10 Hot Business Opportunities in Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria, located in the centre of the country. The city is a well-planned one and is divided into phases to allow for the coordination of developmental efforts.  In 1991, Abuja replaced Lagos as the capital of Nigeria and now houses the seat of presidential power, Aso rock villa. Abuja is also the location for many international and top businesses click here to see the full list. The city is regarded as one of the wealthiest cities in Africa. Thus, Abuja is a place to start and grow a business. This is because of the human resources and material resources available. However, in such a busy place, it can also be hard to decide on what type of business one wants to go into. This article provides you with 10 hot business opportunities available in Nigeria.

10 Hot Business Opportunities in Abuja

10 Hot Business Opportunities in Abuja

These are:

Hair salon/barbershop

The hair business is one that always thrives irrespective of the gender. Every man would always need a haircut and even more so, every lady always needs to get her hair done. In order to be successful in this business, you need to provide excellent customer service as well as employ experts who know how to give a good hair cut and make hair well. Another factor that will determine the success of this business is the location of the business. Ensure you situate your hair business in a place with high demand and where you will get a good run for your money. There are a couple of Real Estate Franchise for Hair Salon Suites available, so make sure to get information.

Grocery/provision sales

Setting up a store where you provide food items as well as other essential groceries is a good business in Abuja. The secret to this is to provide quality products in a clean environment, as well as good customer service too.

School bus service

Abuja is a business city, therefore many parents can be so busy they cannot spare out time to drive their children to school or pick them up. You can begin a school bus company in order to meet this need. The essential thing in this business is to build trust. Hence, it is important you register your company with the appropriate agencies and your vehicles are in good shape. Once you are able to prove yourself as a trustworthy client, you will get enough customers.

School uniform design/supply

You can go into the fashion designing industry by employing those who will sew or do the job yourself after learning. You can then supply school uniforms to schools.

Transportation Company

People have to move from one place to the other in the city. Hence, taxi driving is one of the highest paying services you can offer in Abuja. If you have enough capital, you can begin a transport service that works within the city. Ensure you register your company and teach your drivers to offer comfortable rides to your customers. The drivers you employ can turn in your returns daily or weekly, as stipulated in your contract.

Agricultural and farm products

In recent times, farming is an enterprise that many are investing in. You can also get involved in the farming business by investing capital in it while providing a means of livelihood to many by employing labourers to work on the farm. Abuja is well suitable for the growth of food crops, fruits and vegetables.

Cold room/Store

Another viable business in Abuja is setting up a cold room/store wherein people can come get their fresh meat or fish. As long as this business is strategically located in a place easily accessible and visible to many such as those with families, your business will bloom.

Fuel station

This is a much-needed service in Abuja. Residents of the city often complain of driving long hours in order to get a place to buy fuel. If you have the capital and the means, consider setting up a fuel station.

Entertainment spots

It is precisely because Abuja is a business place that the entertainment business also sells fast here. People always need a place to cool off after the day’s work. These range from lounges, gardens, little joints and bars etc. As long as you can creatively make the place comfortable and provide good food and drinks, you will sell well.

Real estate/Construction Company

Abuja is a city that swarms with lots of people. People keep moving into the city in search of greener pastures and homes for sale. The real estate business is thus a highly lucrative one. If you can own houses or lands in good areas and provide quality housing services, you will make lots of money.

Hospitality business

People come into Abuja for the purpose of tourism, vacation or for short business meetings. Hence, people need hotels and guest houses they can lodge in. Setting up a hotel in a well-commercialized area will fetch you money,

Building materials

Due to the high demand for housing in the city of Abuja, there is a huge demand for building materials. You can major in the supply of building materials.

Interior design

You can start an interior design company where you help many with the decorations and furnishings of their homes. Residents of Abuja have a taste for high quality and finesse; therefore, this business will bloom well.

Dog breeding

For the sake of security, Dogs are a necessity in Abuja. You can consider grooming Dogs and selling them. Depending on the sizes, a Dog can sell for as high as N200 000

Eatery/Catering Services

In Abuja, there are lots of festivities that go on almost every day. These range from weddings, birthday parties, child naming ceremonies etc. All these ceremonies require the services of a caterer. As long as you provide professional services i.e. clean working environment, delicious food, and on time delivery, you will do just fine.

 Event Hall/Tent rentals

The celebrations in Abuja also require halls and tents where they can take place. Hence, look into owning an event hall that you can rent out. In Abuja, halls do not go for less than N150 000 to above a million per day


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