100 Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria (2024)

Are you searching for hot and profitable business ideas in Nigeria? Then you have come to the right place.

I have noticed that contrary to what most people think, capital is not the greatest challenge of starting a business; the greatest challenge is getting a very good business idea.

Business ideas

If you have capital and have no solid business idea in place, then there is a huge probability that you would end up wasting your resources by investing in a business that wouldn’t bring you attractive returns. The advertising singapore has greatly contributed to the growth of businesses and the economy.

This is why every potential business owner must take out the time to research profitable business ideas before they invest in them.Well you will notice that most of these business does SEO services for their digital existence,For that you must have idea about how long does SEO take time to expand  business.

To make it easier for you, we have analyzed 100 hot small scale businesses guaranteed to bring you huge profit in Nigeria.

  1. Quail Bird Farming
  2. Catering Services(Indoor and Outdoor)
  3. Mobile food Vending
  4. Computer Training Centre
  5. Computer Repair and Accessories Sales.
  6. Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs
  7. Rental Services
  8. Food Processing
  9. Cement Sales and Distribution
  10. Frozen food Sales
  11. Pure and Bottled Water Production
  12. Livestock Farming
  13. Poultry Farming
  14. Used Car Sales
  15. Social Media Marketing
  16. Blogging
  17. Freelance Writing
  18. Mini-Importation
  19. Exportation
  20. Cooking Gas Sales
  21. Recruitment Agency
  22. Uniform Making factory
  23. Ready-to-wear cloths making
  24. Haulage and Logistics
  25. Transportation
  26. Online Marketing
  27. Bulk SMS Services
  28. Daycare Centre/Crèche
  29. Small Scale Manufacturing
  30. Scrap metal sales
  31. Waste Management Services
  32. Pet Breeding
  33. Animal feed production
  34. Ethanol Production
  35. Software and games development
  36. Security gadget sales
  37. Cleaning Services
  38. Recharge Card Printing and Sales
  39. Sports Viewing Centers
  40. Sports Betting Agency
  41. Building Blocks Production.
  42. Art Gallery
  43. Ice Cream Production
  44. Jewelry making
  45. Travel agency
  46. Natural Fruit Juice Production
  47. Photography and Videography
  48. Magazine Publication
  49. Monogramming and Branding Services
  50. Weight Loss Consultancy
  51. Biscuit Production
  52. Printing and Book Production
  53. Private Library Services
  54. Hairdressing Salon
  55. Day Spa
  56. Nail Studio( Manicure and Pedicure)
  57. Selling Fruits
  58. Selling honey
  59. Affiliate marketing
  60. Personal Fitness Instructor
  61. Business broker
  62. Car Wash and Detailing Services
  63. Dating Service
  64. Make-up Artist
  65. Video game Center
  66. Pharmaceutical company
  67. Stock Photography
  68. Art brokerage
  69. Resume writing
  70. Online Vitamin/Health Food Store
  71. Virtual assistant
  72. Pest control
  73. Car Rentals
  74. Nanny agency
  75. Mail-order business
  76. Ice block production
  77. Night Clubs and Restaurants
  78. Solar energy installation and equipment sales
  79. Antique Furniture Sales
  80. Laundry Service
  81. Virtual Call Center
  82. SEO Consultant
  83. Gift Baskets
  84. Disc Jockey (DJ)
  85. Personal Shopper & Errand Service
  86. Wine Production
  87. Sports Collectible Shop
  88. Funeral Arrangement Company
  89. Oil Palm Plantation
  90. Internet Radio Station
  91. Online Clothing Store
  92. Modeling and Event Ushering
  93. Marketer/PR Agent
  94. Fashion Stylist
  95. Automobile Repairs and Fleet Management Services
  96. Facility Management Services
  97. Appliance Repair Service
  98. House Painting
  99. Alternative Power Supply
  100. Security Gadget Sales and Installations.

Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria: Additional Options for You

Raw Food Stuff Business

Nigerians are food lovers and prefer to eat homemade food than fast foods. You can go into the business of selling food items such as rice, beans, garri, that are often used in preparing dishes.

Daycare Business

Day care centers make good money because mothers still need to go to work after child birth. You can go into running a day care center. You will only need to register your business and buy necessary equipment.

Dry Cleaning Business

The dry cleaning business is one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria. People are often overwhelmed by work and may not have the time to wash their clothes. This is why the dry cleaning business is still in demand.

