100 Small Scale Business Ideas in Nigeria

Are you searching for hot and profitable business ideas in Nigeria? Then you have come to the right place.

I have noticed that contrary to what most people think, capital is not the greatest challenge of starting a business; the greatest challenge is getting a very good business idea.

Business ideas

If you have capital and have no solid business idea in place, then there is a huge probability that you would end up wasting your resources by investing in a business that wouldn’t bring you attractive returns.

This is why every potential business owner must take out the time to research profitable business ideas before they invest in them.

To make it easier for you, we have analyzed 100 hot small scale businesses guaranteed to bring you huge profit in Nigeria.

  1. Quail Bird Farming
  2. Catering Services(Indoor and Outdoor)
  3. Mobile food Vending
  4. Computer Training Centre
  5. Computer Repair and Accessories Sales.
  6. Mobile Phone Sales and Repairs
  7. Rental Services
  8. Food Processing
  9. Cement Sales and Distribution
  10. Frozen food Sales
  11. Pure and Bottled Water Production
  12. Livestock Farming
  13. Poultry Farming
  14. Used Car Sales
  15. Social Media Marketing
  16. Blogging
  17. Freelance Writing
  18. Mini-Importation
  19. Exportation
  20. Cooking Gas Sales
  21. Recruitment Agency
  22. Uniform Making factory
  23. Ready-to-wear cloths making
  24. Haulage and Logistics
  25. Transportation
  26. Online Marketing
  27. Bulk SMS Services
  28. Daycare Centre/Crèche
  29. Small Scale Manufacturing
  30. Scrap metal sales
  31. Waste Management Services
  32. Pet Breeding
  33. Animal feed production
  34. Ethanol Production
  35. Software and games development
  36. Security gadget sales
  37. Cleaning Services
  38. Recharge Card Printing and Sales
  39. Sports Viewing Centers
  40. Sports Betting Agency
  41. Building Blocks Production.
  42. Art Gallery
  43. Ice Cream Production
  44. Jewelry making
  45. Travel agency
  46. Natural Fruit Juice Production
  47. Photography and Videography
  48. Magazine Publication
  49. Monogramming and Branding Services
  50. Weight Loss Consultancy
  51. Biscuit Production
  52. Printing and Book Production
  53. Private Library Services
  54. Hairdressing Salon
  55. Day Spa
  56. Nail Studio( Manicure and Pedicure)
  57. Selling Fruits
  58. Selling honey
  59. Affiliate marketing
  60. Personal Fitness Instructor
  61. Business broker
  62. Car Wash and Detailing Services
  63. Dating Service
  64. Make-up Artist
  65. Video game Center
  66. Pharmaceutical company
  67. Stock Photography
  68. Art brokerage
  69. Resume writing
  70. Online Vitamin/Health Food Store
  71. Virtual assistant
  72. Pest control
  73. Car Rentals
  74. Nanny agency
  75. Mail-order business
  76. Ice block production
  77. Night Clubs and Restaurants
  78. Solar energy installation and equipment sales
  79. Antique Furniture Sales
  80. Laundry Service
  81. Virtual Call Center
  82. SEO Consultant
  83. Gift Baskets
  84. Disc Jockey (DJ)
  85. Personal Shopper & Errand Service
  86. Wine Production
  87. Sports Collectible Shop
  88. Funeral Arrangement Company
  89. Oil Palm Plantation
  90. Internet Radio Station
  91. Online Clothing Store
  92. Modeling and Event Ushering
  93. Marketer/PR Agent
  94. Fashion Stylist
  95. Automobile Repairs and Fleet Management Services
  96. Facility Management Services
  97. Appliance Repair Service
  98. House Painting
  99. Alternative Power Supply
  100. Security Gadget Sales and Installations.
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  1. Samuel

    Thanks for all these business tips. I really appreciate the author. More grease to your elbow. I love doing business right from my secondary school days( JSS I). I ended up as a sole proprietor of many businesses and having registered my company, I included many more businesses which I project to do in the nearest future but based on the present economic situation of the country, I arrived at doing something more now. I need someone who can put me through on how to structure a bread industry and give me the details about the work. I also need people who can partner with me (Samest Excellent and Sons company Ltd. RC 1447349). I am into block making industry, building and construction and many others. Partners will receive 1/3 of the capital deposited to company yearly and the interest will double the capital after three years while the capital remains intact. The interest will be paid on monthly basis. You can contact me on 08030861601 or email @ oluwarotimisamuel089@gmail.com. Thanks.

  2. Kingsley

    pls i need an advise on SPORT Betting agency and sports viewing centers because i have big interest on the business…here my contact 08134875939..email: kceereal07@yahoo.com

  3. Valentine

    I’d like to start a small poultry business but I need professional tips on cost and possible challenges… please email me at maduekeincredible@yahoo.com

    1. you may contact me on gykishere@yahoo.com using your name as the SUBJECT of the mail.

