Car Wash Business in Nigeria:How to Get Started


There are millions of vehicles plying Nigerian roads daily and these cars need to be washed after gathering dust, debris and dirt from bad Nigerian roads.

Although some vehicle owners handle the washing of their vehicles themselves, there are so many vehicle owners who do not,due to the time and energy required. Some even have the time and energy but would rather leave it to the professionals for proper handling.

Starting a car wash in Nigeria is not complicated. All you need is proper planning, capital and the desire to succeed. You also need adequate information to start; this you would find when you read this article a little further.

1. Look for a Strategic Location

Location is very important in setting a car wash so you cannot just set up your business anywhere. You need a place where there is a high automobile traffic. This would guarantee you a large number of customers daily.

You should also consider the size of the place because you would need somewhere to be used as an office and also, a place to keep your tools and equipment safely.

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2. Provide an attraction

From my research, I have discovered that the car washes that are most successful are those that have side attractions other than the car wash.

People would usually be more attracted to a place where they can relax or play games or even watch sports games. Therefore, you should think about setting up a bar, a gaming center or a sports viewing center in your bar so as to attract more customers.

3. Purchase Equipment

You need the right equipment to successfully run a car wash. The first and most important thing you would need is a source of water. For this, you can either go all the way and sink a borehole or go for a more cost-effective solution; dig a well with a pumping machine.

You would also need a water storage tank so that you don’t have to pump water each time you need it. A steady source of power is also needed. You should consider buying a generator because of Nigeria’s epileptic power supply.

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You would also need a vehicle-friendly detergent. Consider buying specialized car washing liquids instead of regular detergents. Some other things you would also need include hoses, buckets, hand brushes and towels. You would also need a canopy and a concrete wash bay.

4. Employ Hands

You don’t want to delay your customers because you are working on another vehicle. This is why you would need employees to help out in running the business. If you are skeptical about employing hands at the inception, you can hire employees as your business grows instead.

5. Always be Courteous and Polite

This would guarantee continuous patronage from your customers. Some customers can be really rude and condescending to car wash operators but you have to learn to look beyond that and perform your job as professionally as possible.

Also, you must not forget to provide adequate security for your client’s vehicles and belongings that they might have put in the vehicles.


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    what is detailing in car wash business,and what is rhe cost of constructing a simple automatic touchless car wash bay in Ogun State Nigeria

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