How to Access Offerup from Nigeria

OfferUp is an online shopping center created with the aim of providing a marketplace for people to buy and sell items locally on the internet. The service is open to only residents of the US so it could very difficult for someone from Nigeria to get the right items and have them shipped to their location.

If you’re having issues accessing OfferUp from Nigeria, this article will offer a way out.

How to Access Offerup from Nigeria

How to Access Offerup from Nigeria

In this post, you will find a complete guide on how to access and import from OfferUp in the USA to Nigeria. Everything included in this article is simple steps that should be easy for anyone to read and follow.

Requirements For Access and Importing From the USA With OfferUp

  • VPN: This is one of the most important tools you will need to access OfferUP in Nigeria. This means a virtual proxy network that will change your location from Nigeria to the USA allowing you to access all the features the forum has to offer as if you were a USA resident. There are tons of VPNs to choose from including free VPNs that can allow you to access OfferUp in Nigeria.
  • Trusted Agent:  Purchasing a product from OfferUp all the way from Nigeria means you will need to get someone that can send the physical product from the USA to you in Nigeria. This person will act as your trusted agent. You can easily get a relative in the USA to act as your agent. However, if you don’t have a relative there, you could search online for trusted agents or businesses that offer such logistics services.

Steps on How to Import From OfferUp in the USA to Nigeria

You can import just about anything from OfferUp. From used books, antiques, cars, electronics, to clothing, OfferUp has just about anything you can think of. However, you will have to access the site to purchase the products you need. With the steps below you should be able to access offerUp in Nigeria

Step 1 – Run the VPN

You will have to download a VPN to your mobile device, however, you can still use a VPN extension on your web browser. When choosing a VPN, you will have to go for one that allows you to connect to the USA and provides quick connection speed. This could mean you will have to go for a paid VPN service which is the best choice, however, there are tons of free VPNs to choose from that will offer the same quality service and cost nothing on your end.

With the VPN in place, turn it on and change your location to the USA. Wait till the VPN connects, then go to and search “what is my IP address”. If the VPN successfully changed your location to the USA, you will notice this in the Google search results. With that confirmed, you can go ahead to open OfferUp in Nigeria.

Step 2 – Getting the Products

With the OfferUp site in full view, you can go ahead to register. You might want to use your Facebook profile but you can still go ahead with other means of registration. Once registered, you can go ahead to log in. OfferUp might require additional information to confirm your identity. It could require a phone number. This only happens if you do not register with your Facebook account. You can simply get your agent’s number or get a Google voice number to get verified.

Once signed in, you will find the marketplace, and you can go right ahead to start selecting the products you want. You should set up your profile picture. Avoid using your personal picture or any image that will indicate that you’re from Nigeria as Nigerians are not allowed on the platform. You could go with an image of flowers, cars, or a house.

Step 3 – Purchasing the Products

Once you’ve got the products you need you will have to contact the seller to know their location and check if your agent can go there to get the product for you. If the location of the seller is convenient for your agent, you will have to pay the agent the cost of the products. The agent will meet with the seller and confirm that the product is in good condition and purchase it on your behalf. The agent will show you the product to confirm that it has been received.

Then they will ship the product from the USA to Nigeria. If you have a professional agent handling the process, they could put in codes in the products and give the password to the owner. This ensures that only the owner can use the product.

How to Ship Your Product From the USA to Nigeria

  • FedEx– If you want quality assurance on the delivery of your goods, then you must consider FedEx. It should take about 4 days for FedEx to deliver your parcel to you in Nigeria. However, this can go as high as 8 days if you want the company to deliver to your particular location. Unfortunately, the shipping costs can be high with this service provider.
  • UPS– The United Parcel Service is an American multinational shipping and receiving company considered as one of the most trusted options for Nigerians looking to ship their products from the USA. You can easily track your parcel using their website and get real-time data as to the delivery. You should also be able to pick the parcel without having to worry about damages.
  • DHL– Considered one of the global leaders in the logistics industry, DHL might be your best choice for an affordable option that won’t cost extra. DHL has been said to be faster than many other logistics providers when it comes to making international deliveries. However, you should take note of how the service measures your products and makes it charges. If you’re in luck, you won’t have to pay much for your delivery.

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