Career Opportunities for Lawyers in Nigeria


Law is one of the most popular and respected career choices not only in Nigeria but in the world at large. The course provides you with different specialization options to become a personal injury attorney. Many think a law degree is only useful for a job as a lawyer in the courts, however, this is not so. The skills one imbibes while studying law as an undergraduate and during legal work experience is relevant and can be applied in many other professions and career paths. To get best legal advice from social security disability lawyer in orange county. The understanding of legal implications and obligations and the ability to apply these understanding and knowledge is valuable in many sectors in the public, private and non-governmental organizations. A law degree opens other career options in different other sectors such as administration, corporate management, legal services and advocacy in a law court. Upon years of experience as a lawyer and taking examinations in the public service, one can also become a judge, a Solicitor General or Public Prosecutor. To take care of all the repercussion of a car damage relating you anywhere in Canada, you are instantly required to hunt for injury lawyers who can assist you file a claim and represent your case in court. At this juncture, hunt for a specialist car accident lawyer that is based in the city where the accident has happened, to find the best help. You can locate a number of specialist entertainment lawyer in Toronto, Vancouver, Burlington, Hamilton, and in other Canadian cities. You can in addition ask your friend if he/she is familiar with any specialist lawyer or these days you can in addition seek professional help online. On the other hand, verify their fees earlier than appointing one as every lawyer is likely to charge different fees. To assist you stand up against all the legal clashes and hassles that trail a car accident in Canada a car accident lawyer can be of huge assistance. Injury lawyers can facilitate you have knowledge of Canada’s distinctive no-fault law that indicates that notwithstanding who is guilty anybody suffering losses from a car accident will receive appropriate reparation for any type of losses that individual has suffered. A specialist lawyer in Canada will have knowledge of all the past laws and new rules in this connection. Hence, select a personal lawyer judiciously and don’t just appoint any lawyer. Search for one that is skilled in handling car accidents cases and works in the city where you are situated or where the accident took place. Drive your car carefully no matter Canada’s lower car accident history. Hazards take place across the world and actually no country is free from accidents. Despite the fact that Canada has somewhat lower car accident rates, the threat is still present. In addition keep in mind only a specialist car accident lawyer in Canada can manage your car accident case perfectly. You can check this link right here now for the Accident Lawyers in Hamilton, OH.

Career Opportunities for Lawyers in Nigeria

Career Opportunities for Lawyers in Nigeria

This post addresses the many career opportunities available for law graduates. Read on below:

Will and trust attorney: Upon completing a law degree, one can take up a job as Will and trust attorney with different firms.

News reporter: A law graduate can work as a reporter with news agencies such as Television or newspapers.

Teaching: A law graduate can go into the teaching profession in a college or university for the more young ones looking to be part of a personal injury attorney firm.

Town planning and consultancy work: Here, communication skills, as well as problem-solving skills, are required

Human resources/ Tax advisory: In this profession, the legal knowledge of a law graduate is needed.

Criminal lawyer: Criminal defense lawyers are those who stand in defense of individuals, entities and organizations who have been charged with a crime. You can see post for more detail about tampa criminal defense attorney. Roles of a criminal lawyer at the The Barkett Law Firm include:

  • Investigation of cases
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Building a strategy and case on behalf of his or her client
  • Advocating for a person accused of crimes
  • Drafting and filing motions which are relevant to their pleas
  • Bargaining for lesser penalties for an offence

Offenses for which a criminal lawyer can defend could range from theft, murder, to domestic violence attorney cases etc.

Chartered/Company secretary:  The role of a company secretary is to ensure the organization complies with company law and regulations. Their work includes:

  • Maintaining records about the organization
  • Preparing reports such as financial of the company
  • Keeping the directors up to date with legal developments
  • Involved in planning and arranging insurance
  •  Company secretaries work with directors and senior staff members to ensure activities in the company are in compliance with the law.

A graduate entry role in the civil service: The Nigerian civil service has a wide range of sectors and departments where the services of a law graduate are needed and as an example we have the  many estate planning attorney firms.

Court clerks: Court clerks are administrative workers. These ones manage the clerical functions related to the court. The following are the job roles of a court clerk:

  • Handling court records
  • Processing legal documents
  • Scheduling of cases and hearings
  • Auditing files for accuracy
  • Ensure consistency in records kept
  • Prepare files for transport and storage or in case of the need for a change of venue
  • Processing and managing official documents such as wedding licenses, property deeds, and debts in case you choose to be part of a debt relief lawyer firm.
  • Court clerks also perform the role of customer service as they deal with the public in the case of payment of fees to the court, court costs.

Tax consultant: A tax consultant offers advice to businesses and organizations or private clients on tax problems and cost-effective solutions. Often times, yearly budgets, as well as tax laws, bring with it new legislation, therefore every organization needs a lawyer with knowledge of legal implications in such matters. Applicants must possess problem-solving and persuasion skills as well as organizational skills.

Chartered Town planner: A law graduate can qualify as a town planner by taking the required postgraduate degree. A law graduate looking to apply for the role of a town planner must be able to pay attention to details, have suitable communication and negotiation skills, etc.

Legal publishing: A law graduate can also take up job roles in publishing. Legal publishers often employ the services of lawyers as editors. A degree in law teaches students to pay attention to details as well as nurture the ability to write and develop good researching skills. All these are admirable qualities in legal publishing.

Investment banking: Investment banking as well as similar careers require intellect and  negotiation skills which are skills found in law graduates

Management roles/Consultancy: Legal knowledge/background, as well as good researching abilities, is useful in many areas such as consulting. Consulting involves critical thinking in order to help the organization achieve its aims and objectives and enable growth.

Insurance roles: A law graduate can work as an insurance attorney. This one is involved in legal matters related to insurance laws and insurance regulations. Job roles include analyzing insurance contracts under a given insurance policy.

Compliance officer: The role of a compliance officer is to ensure organizations comply with rules and regulations such as all worker benefits. The work of a compliance officer includes:

  • Handling a company’s financial conduct and ensuring it complies with regulations
  • Reporting financial information
  • Contacting a social security attorney if workers are not being compensated correctly.

Management roles: Firms and corporations such as financial organizations offer training schemes for different sectors such as human resources, general management, sales, and marketing.

Immigration lawyer: A lawyer who chooses to specialize in immigration law must have adequate knowledge of immigration, citizenship and employment. The roles of an immigration lawyer include:

  • Assisting immigration processes by obtaining work visas
  • Assisting students in applying for visas to study abroad
  • Assisting entrepreneurs start a business in another country

The immigration lawyer ensures that all the above comply with the requirements and laws.

Corporate lawyers: Corporate lawyers work in law firms. Job roles of corporate lawyers include:

  • Providing expert legal advice to clients
  • Handling transactions and negotiations
  • Drafting
  • Review of contracts
  • Incorporations of companies etc.

Real Estate Lawyer: Real estate lawyers are also known as property lawyers. These ones deal chiefly with real estate and properties such as land, buildings etc. They give advice on all real estate transactions.




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