20 Businesses in Nigeria with Daily Income

For many, it seems unbelievable that a business can give you income every day. However, it is possible. Are you thinking of a job that can fetch you money on a daily basis? This article provides you with information on jobs that will fetch you an income daily.

20 Businesses in Nigeria with Daily Income

Businesses in Nigeria with Daily Income

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Popcorn making business

This is one of the small businesses we always patronize yet never really consider. Almost everyone likes popcorn. You simply stop by the roadside and buy every time. Hence, the business is a viable one. All you need to start this business is to get bags of corn, nylon, sugar, salt and butter, and a popcorn machine. When properly done, popcorn attracts customers just with its aroma.

Food business

The food business is one of the most lucrative jobs in Nigeria. Why not? People eat food every day. People buy food for various reasons, especially because of busyness in the cities. However, even in small towns, the food business still sells. Ensure you locate your food business strategically in areas such as student areas or around corporate offices. You must also make sure your food is delicious and hygienic, and then you will easily make loyal customers and make money daily. This is a business without season. It is in demand every day.

Hotel Business

Hotel business thrives because of the population in Nigeria and the need for movement for people especially because of businesses and also pleasure. As long as businesses keep operating, there will be movement and hence hotel businesses will make money. The ways in which you can thrive in hotel business include strategically situating your business in business areas, offering excellent services than your competition. You can be sure that money will come in every day with this business.

Transportation business

The transportation business is one of the most lucrative in Nigeria. Movement is a need and a necessity for people. People are always moving, whether interstate or within the same state. E.g. people move from home to work or to social functions and religious gatherings. You can run this business by using your car as an Uber in which you receive money daily or you can buy buses, Okada or Keke-napep. The opportunities in the transport business are many. Since people move daily, you can be sure to make money daily also.

 Internet store

You can sell products online and make money daily. You can sell through established online platforms that have made a name for themselves or by owning your own website. Here, people view the products and their description and buy and you receive your payments. With this business, you must build the trust of your customers in order to survive.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has to do with referring products or services to consumers in order to get a commission. All you need to do is refer people sometimes offline or via a unique link, once this is done, the link can be traced to you and you will be given your commission.

Pure Water Business

Water is a necessity. It is one thing people cannot do without. More so, clean water is always needed; hence people buy pure water daily. This is a business that makes money daily. Ensure you provide clean, hygienic water and you will do fine.

Car wash business

The car wash business is a very lucrative one because people are getting much busier than before and need to outsource cleaning duties of their car. If you provide excellent services and do your job well, you will have customers almost every day. This is also a business in which you can grow and expand with the profits you make. From handwashing cars, you can go on to the use of machines and make into a large business.

Freelancing job

Freelancing jobs have to do with working part-time with companies, organizations or private businesses. The good thing about freelancing is that you can work with as many people as you want and make money daily from multiple sources.  Freelancing jobs are also not limited to any particular skill set. It could be writing, graphic design, programming, video editing, social media skills, translation skills and more. People always need these services on the internet. All you have to do is join a freelancing platform, register your skills, bid for jobs and make money.

Online teaching job

An online teaching job also has to do with knowledge of whatever field. You can make money as long as you are very knowledgeable in any particular field. This could include teaching people to learn a language, how to cook, business, science, literature, web designing, playing of an instrument etc. You can start this by creating an online course on established learning platforms. You can also create your own website and teach people via skype. There are organizations that also connect you with students offline and online.

Digital marketing

This has to do with the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing, social media marketing, and other digital marketing tools that would help with marketing a business online. In the digital marketing space, you can take on a job as a social media manager.Many firms gives quality SEO services you can approach them for assist as well.


Starting a blog is easy. As long as you have good writing skills and content, you will do just fine. You can monetize your blog for income and can also make money via advertisements on your blog. This business is already saturated but you still can carve a niche for yourself.

YouTube video blogging job

This is another lucrative business that will earn you money every day. As long as you upload content that people love and your videos go viral and you become famous, you can make money daily. YouTube video blogging cuts across various topics such as comedy skits, sports, tutorials, food, music, anything at all. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel. Shoot videos with your phone or camera, upload, share and make money.

Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant fills administrative roles to corporate organizations or private individuals. However, this is done from home. Your contract can be based on a daily or weekly basis. Jobs done include writing emails, replying emails, typing, receiving calls, etc.



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