Restaurant Business

Are you a great cook or do not mind learning how to cook professionally? Then you should look into starting your restaurant business.

Car Rental Business

People need cars to drive around, but not everyone can afford a car at this time. This is where a car rental business would come to play. Before going into the car rental business, ensure you learn the ropes of the business well.

Bakery Business

Nigerians love to eat pastries, such as cake and bread. Before starting this business, ensure you get all necessary information to be successful. You might need to go to a catering school in order to get started.

Hamper Business

The hamper business is such that booms in certain seasons such as valentine or Christmas seasons. If you are good at organizing gifts, you should look at going into the hamper business.

Graphic Design Business

If you are arts inclined and creative, you should consider going into graphics design business. Even if you do not know how to design, you can learn from the scratch.

Phone Repair Business

Businesses surrounding the use of phone thrive because everyone has a phone and it needs repairs one time or the other. You can get phone repair skills so you get your money from repairing phones for others.

Gym Business

If you are a fitness and health enthusiast, then you can look into starting a gym business. All you will need is enough finances to equip your gym center.

Wine Bar Business

Wine is a favorite drink in clubs, restaurants and homes. You can look into starting a wine business. You only have to make sure you choose a great location for this.

Transport Business

People have to move from one place to the other for many purposes such as business. Many do not have cars and will need a good and reliable transport business to take them from one place to the other. Start a transport business by first determining if you want your transport business to run within a state or inter states.

Jewelry Line Business

To start a jewelry line business, all you need is reliable suppliers who will give you jewelry in bulk and also give you at a discounted price.

Party Rental Business

Nigerians love parties. You will never run out of service as long as you provide great services. You can supply equipment used at parties.

Pizza Delivery business

You can start a pizza production and delivery business right from your kitchen. Get creative with it by making different options such as chicken pizzas, Hawaiian pizzas, Italian sausage pizzas, barbecue pizzas. You will have people patronize your business.

Nursing Home Business

You can set up a business that provides people to take care of elderly ones and babies at home.  In major cities, the nursing home business turns in lots of profits as people are usually too busy to attend to these things and will rather outsource the tasks.

Poultry farm Business

Poultry farming is a very profitable business that could earn you millions. However, the poultry farming business needs lots of caution and care. You also need to define your target audience and what poultry product you want to sell. For example, eggs or chicken meat itself

Cosmetics Business

The beauty industry is a very profitable one. It takes lots of hard work and research but will turn out good if you put in the work.

Microfinance Business

If you have the capital or can source for funds, you can get into a microfinance business. All you need is a good business plan to guide you on what to do per time.

Tailoring Business

The art of tailoring will continue to be a much demanded service in Nigeria. If you have an eye for fashion, you should consider tailoring. These ones will pay you to look beautiful.

Tomato Farming Business

Starting a tomato farming business does not require too much capital. All you need is a good supply plug such as a farm. Ensure you do your research and get expertise advice. These ones will let you know what variety of tomatoes are in demand and will sell.

 Wood working Business

In order to start a wood work or furniture business, you need to have learnt the skill and done enough research for marketing and business management purposes

Agricultural business

You can start an agriculture related business such as crop farming. This is a business that will always be in demand because food is a necessity. Farming on a commercial scale is a very profitable business in Nigeria.

Fish farming Business

Fish farming is one of the least stressful forms of farming in Nigeria. All you need is the capital to start the business such as building a fish pond and stocking up. You will also need to research so you have sufficient knowledge about the business.

Organic farming Business

Organic products take time to mature unlike the others that are fertilized. However, organic products are also in high demand as people are turning away from fertilized products due to health reasons.

Shipping Company

Shipping business is one of the most profitable Nigerian businesses.  You would have a high turnover in terms of profit.

Real estate Investment Business

There are huge potentials for wealth building in real estate although it can be a very risky endeavor. There is the need to be well researched on the opportunities that abound in the real estate market or else one will get himself in trouble. One should also understand the financial and legal issues that surround the real estate market.

Electronics Repair Business

You can start an electronic repair shop after you have been trained on how to get the work done. Starting an electronics repair shop requires little capital after money spent on learning. There are many who have gone into electronic repairs in Nigeria and are now doing well for themselves. People continue to require the services of an electrician.

Courier Service Business

A courier service helps to deliver products. The courier business acts as a middle man between the manufacturer and the retailer or consumer. There is much profit to be made in this business. Before you begin, ensure you get your facts right and then write a well detailed business plan to guide you on the business journey.

