Starting a Sports Betting Business in Nigeria


Sports betting business is huge in Nigeria and this article will show you how to start your own sports betting business in Nigeria. With the few number of bookmakers (sports betting companies) available its not too late to start your own sports betting company with some countries having hundreds of sports betting sites alone. One of the top betting site right now is Sports betting is not just about placing bets on football matches, it could be any sports as most sports betting software making vendors have seen the need to involve other sports people also watch just to attract more punters(sports betting players).

Not only will you need to have a programmer working for you full time to ensure security of your website, but you’ll also need a great script created. You’ll probably spend at least N5,000,000 getting a good sports betting script.

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The major sports betting sites in Nigeria got their script from the vendor Their script functionality is quite good and has a lot of sports including virtual sports and binary trading which would make you earn money even when a particular sport is on break like the football season.

There are also other sports betting script vendors out there like, and many more. But before you dive into this you have to consider other factors like tax, betting licence and lottery board fees in Nigeria as this varies by the state you intend to start operation. You should also consider ways to advertise your business as this is a very important factor. A good way to do this would be offering better winning odds or paying the winners faster than your competitors.

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Furthermore when getting a script from any sport betting software vendor you have the option to select features like mobile platform, binary trading and sometimes the list of sports you want. For example, betting on greyhounds appears to be popular and followed by many people at Adding a mobile platform is a must as most people tend to use mobile devices to access websites these days. The more option you select, the more you get charged.

For more details about this you can contact any of the vendor listed above to start yours today.


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  1. olajire abbey

    pls am higly ready to start, pls can i get ur number and how to start and site developer including the cost to start my own sport betting busines

    1. toufic hajj

      you are looking arround 1B Naira to be able to start

    2. toufic hajj

      you need 1B Naira to be able to start

  2. Katung

    Am glad I meet you here. Please I urgently need your help on proposal for starting sports betting company in Nigeria most especially visibility study.the ups and downs involved.thank you

  3. Emmanuel


  4. samuel

    Good day sir, pls’ like how much will i need to start this betting business with, am in abuja. i want u to tell me all is going to take me to start sir

  5. Mayowa Oni

    Hi guys, just seeing this, and i hope i am not too late?

    I work for a European feeds provider; Sportradar, used by the biggest operators in Nigeria, and can be reached via my mobile no: 08166226223

  6. How do I contact YOu. I need your consultation and I need it right away. Thanks

  7. Valentin

    ISG Tech provides full spectrum of sports betting software for existing operators or companies that are trying to begin their activities in this type of buissness. I will be glade to answer all your questions

    1. emeka

      send me a mail @

  8. Jude

    Please am in need of a national sport betting licence.

    If you have a licence or know someone that wants to lease/sell the licence or whatever kind of arrangment the person wants as regard the use of the licence please kindly notify me on my email at

    Thank you.

  9. ULTiM8

    The full details of starting sport betting business. All requirements needed.
    urgent response please. God bless

  10. Emma Alison

    Licence is must for betting site in Nigeria.

  11. Joseph

    Hi Eni!

    Betting in Nigeria is legal but for starting a betting business, you should have the licence.

  12. Hi, I am interested to start betting businesse in Lagos, I need your assistance how to set it up, like what does it entails and cost. Does it require license and other things. Your response will be appreciated.

    1. Hi Joseph, Thanks for your response, what does it require to get the License and how can someone go about it.

  13. Gbenga

    Plus I need details like is there an affiliate company that handles winnings payments and also,what happens when the first set of people to net wins big when we are just starting?

  14. joshua

    hello my name is joshua am in kaduna . how do get to meet you?

    1. Hello Joshua,
      You can ask any question on sports betting business with the comment box and I will respond.

  15. brilliant blog I’m a huge football geek from Thailand

  16. kingsely

    i need your help on how to bring in a sportsbetting company in Nigeria

    1. What kind of help do you need.

      1. I need the information on the regulatory bodies involved and fees. What does it take to get the software from these companies

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