  4. Valentine

    I’d like to start a small poultry business but I need professional tips… anything you have can please be sent to my mail… I’d really appreciate it… maduekeincredible@yahoo.com

  5. benjamin

    anyone interested in the sales and distribution of oil and gas products such as diesel and kerosine in small scale of about 3000 litres for a start ?? if u re sincere, transparent and a serious business minded person, pls call me on 08098416550

    1. udeme udom

      Am interested.I live in Benin city,Edo state.
      What will be the minimum capital required to start the business.
      My regards

  6. benjamin

    anybody interested in d sales and distribution of oil and gas products such diesel and kerosene in small scale of about 3000 liters for a start ?? if u re sincere, transparent and a serious business minded person, pls call me on 08098416550..

  7. Partnership in business is not a bad idea,so anyone interested in partnering with me to set up a cinema.Call 08105471526

  8. integrity

    Nigerians will always want to be spoon fed.. .u want answers dished out. Think up/out something, allow your brain the opportunity to work. You’ve been given 100 business ideas what more do you need? Do a research on the one that interests you ,considering your location. With your smart phone, you have nothing to worry about, even if you want to know how to commit suicide

  9. Motunrayo Sanni Adedayo

    what kind of business can i do with 500 thousand.pls i need u to help me with that.

  10. Mr Afeiye, H.M

    Iam the CEO/Managing Director of Green Town Limited, Author with 3 Books Published, 16 Scientific and Business journals, Founder/ National President of Nigeria Youth Research Association (NYRA), Chief Consultant with Science Orientation and Research Association (SORA), Bussines and Srategic Consultant with Laweresoft ICT solutions, Motivational Spearker, Personal Fitness Instructor, and Public Health Officer. Iam intersted in passionate Enterprenuers who are willing and ready to change our Country Nigeria with the Positive Power of Bussines. To be sucessful you must be focus, determined, and never give-up on your dreams, with blue knowledege of all kind of risk you involve your self. But the fact about Bussines is Plans and Action taking because it a Dream that is subjectable to Reality.
    For Consultations Pls… Contact: 08108706179 or 08183888492
    email: afeiyemuhammed@gmail.com

  11. Doris

    pls i want to start a daycare/creche,how do i go about it and how much can it cost me.

  12. okesokun


  13. paulcee

    pls I want to start a car washing business please I need ur advice

  14. uche v

    Some of the write up here were originated from scammers, please be wise less they part ways with your add earn income,I think the best thing for you to do is ro research into the listed areas of business and see the one you are most passionate about,and where your strength lies,be warned all that glitters is no gold

    1. molarge

      did anyone ask you to bring money, what is your valid proof I’m a consultant I have my own firm, thriving presently but I found this blog educative add up to info I shared in my just concluded business seminar. make use of information rather than useless it.

    2. Ezeigbo Nwamaka

      You Make Sense guy

  15. Ede Solomon

    Good ideas. pls include how to make bar soaps that would be sold at low prices. keep on with the good job.

  16. Pls I want to start white board marker biz pls I need help cos I don’t know how to start and how much it will cost

  17. NwaAttah BJ

    This is wonderful infor. I’m into Farming, For your Cassava Crop, Agro-Chemicals supplying, Farm establishments/ Maintenance, Pest/Weeds control or farm land needs. For such businesses, you can reach me on: +2348063763117 or Email: nwattahbj@gmail.com. Goodluck!

  18. Tejiri Orotoma

    candle business is rocking in every part of Nigeria ,there’s always a village and areas without light ,churches,religious groups events etc that will always HV need for this product in Nigeria, till now candle is still being imported to Nigeria in large quantity ,u can start a candle production business with 100k and its a small scale business that u can make into a large scale if u wish call me on this number for more info on how to go about this @ (09074733916) or mail me @ jstringz16@gmail.com

  19. Auwal Fulani

    I Want To Work Under Someone Please To Sell For Him

    1. Where are you located?

  20. regy

    pls were can i buy palm oil processing machine small scale, and cost.

  21. Tanimowo Funmi

    For me to start online training on how to sew clothes,what is the procedure?Where do I start from.What other related business can I do in Nigeria with 100k.

    1. jones

      hello Funmi,how is your online fashion business. or you have not started. I can partner with you if you are keen. chat me up on jonesakagha@gmail.com

    2. Tejiri Orotoma

      hello funmi how about u going into candle production or chalk production with 100k u can start any of the two

      1. Daniel Iwuoha

        hi Tejiri, how can I go about the candle production nor chalk? I just hv 100k with me and a fresh graduate just finishing my NYSC scheme. How do I get started… call me via any of this number, 07057317519 or 07037365627.

