20 Most Lucrative Business Ideas in Nigeria


Nigeria as a country is filled with lots of opportunities to enrich oneself. However, lots of Nigerians fail to look hard enough to find them. I personally noticed that we Nigerians have the ‘copycat’ syndrome; we see a person doing so well in a business and the next thing, we all want to set up a similar business without considering several factors like demand and supply and all other market factors.

As a Nigerian looking for business opportunities, you don’t necessarily have to copy other people’s business ideas when there are a lot of lucrative ideas to go around. Some of the most lucrative business ideas in Nigeria today include-:


The Nigerian construction industry is a very large and booming industry with dozens of opportunities. A lot of private and public development projects go on everyday in Nigeria and you can make money from taking part in them. Some business opportunities include block making, real estate development, real estate agency, estate valuation, sand suppliers, haulage services, borehole drilling (read more at Hagstrom Drilling), construction materials sales and supplies, home fitting sales amongst others.

Cleaning Services

Offering cleaning services to private and commercial clients who are too busy to manage their cleaning themselves is also a very good idea.

Transportation Services

This industry is not only lucrative but very broad. No matter how little your capital is, you would still find a way to make money from this industry. Some of the very lucrative opportunities include road transportation services (Inter-state), Bus and Taxi Services (Intra-State/ Intra-City), Airline, Helicopter(Private hire), Motorcycle (Okada), Tricycle (Keke Napep), Taxi Services, Moving Services, Haulage and several others.

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Another booming industry in Nigeria is the educational industry. Nigerians are very hungry for knowledge and mental improvement and would embrace any service that helps them to achieve that. Some ways to invest in this industry include setting up a private school (Elementary, Secondary or Tertiary), setting up an online tutoring service, an after-school educational Centre, Adult learning Centre e.t.c.

Event Planning

Nigerians love parties or ‘owambe’ as my friends would call it. Every opportunity to ‘turn up’ and hang out is usually embraced by the average Nigerian hence event planners are making it big from planning corporate and private events.


More Nigerians are also embracing the idea of purchasing things online. Setting up an online store is a very good idea right now.

Real Estate

Real estate is also very lucrative in Nigeria right now. Business opportunities include buying and reselling lands, developing buildings for resale, building shopping and office complexes amongst others.

Pet Breeding and Training

Some ten or twenty years back, this wouldn’t have been a good business but now, it is. I personally know of someone who makes more than a million yearly from selling puppies.

Security Installation Services

Selling and installation of security gadgets like CCTV cameras, car trackers, stun guns, pepper sprays etc. are also very hot right now.

Cooking Services

You can also make double profit from being an event caterer, setting up an eatery, mobile food store and several others.

Day Care Centre

Another lucrative business idea is to set up a daycare Centre where busy and working class parents can keep their children while they go about their day today businesses.

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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is also very hot in Nigeria right now especially if you know how to attractively package your business.

Night Clubs

Like I already mentioned, Nigerians love to hang out and have fun and a cool night club allows them to do just that.


There are so resources that we have in abundance in Nigeria which is in high demand in the international market. Minerals and agricultural products and by-products are only some of them.

Hair Stylist

Nigerians don’t joke with fashion and glamour. If you think you have something cool, unique and different to bring into this industry, you stand to make plenty of money.

Make-Up Artist

There are so many people making money from this business today and trust me, there is still room for more especially if you are very good at it.


You can also consider setting up a hotel or a guest house in a very strategic place where tourists and visitors can lodge.

Phone Sales and Repairs

Almost every Nigerian owns a phone and good phones don’t come cheap. So, offering phone repairs and maintenance services would certainly earn you a lot of money.

Recruitment Services

Another lucrative opportunity is to help Nigerian companies source for competent staff to fill up vacancies I their businesses.


Lastly, you can consider going into photography and videography business.

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