How to Become a Paga Agent in Nigeria


Many people seek alternatives with which they can earn more money in addition to their other job or entrepreneurial work. This is oftentimes called a side hustle. If you are looking for a side job that can earn you extra cash while not taking much of your time, you should consider becoming a Paga agent. Paga is an additional job that can help improve your finances. This article provides a guide on how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria and earn more money.

How to Become a Paga Agent in Nigeria

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What is Paga?

Paga is a payment system that was founded in 2009 by Tayo Oviosu. The company provides a platform of mobile payment that allows you to make transactions such as payments or transferring funds using just your mobile device. Paga is an easy and quick way to send and receive money from any location in Nigeria and from outside the country. As of today, Paga has agents all over the country and is constantly on the lookout for more. As long as you meet the requirements, you can become a Paga agent and join the organization even distantly.

How does Paga Work?

Paga is a financial service that allows you to make payments and transfer money with your mobile devices. Paga works as a mobile wallet, wherein all you need for the operation is on your mobile device. The platform was founded to provide financial services due to the inaccessibility of banks by every Nigerian. Paga hinges on telecommunications which is more developed and available to all Nigerians irrespective of their location. Someone with a Paga account can use his or her mobile phone without internet access to make transactions. There are many Paga agents across the county who help people make transactions with just their phone numbers. The receipt of the transaction is the message confirmation received by both the receiver and sender of the money.

Paga Services

With Paga, customers are able to:

  • Make payments to retailers
  • Purchase pre-paid phone credits
  • Deposit and save money
  • Pay utility and cable bills

Paga is in partnership with Western Money so one can deposit funds from Western Union into a Paga account conveniently.

Duties of a Paga Agent

A Paga agent is an independent retailer who is part of the Paga organization and has received official authorization as well as full training to offer Paga services to people. Most successful Paga agents are those who have been in their own business for years and are already trusted in their local communities. This helps them to have a base of customers who come to them when they need to transfer money or make payments. The duties of a Paga agent are as follows:

Direct relationship with customers: A Paga agent has direct contact with customers. S (he) is the face of the Paga organization and the one who gets to communicate with customers.

Customer registration: It is the duty of a Paga agent to help new customers to register on Paga. He or she answers customers’ enquiries and queries and provides them with the basic help they need.

Money transfers: A Paga agent is able to load money into a customer’s accounts, process money withdrawals and perform other transactions on the customer’s behalf.

These are the basic responsibilities of a Paga agent in Nigeria.

How does a Page Agent get paid?

A Paga agent gets to receive some commission and bonuses for every transaction that is made. This means that the more transactions you are able to carry out, the more profit you will make. Paga is an already established business, hence, becoming a Paga agent also helps to increase customer base and traffic for your own business. Paga also holds exclusive training for their agents, which affords you the opportunity to network and meet other people.

Learn how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria and grab the unique opportunity to earn more money even as you keep your current job or business.

How to become a Paga agent in Nigeria

Below is a detailed guide on how to become a Paga agent irrespective of your location within Nigeria:

Visit the Paga Website: The first step to becoming a Paga agent is to visit the official website of the Paga Company. You will find useful information on the home page of the website. You are encouraged to read reviews and all the company has to offer so you know which works for you.

Register your Account: When you are ready to proceed to register your own account, click on the ‘Get Started’ orange button (you will find this below the clients’ stories).

Email your Request: Click on the FAQ link at the bottom of the website, where you will find two sections with questions for ‘customers’ and ‘agents.’ Click on the ‘agents’ button which asks you to email your request directly to the company’s email address: Before now, you will be asked to fill out the special ‘Agent Interest’ form online but the company now only takes direct requests via mail. Ensure you include your full name and contact details in your email letter.

Wait to be contacted: After sending in your mail, a Paga representative from your city or area will contact you. You will then be given further instructions on how exactly you can become a Paga agent.

Paga Registration Fee

Paga agent registration will cost you about N20, 000. This is a one-time fee to be paid for you to start offering Paga services to the public. The fee is required before you can start earning your commission on every transaction made by customers.

The process of becoming a Paga agent is easy. You can now successfully turn it into a profitable and successful moneymaking job. You do not need to expend much time and effort to start making more money for yourself. Becoming a Paga agent is a great opportunity for someone who wants to become financially independent.



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