20 Birthday Photoshoot Ideas in Nigeria

Birthdays are a special event for everyone. It is a day worth celebrating as it marks the addition of a new year to one’s life. Birthdays could serve as a date to be referred to as the start of a new cycle or opportunities. Many people take their birthdays as a much preferable time to set up new habits that could change their lives for the better. All these and many more make birthdays something to look forward to and worth celebrating. Birthdays happen once in a year, therefore you will want to make it memorable and different from other days. Also mysunrise can give you more ideas to celebrate.

20 Birthday Photoshoot Ideas in Nigeria

Birthday Photoshoot Ideas in Nigeria

Are you preparing for your own birthday or trying to organize that of a friend? Do you need fresh ideas for a birthday shoot so as to make the birthday experience even much grander, then you are in the right place. This article gathers 20 birthday photoshoot ideas to make your next birthday celebration different. Linton Studios is the best place for photoshoot ideas.

In this article, you will find great photo shoots that you can come up with on your own and others with a few friends and without a professional photographer. Get latest updates at fivebough .

In order to make a great photo, some factors to consider include a venue or location, props, and even the custom framing you will use, etc.

 Fun venues to have your birthday photoshoot

  • Beach

Your birthday occasion is a perfect time to take a trip to the beach for a great photoshoot

  • Your home

Do not underestimate the value of your own space. You can transform your own home into a picture-perfect venue with decorations and props.

·        A Trip in the Park

If you are still burdened about a perfect location for your photoshoot, your birthday is a perfect time to take a trip to the park or a conservation centre. You could hire a professional photographer or go along with your friends. All you need do is get creative with poses and the background and you will come out with a great picture.

Photoshoot Ideas in Nigeria

  • Make use of Props

Props are objects used on stage or screen by actors during a performance. Props also include costumes.  You can get different props such as cake candles to make a great photoshoot. You can also add other props to the background to make it colorful and creative instead of using a simple and bare background.

·        Bubbles

Gather your friends in any of the venues mentioned above and take great pictures with bubbles blowing all around. Your friends can help blow the bubbles while you are sitting with a huge smile when the picture is taken. The final picture will turn out great.

·        Swimming shoots

This is a very rare but beautiful idea for a photoshoot. You can go to a poolside with your friends and take creative and fun-filled pictures. All you need is your swimming costumes. You can take the pictures while you are inside the water or by the poolside. Other shots could include while lying down and having a chat with your friends.

·        True Sportsmanship

This is a beautiful idea, especially for lovers of football, basketball, table tennis and other sports. You can use your birthday photoshoot to show your love for the sport or club you are a fan of. For football, you can put on the jersey of your favorite club, while for basketball, you can dress yourself up as a basketball player. You can do this with your friends.

·        Balloons and Props

Balloons are some of the most popular props you will find for a birthday shoot. And why not? Balloons are traditionally birthday materials, they also remind us of when we were younger. You can be creative in your combination of colors when using balloons as decorations. Balloons can be used in different venues such as outdoor, indoor or in a studio.

·        Age Sign

This has become popular. You can take a photo holding a picture sign of your age. You can combine this with balloons on the floor or hanging from the roof.

·        Flower Crown

You can take pictures wearing a flower crown. This can be bought in a store or you can weave real flowers into a circle to fit your head. This will make for a stunning picture.

·        Balloons cards for the date of birth

You can also use balloon cards that show your year of birth.

·        Nature

You can use your nature; tree, leaves, flowers, streams as a theme for your birthday shoot. This will give your birthday a natural inspirational look while looking fun filled.

·        A Shoot of you in the air

This is an appropriate photo pose to depict excitement and happiness. Since this is what your birthday is supposed to be about, use this photo pose to show just how happy you are. Take a jump or leap with your friends and get a photographer to capture the magical moment.

·        Beauty Model

This is called the model photo idea. Your birthday is a great time to have a make-over and look as stunning as ever and then take professional pictures. Put on a glam dress, have a professional make-up artist do your make up and take model poses.

·        Photobombing

This photo idea involves you and your friends. It also allows you the opportunity to be creative with the shoot. The idea is that you stay in front or at the center with your friends behind. Your friends are supposed to pose as if they are photo-bombing your picture. This picture is ideal for family or friends picture because it depicts a close-knit between family members and friends.

·        Goofy face with friends

This is another photo-shoot that works well with friends. Gather your friends together and take pictures with goofy faces. Let these goofy faces come naturally, this will make the pictures even better. Goofy face pictures can be in addition to normal face pictures. These poses depict having fun time.

For whatever picture poses you choose alone or in combination, remember to be creative with them and to have fun on your birthday.


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