    3. james ovie emmanuel

      get an online store where you will have loads of collections of wears, other bix u can think about if u’r in Lagos is okrika(akube) business more info whatsapp: 08163359863

  22. Engr.Osadebamwen Kenneth Ojo

    Please can you provide me detail analysis of how to start a snail business, from the start to the finish. Inclusive cost and where to get good products for a start.

    1. Chars joe

      If really u are interested contact charssjoee@gmail.com for info and cost.

  23. Albert O omokaro

    Please I need business plan for poultry ( broilers ) farm


    I am an indian based in Bahrain. I want to start a business in your country. What is the procedures?

    1. peter

      Send me an email on peter.aligbe@yahoo.com

      1. godday

        The amazing business I found is logistic courier service, just get a bike and deliver for peoples

        1. timon

          I would like to work with you! You can contact me via my email: timon_johnsonn@yahoo.com

        2. Jude

          You can also put your a little of your time and money in good “Net working business” like HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE.
          Unlike other networking business, you are not given target,only you yourself can determine how far and fast you want to go.

    2. Enamuotor Russell

      Do you mean Nigeria?. We can offer you a consultancy service.First of all is to ask our lawyer to register your company name with cooperate affairs commission.If you are interested,I can help you with a detailed blue print.But I need to know the kind of business and preferred state for your operation.Invade,you don’t know where to take off state wise we can advise you.

    3. hello Jeya. Please send me an email at yyudee5@gmail.com. I am a lawyer and i can take you through the legal and regulatory processes for starting a business in Nigeria.

    4. madu kingsley

      its not what we can discuss here call 08066366849

    5. timon

      Contact me @timon_johnsonn@yahoo.com

    6. Adelakun Alalu

      Call me on these numbers or email below; 08155841414&07988069620.

    7. damilola

      What area of business are you interested in? I will like to work with you if you are truly interested. Thank you.

  25. Oluwaseun

    Pls I want to start a quail birds farming how do I go with it as a lady and how many can I start with

    1. integrity is in my DNA

      What is quirl bird farming pls?

  26. Oluwaseun

    Pls I want to start a quail birds farming as a lady what advice can u give and how many can I start with

  27. Oluwaseun

    Pls I want to start a quail birds farming as a lady what advice can u give and how many can I start with

  28. vicmela

    pls I want to start cement sales and distribution, pls how do I go abt it.

  29. grace

    pls I want to start up a school chalk business. can it give me a nice return I want to know before buying d mould

    1. adejobi dee

      You may not be well patronized because most schools are now using marker.

      1. Pls I want to start a white board marker biz. Pls how do I go about it and how much will it cost me

      2. uche v

        Thank you for your professional advise

    2. Bolaji

      How many schools uses chalk again except public school shao

    3. Tejiri Orotoma

      candle business is rocking in every part of Nigeria ,there’s always a village and areas without light ,churches,religious groups events etc that will always HV need for this product in Nigeria, till now candle is still being imported to Nigeria in large quantity ,u can start a candle production business with 100k and its a small scale business that u can make into a large scale if u wish call me on this number for more info on how to go about this @ (09074733916) or mail me @ jstringz16@gmail.com

  30. DUPE


    1. Bolaji

      Think twice, when last have u visited cafe ?

    2. bobby james

      please want to start up a comercial transport business,where can i find a dealer? and how much?

  31. Eliesus

    Wow.this are inspiring stuffs

  32. chika okechukwu

    What about kerosene business how profitable is it, cos am thinking of going into that bid

    1. uche v

      Kerosine business is very lucrative and profitable, but location have to be consider

  33. ashiru abiola

    Pls what kind of business can 2,million do in Lagos.a man business.. Lagos island

    1. benjamin

      u can go into sales and distribution of diesel and kerosine in small scale with that amount… if u re interested call me on 08098416550 my name is benjamin and i reside in portharcourt..

  34. godday

    I want to start provision, I need advice

  35. jolayemi

    i want to be buying shares

  36. Esther

    It is well

  37. Fola

    Want to invest pure water production pls advice

    1. onyebuchi isu

      Hi Fola,
      before you go into pure water production you need to get the basic requrements such as the space, preparing the bole hole and treatment Tanks. Meaning you have to hire a bole hole drilling expert and also a water treatment chemist. Again, you have to get pure water sealing machines, waterproof for sealing the water. So what I mean is that you have to get the necessary machines for the business. Then When you are done with these you then hire workers.This is why you need to have knowledge about the business. I recently published 7 Facts to Hold Before You Apply Any Business Ideas in Nigeria Today. And that is the reason why I published that post.

  38. tunde

    pls can u link me a company dat’s dealing with chemica business

  39. cophy

    Majority of those requesting for more info on these business ideas won’t do anything when they are given the details. For those who want to do something, they have already started gathering additional information and are even ready to pay for consultation. Nah money dem dey take find money. Thanks admin.

