Buy or Sell Things More Easily with the New Yeebia Nigeria App

As the Internet develops by leaps and bounds in Nigeria, classified ads websites have mushroomed all over the country in recent years. Yeebia, a new online free classified ads website, defeated many competitors in the domestic market and became the second largest Nigerian free classified platform which is only next to

At present, Yeebia is launching a new app for Android. According to Yeebia, the new app is developed from the old version Yeebia Nigeria, but with an advanced user experience.

Download the free app (Google Play Store) and experience the optimized shopping and selling journey. New innovations include a faster login page, faster and personalized home page, streamlined classified listings and improved image-processing.

Shoppers can instantly access Yeebia Nigeria, fluently browse the pictures and find their target products with less mobile data and with much ease.

Furthermore, sellers can post free classified ads on Yeebia in seconds without wasting time.

“Yeebia is committed to giving a top notch buying and selling experience to consumers.  With the new app, we not only successfully reduce users’ cost of mobile data, but also make our app easily adaptable to many types of smartphones even with low configuration.” said Tobi Okafor, the manager of Technology Research and Development Center of Yeebia Nigeria.

Being the second popular online classifieds platform in the market, Yeebia Nigeria pays special attention to the burning online shopping security issue. Yeebia protects users’ personal information and avoids disclosure of information.

Tackling the problem of fraud, the developer of the website underlines that they “always remind user not to give login details, personal information and the verification code to anyone.” Over the years, the numbers of fraudulent users and businesses that list products and services on online classifieds platforms have tripled. Therefore, users ought to be careful when dealing with online sellers.

In salvaging the issue of fraud, Yeebia Nigeria has claimed that they will set up specific departments to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

The convenience and comfort of customers is another major concern of Yeebia. They designed a platform which enables their users to communicate directly with each other, bargain for the best deal and get what they want. The speed of the company to resolve issues and unpredictable situations is impressive. For the team, the mission of Yeebia Nigeria is to make the process of trading smarter and faster.

The rebuilt mobile app of Yeebia makes users able to take full advantage of the marketplace; whether it is finding the exact goods they have been looking for or selling a product to earn more cash.

Download the Yeebia Nigeria app today via the Google Play Store.

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