How to Cancel Order on Jumia Nigeria

Over the years, online shopping has become the most popular way for people to purchase goods. This is mostly because it is not stressful since you do not have to leave your house or location to buy your goods. What is more? Online shopping is sometimes cheaper than going to a physical market or store to buy something. One of the most popular and largest internet stores in Nigeria is Jumia is a known and trusted brand with a reliable reputation all over the continent. Jumia is a one-stop-shop where you will find a variety of goods from raw food supplies to gadgets and devices, fashion items, etc. Jumia provides options for you to have these items delivered to your doorstep and other payment methods. After purchasing product(s) from Jumia, many people realize they do not want or need the product again and do not know how to handle the situation. This article will teach you how to cancel an order on Jumia.

How to Cancel Order on Jumia Nigeria

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How to shop on Jumia

Jumia website offers products across a wide range of categories so that you have an unlimited number of options to choose from. Not only does Jumia offer a wide variety of goods but also of premium quality too. Jumia is known to offer various deals such as discount offers, flash sales and the most popular one, black Friday. Over the years, Jumia has kept up on its promise of delivering only original and genuine products to its customers. The company has a regulatory policy by which it tracks its sales daily to make sure the production listed on the website meets the appropriate standards. Shopping on Jumia is relatively easy, here is a guide on how to purchase items on Jumia

Register: You have to register your account on the Jumia app or website

Add to shopping cart: Add all the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart,

Enter your details: Enter your shipping information, and then confirm your order

Select a payment method: You can choose a payment method such as payment on delivery, Jumia Pay, or debit card.

How to cancel an order on Jumia

If you already paid for an item and then changed your mind about purchasing the item, you do not have to panic. You can always cancel your order according to Jumia website policy. Here are ways to cancel your order on Jumia:

Contact the Jumia Customer service: You can cancel your order on Jumia by contacting the Jumia customer service on the company’s website. Usually, the purchased item has already been shipped and on its way to the customer’s location. In this case, the customer care section will do everything in its power to stop the delivery.

Rejection: If Jumia customer care is unable to track and stop your order, an alternative way to cancel your order is to reject it when it gets delivered to your place. You can also ignore the messages that inform you of the arrival and pick-up of the package.

If you have already received the package and want to return it back to the Jumia warehouse, this is also possible according to the Jumia website policy. Below are the steps you need to complete to return your product back to the internet store:

Log the request: You can log your request through in two ways. The first is by logging in through your personal account and creating a return request. The other option is to contact the customer care service to create the request.

Pack the product: After creating your request, you have to package the product according to the special return conditions which is on the website. Ensure the product is intact and in good condition. You also have to return any accessories that came with the product, such as tags, and free gifts (if you have received any from the company)

Return the product: You can return the product by arranging a pickup time with the customer service on the most convenient time for you. Returning a product on Jumia is free of charge.

How does Jumia Food work?

Jumia Food is a Jumia company application that lists out restaurants where you can order food from. Jumia Food allows for various online payment options such as cash on delivery or payment through your debit card. However, you have to check the information tab on each restaurant to find out what payment methods are acceptable. You can make use of the Jumia Food delivery service wherever you are in the country. All you have to do is place an order on the app, the order is then sent directly to the restaurant of your choice. The restaurant starts to prepare your chosen dishes or meal immediately. Although the restaurant tries to ensure your dishes are delivered to you as soon as possible, there can be delays due to traffic or cases of many orders at the same time. If this happens, you can call Jumia Food customer service to investigate the cause of the delay.

How to cancel or alter your Jumia Food order

Just like with the Jumia app, you can change your food order on the Jumia Food app if you feel the need to change up. All you have to do is call the Jumia Food customer service as soon as you can. Calling on time will allow the site to contact the restaurant and relay the information before the food is prepared. However, if the food is already being prepared, neither Jumia Food nor the restaurant will offer you a refund.

Canceling an order on the Jumia app and Jumia Food has been made easier by the company due to their return policy. If you encounter any troubles when trying to purchase a product, you can always visit the company website and get help from their support team. Jumia customer service is always available to receive queries and enquiries at any time.




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