Freelance Writing Business

You can be a writer and work from home. All you need to start this business, is a laptop and time. This business can also work as a side hustle which you combine with your main job. You can also engage in this in order to build up a broader portfolio of skills.

Arts and Crafts Business

Do you have a flair for art? It does not matter if you can paint or draw yourself. As long as you can get the products and sell them. If you have a good network of people who would be willing to pay for an art piece, then get the piece from the producer and sell to them. These small scale businesses are such that you can combine with other jobs if you have the capacity to do so. Remember that making wealth comes from garnering profit from as many places as you can.

Clothing Store

A clothing store, otherwise known as boutique is a profitable business. Nigerians do not play with their looks. You can get a reliable supplier who would provide you with clothing and accessories. You can make your clothing store strictly a designer based one or sell a mix of designers’ labels (brands).

Pest Control Business

Pest control has to do with the removal or eradication of pests in the environment. The pest control business has to do with removing pests such as harmful insects, rodent and reptiles in farms, commercial and residential properties. People are becoming more aware of the dangers that harmful animals pose. You will find this to be a good business.

Gaming Business

Starting a gaming business requires that you learn how it is done. It is a profitable business as many people love gaming. All you need is the capital to get the equipment needed.

Fabric Business

The fabric business is a very wide one with lots of options and opportunities. You can decide on which fabric you want to focus on. Ensure that you have a reliable supplier before going into the business. You also need a good mentor to guide you through the intricacies of the business.

Funeral Home business

You can go into a funeral home business that supplies people with funeral accessories. This business is one that is always in demand.

Solar panel repair business

The solar panel repair is for those who are technologically inclined. You also need to have gone for sufficient training in order to do the job well.

Cupcake Business

Many people love cakes in Nigeria. You can go into the business of making cupcakes which you supply to as many people such as road side sellers, and even direct customers etc.


The blogging business is for anyone who has the capability to write. It is one of the best ways to make money while working from home. All you need to start your blogging business is good internet access, good research skill, a laptop and time to invest.

Sale of Mobile Phone Accessories

With as little as N50,000 naira, you can start the sales of mobile phone accessories. You can choose to rent a space where you would be selling from, you can also sell online and deliver the products to where they are needed.

Plantain Chips Production and Sales

This is a very easy to start business. You can start right from your kitchen. All you will need to do is place your brand name on the nylon of your plantain chips, and you are good to go.

Ice block Production and Sale

Nigeria is located within the tropical climate region where there is an abundance of sunlight and heat. This is why ice block production and sales is a lucrative business here.

Liquid soap production

The market for soap in Nigeria is so large that even the well-established brands are not fully meeting the demands. This is one business you should consider.

Car wash

You need only a little capital to start a car wash center. You can spice things up by setting up a sitting area decorated with a TV set where your customers can sit while their cars are being washed.

Mini Importation

Search all the eCommerce websites available then get a procurement agent to purchase these items. The agent will then send the products to you, which you will then sell.

Information Marketing

You can make money by making information into different forms such as a report, an ebook, video, or audio and then sell online.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has to do with selling products of a manufacturer by promoting the products on social media using your own affiliate link. You get a cut from the profit when you sell these products. Products you can sell during affiliate marketing includes digital products or physical products. You can sign on with as many affiliate programs as you want and make money.

Website Design and Maintenance

Many businesses and individuals now have an online presence. These ones need someone to manage their online platforms.

Call Card Business

This is another popular business in Nigeria. There is hardly any adult who doesn’t own a phone and would need to recharge from time to time.

Food Cart/Mobile Food Business

Food is one of the primary needs of man. It is no surprise it is one of the fastest selling products in Nigeria. If you want to start small, consider starting a food cart or food truck business.

Sports Betting Agency

Many people are caught up in the world of sports and are willing to spend a fortune on it. All you need is a neat office space, a generator, a computer, a printer, an internet connection, and a fixtures board.

Cloth Designing and Tailoring

Fashion designing business requires having the skills. This is a business that can never go extinct because people will keep needing to wear clothes.

Okrika Bale Business

The okrika bale business has to do with selling second hand products such as clothes and shoes. This business is thriving very well in Nigeria because of the poor economy of the country.

Uberpreneur – Driving for Uber

Another business you can start is registering with a transport company such as Uber and driving for them.

Small Chops Packaging

Small chops is a light meal that many now use in occasions and parties. Starting a small chops packaging business is a lucrative business idea in Nigeria.

