Quarry Business: How To Invest In Quarry Business In Nigeria


Quarry is a major sector in the construction industry, it makes Granite a a fundamental product in building construction. From time immemorial using of granite stone for construction have been the order of the day, it remains a core product in construction. Nigeria is blessed with this essential solid mineral which makes it profitable for anyone to own a quarry .The country is richly endowed with granite stone and other related solid minerals like Marble, Dolomite and Basalt etc.

It is found in Enugu, Ebonyi, Kogi, Plateau, Ogun, Oyo, Osun and Ekiti etc. Hence, granite is among the most available and affordable building material. Nigeria been a country located in the tropics The country has these rocks in commercial quantity and it is a means of livelihood for many in some parts of the country.

An investor would require millions of naira to start and operate a quarry. The actual cost would be based on the scale the investor wants to start the business. The cost of the machinery required for the crushing of the granite which make up between 60-70% of the cost of the establishing the business is based on the three {3} factors which are the input of granite, the output of the granite and the capacity of the machine required. The investor would need acquire/lease a rocky land for a period of 1-5 years and site a quarry for the manufacture of granite for sale to developers or to be used as raw material for the production of flooring tiles, marbles and antiquities etc.

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After leasing the rocky land, the investor will then have to purchase heavy quarrying equipments like; The Crusher, Excavator, Pay loader, Way bridge, Dumper, Carriage trucks (10-40 tons capacity) etc. Technologically, Nigerian Quarry still rely on importation of required equipment from Europe, USA and China ,until we get a better local production5. The investor can choose to lease a complete quarry that has been poorly managed with all the equipment intact. The next thing is technical expertise, the technical know-how aspect is very important because this is the key to success in this business.

Presently, the Chinese technically crew are enjoying patronage because of their technical skills Furthermore, after fixing the technical and mechanical need of the business, another thing is Effective and Efficient management of the Man, Machine and Material to achieve result (profit making). Thus, the need for a business and or management expert that can make things happen.

Note that no matter how good your production, machines & staffs are, without a good marketing structure, the business will fail. As a quarry owner, you could sell to agents and suppliers or directly to the final user.

The following are imperative while setting up a quarry

1. Perimeter Survey Of the Quarry

2.Cadastal Survey

3. A registered Company Name

4. Exploration information (Geo Survey) GPS Reading, report writing, activities and Findings

5. Application Form from Abuja, attestation Form from Abuja to be filled by a Lawyer

6. Bank reference ,capability of Finance in a format different from Statement of Account.

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There are rocks spread in various towns in Nigeria,these rocks spread in acres and in most cases cannot be managed by one company. Some rocks are even outcrop to about 120 ft above the ground level and about 100 ft below the ground..

One of the Title available by most of the owners is the “DEED OF OWNERSHIP”. Also investors have the opportunity to lease some of these rock endowed land and explore the minerals for a set numbers of years and the minimum is usually 10 years.

The lease cost range from N2m to N5m per year. To own a Quarry Investors need to submit an J at the ministry of solid minerals and this can be easily done by Lawyers who are familiar with this process to get Approval for exploration.

Examples of a major quarry in Nigeria are western quarry ltd in Odeda Ogin State, Femab-Oriental Quarry Ibadan. The company (Femab-OrientalL) has two Quarry one is located at Arapaja Town around Ibadan Toll Gate near Guru Maharaji Temple. The Quarry has an installed capacity of 260 Tons per hour with a total of 6Million Metric tons in Reserve.

The second Quarry is located at Onikainkain Town in Ibadan ,it has an installed capacity of 260 Tons per Hour with a Granite reserve of 10 Million Metric tons. These companies are among the biggest producers of Granite stones in Nigeria.


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