  40. Jude

    Good ideas one can also start up an (MLM)multi-level marketing business in NIGERIA they’re a lot of company that offers good startup fund in multi-level marketing like GROWING CIRCLE IN’T LTD I have been working with the company for three weeks and am making good income from them the start up fund can be as low as 10k.

    1. Pascal

      dear Jude, please kindly brief me more on this (MLM) It sounds interesting. thanks

    2. Emmanuel

      Pls, Mr. Jude, the MLM business sounds interesting. I want to partake. Can you explain more on the business idea?
      Maybe we could talk better through my contact @ 08065444167.

    3. timon

      Would like if you can put me through the nitty-gritty. Emails :timon_johnsonn@yahoo.con

  41. osas

    good information for your transformation be wise

  42. Okechukwu Ngene

    Wow! A comprehensive list of business ideas for anyone who wants to change his financial status. Like every other comments, I’d like you to give a brief overview of each of the business idea you listed. This will help us make informed decision on any of the ideas listed above.

    Btw, you didn’t include food stuff business like yam, maize selling and supply, egusi, etc.

  43. chantobaby

    I need to know about frozen foods and hairs

  44. Fred

    pls I want to start selling clothes, pls I need ur ideas thanks

    1. Obasanjo adediran

      @ fred,it’s always good to have good knowledge of the business you want to do, i can be of help to guide you with my years of experience as a fashion designer and stylist. You can reach me on 08023980404 or basanjoadediran@gmail.com

  45. MUJE

    Loaded information,tnx

  46. @ precious, u can contact me on 08023980404,I’m a trained fashion designer/entrepreneur,i can put u through on how to get cheap quality clothing items for your boutique and i also conduct training on unisex dress making.

  47. BOLLYG


  48. Thanks NF Author for these ideas listed here. And for my friends here who are requesting for a detailed explanation, you just have to on your own google a lot of things online in order to get a starting point. I am a Website Designer and IT Consultant and major in Social Media Marketing, all these, I got an idea and went online to search for more info, got them, went for the training and today I make a living off them. FYI: I operate from my house. Most listed businesses here don’t need a starter renting an apartment, you can start over 70% business ideas here even from your living room. All you require is the determination, training (optional) and the positive spirit. These are just my opinion. God bless us all.

    1. Yemi

      Can you give your number for possible mentoring? Just did an online introduction training on web design and development am particularly interested in web design so i will like some mentoring as to putting it to work better and possibly earning a living on it. Thank you.

    2. Jniyitor

      Good day,
      Can we communicate please?
      Send me a message via whatsapp 07037140905, E-mail: N.iyitor@fragginvest.com
      Thank you

  49. solomon

    pls i want u 2 explain how 2 invest on oil plantation

  50. wadanoni

    thanks 4 ur great information@chris ride on

  51. precious

    how to start a cloth business.
    where to import cheap cloth for my boutique

    1. Dorathy

      want to go into clothing business @Precious

    2. Obasanjo adediran

      You need to have the rigth info about whatever business you want to start, you can reach me on 08023980404 for advice and guidance on clothing business.Im a fashion designer, stylist and an entrepreneur with years of experience.

  52. Momoh Bashir Omeiza

    How do I improve my sort loan business through accessing better Capital. I have been running the business for over 5 years now.

  53. oluwasanmi omoniyi

    thanks u for all this idea. I would ve go for monogram& branding but d cost of m/c is expensive & d once I knew is up to #5000000 called silista. do u know anyone apart from this?.

  54. Kate

    Thank you for the information. Those asking for more information, don’t you think that you should do your own homework based on conditions that apply to you and the area where you intend to start the selected business? Honestly if you cannot dedicate time to do your own research then you probably have no business starting a business #justsaying

  55. usoroakpan

    This is good. Very informative

  56. Adejayn Mojeed A

    Pls I want further explanation on how to get gud client/connection.I’m a cinematographer,,,,,,I snap still photo,covering of social gathering both video and photographs,I’m into shooting of movie and musical,I direct aswell,,,,,,but things is not pretty going on well with my biz since I graduated from school,though lack of adequate capital 2 found d business is one of d factors…….but as a matter of fact I want 2 knw hw 2 get right client and connection.

  57. Lucy Fejiro

    Please I need more explanation on every business ideas listed above cos I’m interested in d hair dressing salon n want to knw more.thanx

  58. Daayur

    good business ideas, am learning so much reading this now

  59. samba

    Great Business Ideas!
    We need these Ideas for Young People in this Country, Nigeria.

  60. timilehin

    i support tht comment. its good to hear bout this ideas, but a little info wont hurt. like start up requiremenr, possible challenges et al

  61. Veejaylicious

    Good businesses. I was thinking each business should be given a little analysis such as startup capital. This will guide the investor and also provide diversity.

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