Email Marketing Business

E-mail marketing is a means of advertising that is expected to grow in the coming years. You can start an e-mail marketing business and can be sure to expand as the years go by.

Social Media Marketing

Consider social media marketing as the Social media space is an important tool used to drive visibility and profitability of businesses.

Dry Cleaning Business

Many are doing well in the dry cleaning business. You should consider starting one too.

Restaurant Business

You can open a restaurant in Nigeria. This is another business that has been on the rise.

Car Rental Business

There are times people want to own a car for a few days for personal needs. You can go into renting out cars.

Eggs Supply and Distribution

You can go into the supply of eggs to business such as cosmetics companies, restaurants etc. You can get your supplies from a poultry farm.

Hire purchase services

An hire purchase service is one where the buyer makes an initial down payment and pays the balance over time, with additional interests. For example, you can buy a vehicle and then give it out to a driver for a specified period of time in return for a higher price than you bought it.

Start a Yoga Studio

Yoga is fast gaining acceptance in Nigeria. Catch on the new trend and make money off it.

Become a YouTuber

You can start a YouTube business and make money in Nigeria.

Interior decoration

All you need is a proper training in order to run a lucrative interior decoration business.

Wallpaper Sales and Instalment

Wallpaper is a preferred technology used to beautify the house. It is a very lucrative business.

Consultancy Business

If you have professional knowledge in any field such as marketing, sales, career, social media, etiquette, you can offer to teach people about it in exchange for some money.

Makeup Business

Make up is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. All you will need is the capital to buy the equipment you need to start, you can then acquire more as you go on.

Shoe Manufacturing

Many are starting to buy more made in Nigeria products. You can consider shoe manufacturing.

Event MC

You can consider being a master of ceremony at events. Nigerians are fun loving people and needless to say, this business will thrive.

Custom clothing

People love to wear their custom T-shirts and polos with their own specific designs and inscriptions. You can go into the business of customizing shirts and other items.

Auto-Repair Shop

An Auto-repair shop is lucrative business, not only in Nigeria but all over the globe. This is because people will always need to have their cars fixed. In order to run this business successfully, you must learn all you need to know about cars and repairs.

Aquaponics business

Aquaponics has to do with growing plants without soil, using waste from aquatic creatures to provide nutrients to the plants. This is a business you can start in your compound.

Pizza business

You can start a pizza business from home. Many Nigerians love pizzas and you can make money from this.

Cupcake Business

Many people love cupcakes. You can learn how to make them and sell.

Boutique Business

The business of selling fashionable items is one that will not fade because people love to look good. You can sell jewellery, clothes, shoes, bags etc.

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  9. I’m very glad about these business ideas.
    I think the next line of action is to pick about three ideas from the list above and do a thorough research on them.
    God bless the author of this list.
    I’m equally looking for poultries around Lagos and it’s environs where I can get eggs.
    Please contact me via:08185787246.

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    1. Transportation business is fine, But don’t forget location and the driver matters a lot. Okoda, Maruwa and Mini Bus. I can assure you on it and payment every week will not fail. If failed the driver will have to drop it.

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    3. Smoke Fish from the north to sell in Lagos and Palm oil.

    4. Farming and Pond.

    5. Bakery for Bread and Poultry for Egg

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  24. Wow! A comprehensive list of business ideas for anyone who wants to change his financial status. Like every other comments, I’d like you to give a brief overview of each of the business idea you listed. This will help us make informed decision on any of the ideas listed above.

    Btw, you didn’t include food stuff business like yam, maize selling and supply, egusi, etc.

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  27. thanks u for all this idea. I would ve go for monogram& branding but d cost of m/c is expensive & d once I knew is up to #5000000 called silista. do u know anyone apart from this?.

  28. Thank you for the information. Those asking for more information, don’t you think that you should do your own homework based on conditions that apply to you and the area where you intend to start the selected business? Honestly if you cannot dedicate time to do your own research then you probably have no business starting a business #justsaying

  29. Pls I want further explanation on how to get gud client/connection.I’m a cinematographer,,,,,,I snap still photo,covering of social gathering both video and photographs,I’m into shooting of movie and musical,I direct aswell,,,,,,but things is not pretty going on well with my biz since I graduated from school,though lack of adequate capital 2 found d business is one of d factors…….but as a matter of fact I want 2 knw hw 2 get right client and connection.

  30. Good businesses. I was thinking each business should be given a little analysis such as startup capital. This will guide the investor and also provide diversity.

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