Nigerian Army Recruitment: Form, Portal, List etc.


The Nigerian Army offers good career prospects for young Nigerians.  The force provides avenues for self development, education and training that builds its members for life and work in and out of military service.

Getting enlisted in the force requires interested persons to follow a prescribed procedure.  The following is a good guide through the Nigerian Army recruitment process.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Form

Applicants must use the recruitment form provided on the e-recruitment portal of the Nigerian Army.  Access to the form is available to a candidate who has created an account on the e-portal with a PIN from an e-Voucher purchased from the portal or a PIN from a paper voucher bought from a designated bank.

The form has to be completed on the portal and printed out for further use in the course of the recruitment process.  A guarantor’s form is also available on the portal.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal

The Nigerian Army runs an e-recruitment portal,, which details information, requirements, instructions and necessary steps to be taken towards recruitment.  The portal can be reached directly or through the official website of the Nigerian Army

From the portal, candidates can learn about suitability, requirements for tradesmen and non-tradesmen, examination centres, zonal screening centres and how to make a contact.

A candidate who has registered with PIN from an e-voucher or paper voucher should keep both application number and PIN for the purpose of logging in to the portal from time to time, especially to check results, as will be necessary during the course of a recruitment process.

Nigerian Army Recruitment List (Result)

Candidates who are successful at every stage of the recruitment process are listed on the e-recruitment portal.  The list can be accessed by all candidates taking part in a recruitment program.

Nigerian Army Recruitment: Eligibility

Intending applicants must note that there are eligibility criteria to be met for selection to take part in the recruitment process.  All applicants must be of Nigerian origin by birth.

There are age limits, depending on category; applicants have to be medically, physically and psychologically fit and they have to be free of criminal conviction; minimum physical height is also prescribed for male or female candidates.

Educational qualifications are specified for different categories of applicants.  Current prescriptions for each criterion can be found on the Nigerian Army e-recruitment portal.

Nigerian Army Recruitment: Required Documents

The printed form must be supported with photocopies of birth certificate or declaration of age, academic or professional certificates, and completed and signed guarantor’s form.  Originals of the credentials will also be required for sighting.

Nigerian Army Recruitment: Compliance

As a disciplined force, the Nigerian Army expects strict compliance with its recruitment requirements.  Therefore, candidates must conform to time and attendance at all screening events, taking care also to note instructions about dressing and any form of preparation that may be advised.  Required papers must also be complete.  Any slight deviation may see a candidate out of the process.

Nigerian Army Recruitment: Follow-up

Once a candidate joins the recruitment process, he or she must regularly visit the e-recruitment portal to keep abreast of information on dates, time and venues of screening events, list of successful candidates at every stage, and instructions for next line of action in the program.



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