lagos state which is why it has become a neighborhood favorite.


Hubmart combines international retail standards with Nigerian quality products. The brand is known for its excellent customer care services and engagement. Its slogan is ‘Happy to help, Always’ and it lives up to its name. The brand has different departments under it, such as Hubcare which caters to the health and beauty needs of customers. Hubcafe, which is a relaxation spot. There is also a fresh segment where customers get fresh produce that has been carefully picked from local and international farms. At the Fresh Hubmart segment, you will find fresh meat, fish, beverage, drinks and other snacks. There is also Hubdeli which works as a restaurant where you will find freshly cooked foods you can feast on. Hubmart makes sure it caters to all of its customers’ needs. Hubmart has stores in strategic locations in Lagos state.

These companies offer a wide variety of products at affordable prices. You can check them out when in need of groceries and want a seamless shopping experience.



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